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Yasmin was facing challenges in her relationship with her partner Jaz. In a recent email, she wrote, “I chanced upon your article where you were calculating the compatibility of a lesbian couple. I was wondering if you provide services to do the calculations for me and my partner? We have been going through a rough patch and the situation we are in is not exactly ideal. I would like to know if you are able to do some calculations for me as I would like to know how we can save this relationship if it is still salvageable.

There is a difference between the individual person’s chart and the relationship charts. The latter shows on what might happen when both Yasmin and Jaz are together. And separately, when they go home and not with each other, they have their own thinking, characteristics, and traits.

There are tendency signs suggesting Yasmin might be feeling pressurised especially since late last year as she’s experiencing the Double-Effect Year vibes in 2018. The mental worries and responsibilities are piling up, because of frequent quarrels, disagreements, indifferences, and troubling times with others, and perhaps with Jaz.

Jaz, on the other hand, might have poor or bad EQ attitude issues, although she might be more charismatic and gossipy than Yasmin. Jaz is more emotional and might frequently show signs of sensitiveness, insecurity, and perhaps, with suicidal thoughts when under extreme pressure. While she might be practical, the materialistic tendencies have been showing up lately, and that could cause conflicting disagreements, threatening words, and squabbles with Yasmin.

When Yasmin and Jaz are together, their characteristics changed. The self-ego and “Big Sister” attitudes become more prominent with each showing sign of amazingly-alike thinking and ideas, occasionally. The 1-1-1 pattern in their “Relationship / CompatibilityChart suggests both could show what I have just mentioned. And there might be a possibility that one of them is contemplating on giving up the relationship, and/or might be showing bisexuality tendencies. The jealously and forceful demands created the “I can’t live with you, and I can’t live without you” feelings. It is also hard for Yasmin or Jaz to go beyond the platonic or gay relationship as one of them might be considering future home plans – like staying together if they haven’t already done so; or be someone’s partner.

Recently, I noticed a few searches on “NSQ” on this site, mainly because I mentioned it in a few articles. The NSQ (NineSQuare) Profiling method is more than the nine-square chart method commonly known in the West. I expanded its method and added more East-West fusion-like behavioural trend techniques after realising its usefulness as a complementary method to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. In fact, anyone who’d attended numerology courses like PON, UCMHP, LQ, or any PON-style trainings, could easily add the NSQ techniques to their profiling knowledge quickly.

Anyway, the screenshot shows the NSQ Relationship Chart of Yasmin and Jaz. Two areas are missing in the charts. It influenced the INTELLECTUAL area, resulting in lack of confidence, sensitivity, ability to think logically. It also influenced the RESPONSIBILITY area, resulting in lack of selfless, difficult to relate to each other, and hiding their innermost feelings from each other. Both Yasmin and Jaz are showing strong-willed and determination when they are with each other, with signs of emotional balance and practicality. They also like to do things jointly. However, they could often find themselves losing patience and sustainability in completing what they have started. The willpower and interest was great at first, but quickly weakened over time.

The strong 111 depicts duality personality which could imply while they currently have gay inclinations, at times, they might feel being trapped with their gender insecurities. They could act as outgoing and entertaining, but next moment, they could become quiet as their personality vibes depended on the situation. The 999 depicts both as frustrated and tends to exaggerate matters when together, to extend of manifesting the pessimism and negativity.

They lacked the “Arrow of Mentality” which could suggest poor reasoning and dullness when with each other. While they might have the urge to talk like the chatterbox, each of them is waiting for the other to act on matters as needed. As a result, the trust might not be strongly bonded, resulting in rigidness and inflexibility in what they wanted to do, together.

Though I’ve not included screenshots of their individual NSQ charts here, there are tendency signs suggesting being influenced by materialistic pursuits this year (2018), and that could cause some conflicts. There might be issues they often find difficult to let go, or hard to relax – causing unnecessary tension, frustrations, and stress. Jaz is more of a practical and energetic person than Yasmin, who is more emotionally secure and determined. By the way, the behaviours and traits I’ve mentioned from NSQ perspectives are retrieved from the NSQ training notes of my NSQ Profiling class conducted some years back, and they’re still useful and applicable.

Finally… the choice is up to Yasmin and Jaz to decide if they want the current relationship with each other to continue, and enjoy the inspiring moments while it lasted.

They must be prepared to face the jealousy thinking, control the emotions, put their self-egos aside, and rid the fears that one of them might turn straight and have boyfriends, or go with other girls instead. If both could put aside their differences, moodiness feelings, and be more open and truthful with each other, they might enjoy the company of each other without worrying about the other straying away one day. Or mentally hurting each other even more!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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