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I noticed someone searched for “Joanne Kathleen Rowling” and “Rowling” on my site recently, and thought I might as well do a case study by applying the ‘correlations’ process. This approach is useful for EON enthusiasts or those who have yet to maximise the visualisation profiling techniques to identify tendency signs that might happen to a person. And the easier way is to review past events that happened to the person and then correlate that to the various EON charts, including their Birth, Personal Year, and Day charts.

Just in case some of you aren’t aware of, today’s article is on J.K. Rowling, author of the popular “Harry Potter” book series. Her Birth Date and Birth Time were based on this Astro Databank page. I’m using the article from The Telegraph article, “JK Rowling: 10 facts about the writer” for reference, and to expand on some correlations.

  • Rowling was quoted to have said it was “not a particular happy time in my life” during her teen years because of her mother being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a strained relationship with her father.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method – and also described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” – I mentioned about the father’s and mother’s sectors in a person’s chart. We connect the locations I-J-M as the father’s sector, while locations K-L-N is the mother’s sector. From my research observations, case study exercises, and feedback from others, the placements of the father and mother sectors remain consistent as stated in my book. I’m aware and concerned about external trainers swapping the parent sectors intermittently, as if they’re unsure of its purpose. I guessed the external trainers might have their reasons. In any case, I’ve explained to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students the reason why I chose I-J-M as the Father sector, and K-L-N as the Mother sector, using logical and practical reasons. Check the Hidden Numbers for relationship issues Joanne had with her parents, especially the emotional tensions with her father.

  • Rowling was quoted to have been diagnosed with clinical depression, and suffered from insomnia due to work stress and passion-related pressure.

The Root 5, being an Earth element, is about the unnecessary stress and frustrations caused by the hardworking traits. We can also associate that to relentless pursuits and focusing on multiple tasks at one go, just like the popular local phrase, “Everything also wants to take.” Furthermore, the basic keyword representation of the 2-3-5 pattern is [Talk – Fast – Obstacle] which could imply frequent challenges whenever Joanne was influenced by the negative vibes, particularly during her earlier years. However, when there are positive energies in abundance or manifested, it could influence her thoughts, behaviours, and actions as the 2-3-5 patterns manifested from the other extreme end, could lead to [Expression – Creativity – Humbleness]. That could have triggered her creative writing skills and her humanitarian and benevolent projects.

There are strong Water and Metal elements present in her birth charts, and these could intensify the mental worries and wavering feelings which could have led to her depression states, and sleeping problems. While it might not be reported, Joanne has the intuition, sixth-sense, and strong gut feelings; together with the perfectionist mindset and OCD-like habits – these could have influenced her behaviours and actions. She might have the “selective listening” and nagging habits too. While she goes on to focus on her career, and perhaps, on her passionate projects, she needs to take care of her own health and well-being as there are tendency signs suggesting diabetic-like and illness anxiety symptoms. Oh, one more thing… there’re inconclusive signs suggesting the gay-like preferences in her charts.

I had EON enthusiasts and FEN students persistently asking me this question. And I told them affirmatively that I had no interest to spend unproductive time to find out when a person might die, and to pursue on the ‘death’ day signs or patterns. Just one, simple reason – I don’t possess the divine power (to control life and death), and I’m not paranoid or obsessed as “there are other better positive things that I can do” than claiming to be a “death note” expert or profiling specialist in this area. Furthermore, it might generate unwanted fears and anxieties, plus allowing misinterpretations and inciting fears. It could indirectly influence people to “give up the hopes” and yield to their destiny, without knowing there is always a glimmer of hope where they could fight positively to control their own fate.

My answer or reply has always been consistent – If somebody you knew could foretell when a person would die, then ask the person when would be the day they’ll leave this world. And if they’re still alive the day after, it’s a wake-up call for them to self-reflect on the unnecessary harm they’d caused to others. In any case, don’t let others control your fate – it should be you to decide the life qualities of your own fate.

I have shared the “PARENTAL HEALTH” signs to FEN WORKSHOP students, and explained how to distinguish them. At times, there might be the tendency signs present in the periodic charts, like the signs present in Joanne’s charts. And when such signals are present, it could imply the parent’s health might not be as good as in previous times, or could worsen if they don’t take good care of their health. The purpose of sharing the PARENTAL HEALTH is to allow us to identify the signs so that we can take extra conscious effort to check and monitor our parents’ health, and to encourage them to go for regular medical health checks, especially for prolonged health symptoms.

Know more about the PARENTAL HEALTH and other extended EON/FEN techniques in the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class. Besides acquiring profiling knowledge and visualisation techniques, you’ll get to savour a refreshing and cohesive profiling learning experience, just like what many EON/FEN students did in earlier classes.

Click this link for details on the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP. Pre-register early and I’ll confirm the class schedule once I have the students’ quorum.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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