Sexual influence on “handsy” Tony Hung

I was curious after reading the Yahoo articleTony Hung apologises for improvising his intimate scenes.” A few days before, i was reading the JayneStar articleRebecca Zhu Complains that Tony Hung is Too Touchy” where Rebecca was complaining that “Tony had personally added too many intimate gestures himself and was too touchy during filming.

Immediately, I thought there might be certain sexual characteristic traits, and these require me to plot his chart to ascertain. I also emphasised similar signs to the 8th FEN WORKSHOP students as well, over the weekend when I was presenting some slides of popular people for case study explanations. So I did a Google search for Tony Hung and found his birth date.

Well, what else can I say?” I said to myself. The tendency signs are plainly there, clear, present, and doubly strong. If you’ve read my past articles on sexual tendencies, you might have noticed one recurring sign that I’ve always been mentioning about. And that’s the multiple number 3s. I’ve shared the visualisation techniques in my FEN WORKSHOP classes, and told the students that a chart with multiple 3s in close or direct proximity, could imply high sexual desires. At the most extreme cases, it could imply the disposition of the person gratifying in “one-night stand” activities.

Before I proceed, let me emphasise that not everyone with multiple 3s in close-proximity on their charts, would be a confirmed person with sexual inclinations. We also associate the number 3 with creativity, passions, and religious beliefs. For multiple 3s, it could be excessive creativeness and passionate vibes that might influence the individual, or a radical religious tendency. What this implies is the high sexual tendencies on Tony might not be strong – perhaps he is more passionate and acted “natural and realistic” in his intimate role with Rebecca. No one knows if he’s acting for “reel or real.”

Tony is facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes this year in 2019. That implies, apart from the already-mentioned high sexual desires, he is inclined to feel, think, behave, and act towards these tendencies twice the times. That said, the likelihood of becoming “handsy” and getting up, close and personal, is too much temptation to resist, for a person with multiple 3s in their chart.

At the recent 8th FEN WORKSHOP class, I showed a relationship chart of two Malaysian politicians, Najib and Anwar. Both have multiple 3s on their birth chart. One student then asked if there is a likelihood that the sodomy case filed against Anwar could be true. I told the class I wouldn’t know. I also highlighted to the class that when you’re charged with sodomy, one time too many, would you still want to step on the sodomy tryst again, and got trapped by others? Both Anwar and Najib have the multiple 3s – so can we assume both are likely to have sexual inclinations and sodomy behaviours?

A person’s conscious thoughts are likely to be manifested strongly when they face the DE Year effect. Unless they are in control of their behaviours, their actions are determined by their inner urge, which in this case, is about their sexual desires, the tryst, the passions, and the “handsy” actions.

Let’s not conclude and wrongly assumed Tony is a “handsy” person who took advantage of his female co-star. Maybe, his passion to be a good and natural actor compelled him to deliver his best in his work of creativity and art. Unless there are many other females co-stars who acted with him, and had experienced similar “handsy” uneasiness during the filming on intimate scenes, we should not inculcated the perceived stereotype mindsets without confirmation.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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