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Ben was among the 15 participants who attended my recent FEN/NSQ Preview talk on 13/3/2015 (Friday). I told my brief observations on Ben’s birth date and his question “Career and Money” to the class. I’ll be elaborating more on my observations on his birth date and question in today’s article for Ben (and others, including you) to learn more on the tendency signs from Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives.

CaseStudy_BenThe strong elements of Wood and Fire are present in his EON birth chart. This suggests a determined person with quick temper, emotional, and frustrated traits. If the persuasive explanations cannot drive through the message well, they might adopt the temper-rising tactics. Because of the hotter-than-usual weather and Singapore having high-humidity levels, it’s important for Ben to drink enough water to quench his thirst and body heatiness.

Outwardly there are signs pointing to chasing wealth and financial pursuits. When I look at this chart from a different angle and inwardly, it shows extra tendencies – the concern with home and family matters. It might subconsciously lead him to focus on the “career and money’ aspects (and thus his question). He wishes are to provide a better and happy home for this family members, and to make sure he could strengthen his career path and job advancement. Although at times he might be tempted to upgrade his personal lifestyle pursuits, it’s more on lower priority.

On health matters, Ben has to take care of his emotions and tempers. Overreacting and constant flare-up of fiery anger and emotions could lead to unhealthy symptoms that may affect his liver and heart. But when we look at the Five Elements principles, he has to take care of his kidneys and digestive organs as well.

Diabetic_TendenciesFrom an extended EON perspective, there is a likelihood Ben might falls into the ‘high risk’ group of people with probable diabetic-like symptoms. There is a possibility he may have family history of parents or siblings having diabetic symptoms. If Ben has recently gone for medical checkup and confirm his blood sugar level falls in the normal level, then that’s great. However, he must be mindful not to consume too much sugary food due to the ‘diabetic tendencies’ present in his chart. Besides sugary food, he must avoid or cut down on smoking and binge drinking. Too much fast food and french fries (and potato chips, whipped potatoes, etc) is a NO-NO for him because of the high carbohydrate and sodium content. Learn more about the health tendencies at my FEN Level 1 (Basic) course starting this Saturday (21 March 2015).

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It’s important for Ben to consider having a medical and health or life insurance if he hasn’t any yet (as insurance premiums are usually lower before health conditions have surfaced). Going for regular health check-ups are important to ensure he’s physical and mentally fit and healthy.

Now, let’s look at the tendency signs related to his question.

HiddenPatternsI’ll start with the money matters first. The birth root 4 implies the ability to plan, draw up, and expand his visions. However, like the burning charcoal fuelling the strong fire, its fuel energies will soon exhaust. This means although Ben has many ideas and wonderful plans, it’s often short-lived. It could also imply the frequent frustrating and emotional thoughts about carrying out his plans. There are tendencies suggesting he’s often crazy-busy over money matters and wanting to have quick successful results. But what’s lacking in him is the strength and fortitude for proper strategy and planning. Yes, if he wants to have more money, he needs to take some time off his mentally worried and crushing pursuits, and then focus on planning out his financial road map. If he’s investing in shares and stocks, he must understand the volatility of the stock markets this year.  You may want to check my forecast article “Predictive Observational Analysis 2015” on the year’s forecast, and how it could impact you for the rest of the year.

EON Workshop_Sample Slides 1I’ve included the “Career and Suitable Business” on Page 145 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. This is suitable for anyone who wants a general guideline on the suitable career based on the elements present in a person’s birth chart. However, I noticed I could expand this guideline to allow me to look a person’s unique career element instead. This means I could identify the career vibes that might happen in a particular year.

Ben’s career vibes are strong this year. And there is a possibility his company could have recognised his strengths and skillsets. Most importantly, he could have received management support at work. A career promotion, added responsibilities, or job redesignation might be possible this year if he hasn’t got any yet during the past few months. The increment (if he’s promoted) may not be what he’s hoping for even though he’s feeling the stress from added responsibilities and increasing workloads. There could be more ‘firefighting’ and ‘office politicking’ moments in his new role and these could cause undue stress. Check out his PY2016 chart – the 8-8-8 patterns are stressing him out, and that’s why it’s important to have a medical or health insurance, and have regular medical check-ups.

EON_outside_the_boxBen has to put aside the ‘fast and furious’ actions and work on a slower pace. He needs to relax and meditate – it is important for better mental well-being. What’s important now is to start taking charge of his life and work on his plans. Besides, he has to carry out his plans to completion if he aspires to have better career and financial stability. Taking short cuts to achieve instant success may sounds great and promising but unfortunately the beginner’s luck usually applies to beginners. If he’s already midway into his successful path, he has to depend on his own strength, resilience, and capacity to move towards his target. He needs to ensure he’s first health-fit and knowledge-ready to walk on the right path that promises better career advancements and financial rewards.

I wish Ben well on his career and financial wealth.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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