Muzzy State of the Mind

I received an email from Terry in January this year. In one of his following email reply, Terry wrote:

“My DOB profile has a 4-5-4-5-9 at the U-O-V-W-X locations. Does this indicate that I may have suicidal tendencies? I really wanted to let myself run over by vehicles last Friday evening. I met someone I liked very much in 2010 but I believed she was attached. If the other party gives you very happy and good feelings when we meet, is this an indication that she might be the one? I am still at the crossroad in moving on to look for a new job. Should me whose a “5” root person look for a job in sales?”

Terry was in a confused state of mind. Fortunately, he overcame the suicidal tendencies and became more focused. Even though Terry attended the numerology profiling course conducted by someone else, I was glad I could help reinforce his positive vibes. Terry posted many numerology questions to me. I was impressed by his profiling ability and passion in finding the underlying clues to events that happened to him. I then asked him on his opinion on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” He replied:

“To be frank, it is from reading your EON book over three times and regularly checking your websites for the latest case studies that I benefit more. Like your 876 and 786 combinations which describe me a T. Your sharings [of the articles] are so straight to the point and revealingly accurate that I cannot say anything more but surprised and impressed. Through your sharing, I can sense that you are a very down to earth, practical and sincere person who I can learn a lot from in the future. Usually I am very correct when I keep having the repeated feelings.”

I’m glad Terry found my book and the EON method useful, and had spread the good feelings to his friends. I’m happy the EON methods have provided him with a fresh perspective to work on personality and life profiling using numerology.

Let’s look at Terry’s EON chart. I’ll briefly explain some of the tendency signs present in his chart.

Can we decide a person’s sales career from their Root number?

Technically, anyone can work in the sales line. There are many types of products and services to sell, including direct and indirect sales, presales and post-sales, and supporting sales role. How good a person can be in their sales career depends on the product, communication skill set, characteristics, and experience. People with certain Root numbers are generally more “blessed” with better communication skills than others. But that doesn’t imply people with Root numbers associating to poor communication traits and aggressiveness nature cannot be a good salesperson. We are promoting ourselves and “selling” our talents to others every day. So, we’re all capable salesperson in one way of another promoting our own wares.

The 4, 5, and 9 numbers in UOVWX locations imply risk taking and facing challenges. As the number 5 can inhibit the traits of its surrounding numbers (4 and 9), the tendency to be very emotional is high because of the strong Wood element. I’ve also mentioned in an earlier article that too many 4s could lead to suicidal tendencies, at the extreme cases.

Look at the 2-3-5 [Talk-Fast-Obstacle] pattern in MNO locations. It could imply a lonely person who likes to talk fast (chatty, eloquent, charismatic) but may have problems delivering their message across properly. This is partly caused by the 5 (obstacle) which could create a stumbling block. From my research, I noticed people with communication problem do have similar patterns in their Birth or Personal Year charts.

What I’ve mentioned does not imply Terry is “like that,” and has problem communicating with others. From my correspondence with him, I felt sense of strong, passionate vibes in him. He could have done something positive in his earlier years to take challenges and obstacles as potential opportunities. Unfortunately, the effects of the 2-3-5 vibes are present and could have influenced him unconsciously. It created the muzzy, confused state of the mind at times, resulting in distracting, unfocused, fickle-minded thoughts.

The Root 5 has the advantage of having both “Yin and Yang” vibes, and can display traits from surrounding numbers. However, the Root 5 is like a big rock (stubborn) and soft clay (flexible). Because of the duality mood swing traits, Root 5 person must stay focused and practice the “Power of Intent” to achieve their goals.

Terry aspires to be a life profiling coach using numerology. Yes, he can be good at it. All he needs to do right now is to stay calm and be clear in his life directions. He can work on his long-term ambitions. What he needs now is to continue the passionate drive and energies by focusing on his short-term goals, to ensure he takes care of his basic survival needs. An analogy – he needs to be clear on the type of flowers he wanted to see before he can start planting the seeds.

I told Terry I could guide him along so we can walk this journey of elemental discoveries together. Before we take the first step to profile others, we must look at correcting our habits and perspective, and be a role model others can follow. I wrote to Terry, “Take some time to relook at your chart from an unbiased angle. Sometimes we think we are like that but our actions show otherwise.

To “quench” my curiosity thirst, I asked Terry if there was any major event that had happened to him in 2010. His reply on his career and wealth luck reinforced my research findings. In fact, I’ve also shared the technique to identify similar signs (career, wealth, relationships) at the previous EON WORKSHOP sessions.

I’m looking forward to share the extended EON methods with Terry (and his friends) at the next EON WORKSHOP session to help him build up his knowledge to see his dream job. You’re also encouraged to attend the session if you want to stop circling around focusing only on personality profiling, and work on practical life profiling.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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