Flora on Losing Money Too

My last case study article was on Flora and her losing money issues. I told her the problem could be caused by her high expectation and mind-set that she can get more material rewards as long as she tries harder. Her unnecessary spending could be a result of her not knowing when to stop. I also told Flora there are signs she could be moving around doing tasks for others, and occasionally, it’s for the sake of money.

Flora replied and agreed. She has been moving around for many years. This year, she has moved house again. I did not asked Flora how many times she has moved house as it’d not helped much in my analysis. She mentioned her spending were mainly for self-purpose. Flora asked, “How to control when we know the problem and can’t change it? When can we stop the frequent moving around?”

People do make mistakes. Flora sent me an email with her Time of Birth chart which differs from the one I’ve posted in my previous article. She’s right, and I’m wrong. She has plotted the right chart. Even then, the traits that I’ve mentioned in previous article reinforced the perfectionist thinking – the relentless pursuits to achieve her goals.

Let’s review Flora’s inner traits again using the correct Time of Birth chart.

8-7-6 is about [Stress-Supporter-Money] and 7-8-6 is about [Supporter-Stress-Money].

For those who’re new to this site and the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can easily check on the various number combinations described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. The book should help get you started on the basic meanings to the various combinations from 1-1 to 9-9.

People with 876 (or 786) in their chart are usually “on the go”, crazy busy, and always busy doing things usually for the sake of others. Though they take pride in their achievement, they are always feeling stressful. The mental pressure on them to make it perfect was tiring and unnecessary. 

Nobody can help Flora unless she takes up the bold move to help herself. Spending money may not be the best way to fix the problem. Perhaps it can help solve immediate and short-term problems, and may not be practical for long-terms issues as these could exhaust her financial budget.

It looks like the strong Fire energies are constantly manipulating or influencing Flora’s mind. Her mind is constantly thinking like the wildfire burning endlessly. The tendency signs of mental depression and bipolar disorder are high.

“I really want to change,” said Flora. If she meant what she’d said, then she should seek professional counselling help who can guide and advise her on the proper ways to sort out her problems. Since she knows her problems, she should try to stop the spendthrift habits before the addictive spending ruins her financial cash flow and happiness. Flora can also consult a financial expert to manage her spending.

Flora could spend time knowing more about her traits by practising the theories I’ve described in my book. Learning EON and other metaphysics methods would not help much if she does not intend to change for the better. She needs to discipline her spending habits. She needs constant guidance from the right people. Seeking professional counselling help to rid the spendthrift habits is important, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

The decision to change lies with her. I’ve mentioned many areas in my previous article where Flora can take positive steps to change.


Let’s all give our blessings to Flora, and look forward to her making the positive change to improve her lifestyle and financial matters.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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