Reinforcing the Missing Numbers too

“I agreed with your explanation on the missing number 9,” Sebastian wrote in his reply email to me. “I believe that whatever the number that may be missing, it takes more effort on the person to achieve it depending on his determination and perseverance. However, I also believe that the person should be enlightened to go in the direction of other areas where he could have success easier. Success does not always mean that one must always be involved in the world of commercial business, there are many other avenues.”


Well said, Sebastian.

In my previous article “Reinforcing the Missing Numbers”, I’ve described one method to identify the presence of the missing number through the Root number of periodic charts like Personal Year and Personal Month charts. We should not restrict ourselves to using the Root number only. There are other locations in the periodic chart you can check on the missing number, apart from focusing on the Root number. That’s one reason some people could behave, feel, or act more optimistically than usual on certain days, due to the presence of the missing numbers in other locations of the periodic charts.

You must also take action to change your attitude and mindset to a more passionate and positive thought. When the missing number comes along, you can then manifest the “missing number” vibes to better your opportunity and luck to achieve your goal.


In Sebastian’s case, he can attend business start-up seminars earlier, learn the “technicalities” of the trade, and understand what he needs to prepare and do to create the luck. He could then maximise the luck energies when the opportunity comes from the short presence of the missing number in a periodic chart.

Success is not only about commercial business dealings. The “success” thought comes from the inner feelings of a person, and is usually not through quantifying and materialistic results. As we also associated the number 9 to humanitarian acts, we can always look at charitable ventures to achieve the success we need.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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