What’s on 7-1-1-7?

7117 pattern, 7117 mirror numbers, mirror numbers, 71 pattern, and mirror” – these searches on my site could be from the same person, or coincidentally, from more than one user who happens to seek answers to the 7-1-1-7 pattern which we could also associate it as a “mirror” pattern and/or birthchart.

In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, a “mirror” birth chart denotes the tendency of the person holding dual-like, split personality traits. Just when you thought you knew the person well, you then realised there are so much you have yet to find out about them at all. In the case of the 7-1-1-7 patterns, the person could exhibit extreme conflicting characters like calm/destructive, sensitive/confident, reliant/independent, and flexible/hard-headed, and many more. There are also signs suggesting the person might exhibit the “multiple personality disorder” symptoms. On rare cases, few of them might experience the schizophrenia-like symptom, due to the WaterMetal elemental effects.

The 1-1 could suggest the person having inferior complex, indecisive, and need constant pushing to show off his or her skill sets. Yet, because of the ‘mirror’ chart characteristics, this same person might show prideful, eloquent, and confident attitudes at times. With the two 7s at both sides of the 1-1 (i.e., 7-1-1-7), it’s likewise, a sign of stressful tensions as he or she got to listen to supporters or others with differing views. At times, the person might display tendency traits of the opposite gender – like being soft-spoken but manlike attitude. While they might be charismatic, presentable, appealing, tactical, and possibly has the magnetic charms, they must remind themselves to take good care of their own wellness.

And the friends they have, might not be true or actual friends at all. Hence the need for them to be more focused and be less sensitive over trivial issues, and to ramp up the confidence to strengthen their feelings, and reduce the wavy (and mood swings) thoughts. In short, they need to be more realistic and practical, rather than having dreamy-like impressions of the distorted reality, and unrealistic and possibly, the hard-to-achieve high aspirations. Be less of a perfectionist could help them stay focused and goal-driven.

In extended EON techniques, there are so many ways to interpret the 7-1-1-7 patterns. For instance, I have shared the visualisation profiling techniques and hidden patterns to FEN WORKSHOP students; and they’d be able to unleash more traits of a person with such patterns, and/or have the 7-1-1-7 pattern in locations I-J-K-L of the birth chart, just like the sample screenshot of someone born on 7 Jan 1988.

These could denote a self-sacrifice and/or self-beneficial person, who is willing to invest the extra effort to achieve the target or goal they quietly desired. Eventually, better material comforts and financial gains are usually the key driving force that compels them to practise what they enjoy. However, there are signs of mood swings and “over promise, under deliver” traits, with the defiant behaviour that the fault lies with someone else but them.

The real trouble is not because of their behaviours and attitudes, but because of the 7-1-1-7 water-swaying and “rusty/muddy” feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Unless they could stay focused, remain calm and composed, and be less distracted, they could be a great campaigner, “social influencer” or some sort of political presenter, and have the charismatic charms to impress others and compel them to do things favourable and beneficial directly to them. On worst extreme, they might have charlatan-like traits, the ability to sweet-talk, manipulate, twist their words around, and centred on the sensuous feelings of others. On the plus side, they might show the worldly-like attitude of confident speaker or presenter with compelling presence – because they can talk and have street-smart abilities.

After describing all the above, it doesn’t mean if you have the 7-1-1-7 pattern or born on the same day as the sample birth chart, you will exhibit such traits. What I have observed are just traits we usually associate with on an “as is” basis of the assumption that other numbers nearby have no effect or influence to change your behaviour, beliefs, habits, attitudes, and thoughts. Of course, we are invariably influenced by external energies, like the periodic vibes from the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day influences, including the Universal Year, Month, Day, & Hour energies influencing everyone of us regularly.

This implies, besides understanding of the traits associated to the 7-1-1-7 patterns, it is equally important for us to analyse the charts in its entirety for more clues on the person’s other characteristics and their life path tendencies, including the health, career, wealth, and other skill sets. Identifying these tendency signs and learning the visualisation profiling techniques would be more easygoing when you willingly take charge to enjoy better profiling experience during the FEN WORKSHOP session.

Check this FEN course link for more details.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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