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Thanks to Smith for promoting the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods to others. In his recent email to me, Smith wrote, “… I have been sharing my knowledge on EON and I told those I shared that the only way to learn is to read your book. In fact, I use your book as ‘reference’ during discussions. Otherwise, what basis can we reference to?”

I enjoyed reading user’s emails and their comments on the EON method. Continue to send your email to me with your comments, questions, and case studies related to EON or personality profiling.

Smith asked, “I just met one friend in Taiwan recently and she said she feels helpless and sad. She has one daughter. She said she is happy with her career but sad with relationship. She said she values relationship but she does not understand man. She’s in her 3rd relationship and had just separated.  I looked at her DOB and did an EON analysis. She has 459 – good planning with target and finally success. As in your book on page 209, the 4-8-3 causes these (relationship) problems?”

I replied to Smith, “483/843 usually revolves around EQ matters. It could involve the relation (or communications) with anyone (including external parties). However, our usual focus is first with spouse or family members since they are closer to you. If a person has 483/843, then they must exercise control and tolerance.  Think with open mind, and act with open mind (loosely translated in Chinese – “see open, let go freely”).

CaseStudy_MayLiLet’s analyse MayLi’s EON chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. It’s important you have a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as reference as I explained some of the traits related to the numbers and its elements here.

The tendency vibes in MayLi’s chart suggest she could be a risk taker and rely often on her “gut feeling” more than reasoning or feelings. She is a good planner. However, the negative tendency signs depicted a person with strong “planning” obsession. She always has the urge to create “the perfect” plan. As a result, she changed her plans too often, and it distracted her from taking action to complete her plans.

On communication matters, she needs to understand herself first before she expects men to know her better. The emotional obsession is putting a strained on her, physically and mentally. She needs to relax and control her emotions, and focus on taking matters in its stride, one at a time. She must learn to understand that relationship between two people can only work if there is a two-way communication flow. She must also understand money does not come easily. Gambling on quick money-enriching goals and hoping for a fast lifetime companion is not the way to go. She must earn her keeps, control her tempers and emotions, and free her mind from any past resentment about love, financial, and relationships. She has to change herself positively to find a man who could be a good daddy to her daughter, and a lover and devoted lifelong companion to her.

She could be at the peak of her frustrations and had experienced the “everything comes tumbling down on her” last year (2012) due to the “Double Effect Year” vibes, and she could have felt the “Double Whammy” effect. The tendency signs of emotional breakdown are high. She needs to ‘revamp and repackage’ herself now to get rid of the ‘residue or remnants’ of last year’s Double Whammy vibes which could still be present.  Getting professional help is one way to help her overcome her current situation, even if it’s not for herself, she must do it for her daughter.

Confused? Well, check my book on traits related to the Wood element (and the numbers 4 and 9). You can also check my previous articles on Wood, 4 and 9. If you still find it confusing, let’s try to look at her chart from another angle – the visualisation perspective.

forest_treeImagine you’re in a dense forest full of wild ferns, creepers, and tall trees – all pointing upwards competitively towards the sky to get the much needed sunlight. You’re one of these tall stubborn trees restrained by the creepers clinging on to you, weighing heavily dashing your hopes to get the best sunlight view. How’d you feel? Restrained, competitive, emotional, mental frustration, worrisome, hyperventilate, suicidal, giving up hopes, “it’s everybody’s fault”. Or worst, to the state of self-sacrifice, self-denial, self-survival, or becoming self-pitiful. And you become more scheming for self-survival sake. Like you, MayLi may have felt similarly.

BANNER5On health matters, MayLi must exercise and take care of her holistic health if she wants a better, happier, and healthier life. The tendency signs shows health conditions related to her heart, cardiovascular issues, liver (including blood sugar level), immune or respiratory, and kidney (including female-related health issues).  It’s good if MayLi is not a binge drinker and smoker. It’s even better if she has not experienced symptoms to the health conditions mentioned. However, she must consciously remind herself to keep good holistic health.

Hope and help are always around as long as MayLi can learn to adapt and make a drastic paradigm shift to achieve her goals. She must learn to transform herself first before she look for a devoted lifetime companion.

Smith should encourage MayLi to seek professional medical help, even if she mentally feels she’s Ok. It’s easy for her to control her conscious mind and change her actions. However, the focus is in her unconscious mind that’s stressing and pressuring, with the aggravating emotional thoughts that remains for too long in her subconscious mind. It’s time for her to unwind and let go of the emotional worries and past resentments. Perhaps she can engage in community projects, or join the social or welfare groups to distract her attention on focusing on unnecessary worries.

If MayLi have experienced many of the negative traits mentioned, then she must seek professional medical help before she regretted later. The EQ problem associated to the 4-8-3 pattern could just be the symptom of her “expression” actions. Her intents could be good but not her message delivery. Besides, she could have met negative experiences during her younger, growing up years. This could be the “root cause” influencing her negative emotional thoughts, and thus, affecting her current behaviours and actions toward others. MayLi must understand that she has to regain her self-confidence and positive outlook.

Don’t leave everything to fate and destiny. Taking charge of your own life is important as you’re the driver to your own life path. The road to better life depends on your journeys and your positive adaptations while driving towards your next destination.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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