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Harold is from Penang, Malaysia and has attended the Power of Numbers (PON) course previously. He has bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and is keen to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method from me. Harold asked if I could analyse his birth chart from EON perspective.

CaseStudy_HaroldThere are nine different sets of numbers that form the Birth root number 5. These include patterns like 1-4-5, 2-3-5, 3-2-5, 4-1-5, 5-9-5, 6-8-5, 7-7-5, 8-6-5, and 9-5-5. Each sequence has different connotations tagged to a person’s behaviours, attitudes, and character traits.

For Harold, it’s the 2-3-5 [Talk-Fast-Stubborn]. This implies there could be occasions Harold may need to take longer time than usual to deliver his messages as others may misinterpret him wrongly.

There could be instances where Harold might notice he talks in gibberish manner, or sometimes retracted his statements because he’s also not sure what he’s talking about. It’s like the “shoot first, then aim” approach which may works at times, but more often than not, could lead to confusion (communication breakdowns) and challenges (misinterpretations) ahead. There is also a tendency to talk first without framing his thoughts, and this could create signs of ‘selective listening’ disorder.

He needs to plan what he wants to be in the next few years and take action to realise his dreams and expand his lifestyle (and retirement) needs.

Besides, the 8-7-6 in his chart shows the self-sacrificing traits where he’s often busy taking care of other people’s issues. Other people could also be stressing him unnecessary. But to him, these small sacrifices are necessary for the sake of family, career, and/or financial stability. 

The 1-1 in locations J-K with the hidden 2 (in H1) implies a worrisome person with swinging thoughts. It’s the fear of insecurity, the attitude of sensitivities, and the urge of expression. It’s like the need to turn the tap fast to let the water out, but the tap knob is missing. This means frequent build-up of expandable energies within him that is waiting for an outlet to exert.  Others may portray Harold as a long-winded person as they don’t understand him well enough.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartHarold is an intuitive, intelligent, and knowledgeable person. The ‘book-smart’ vibes is strong which provides him some quiet times to build up his knowledge. Harold has the ‘street-smart’ vibes too. Often, the curiosity to gather more information could stress him up unnecessary. But it’s all well-worth the effort for him. The number 5 in his chart shows certain aura about him – the inherent energies showing essence of intense, mysterious, and humility vibes.

ACTIONThe 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 vibes are present in his PY2014 chart. This implies the tendency to be more charismatic, presentable, and being attractive last year. This means he’s more sociable than usual last year, probable in his relentless pursuits to build up and strengthen his career/business success.  Like the waves in the tide, this implies Harold could also be experiencing wavy moments, ups and downs, and volatility in his pursuits. Depending on the strength of the energies, Harold may still experience the ‘leftovers’ of last year’s energies today and is still riding the wavy tide and chasing his dreams aggressively.

The 2-8-1 in his PY2015 implies the need to take more time to deliver his message across. When done right, it could raise his presence to a different level – the supremacy-like and innovative attitude. The outcome 9-3-3 [Success-Fast-Fast] means apart from better business prospects (if he’s into business), it could lead him towards better career path ahead. Career-wise, he might sense people might doubt or question his skillset abilities. Not to worry too much here since Harold can always tap on his resourcefulness and book-smart vibes to strengthen his foundation and knowledge related to his business or career.  This implies while he might have management support, he has to work harder to prove his worth and presence in the company. There’re ample opportunities for him to seek overseas ventures too. That’s from another interpretation of the 2-8-1 [Wavy Movement-Resilience/Strength-Confidence/Leader] patterns.

Numbers & HealthOn health matters, Harold has to avoid consuming too much ‘red meat’ to reduce potential digestion problems. It’d be great if he can practice meditation to ease the unnecessary mental tensions and worries. There are signs he could fall into the high-risk group of people having potential diabetic-like symptoms, and if he does have, it might be an innate health condition. Cut down on sweet and sugary food, alcohol, rice and carbohydrates would be good for him. From extended EON technique, Harold’s father (if he’s still alive) has to take care of his health as he could fall sick easily because of the hotter than usual weather this year (2+0+1=5 =8 (FIRE)). His father may experience health conditions like pneumonia, coughing, breathlessness, and hyperventilating, and itchiness. You’ll get to learn how to identify the ‘Parental Health’ tendency signs when you attend the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course.

That sums up my brief analysis of Harold. I have identified the traits from the tendency signs present in his charts. Again, it doesn’t mean Harold will display all traits mentioned as it all depends on his family upbringing and social values, self-beliefs, behaviours, and habits. When certain traits mentioned are not obvious in Harold’s current attitudes, he might have unconsciously changed his character vibes for the better. The techniques to identify these traits are simple and fast once you learned the ‘visualisation technique’ from me, and continue to practice doing case study regularly.

FEN_COURSEWe should put aside the need to check if the profiling analysis is accurate as that is unnecessary. What’s important is to get the subject person to make a positive change when they’re aware of the negativities that might affect their health, character, and lifestyle aspects. We should focus on the journey of discovery (the process of analysing and fact-finding) to build the profiling foundation. The periodic energies do influence us somehow. Eventually it’s up to the person to decide if he/she wants to change and adapt, or continue to behave and act as they always do. Often, our behaviours, attitudes, and actions do change over years. That is why Harold might noticed he doesn’t display some traits I’ve mentioned earlier.

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I look forward to see you in class as I want to teach you to understand the profiling fundamentals beyond numbers.

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