Number 0 in Pinnacles and Challenges


‘I am curious on what 0 or zero means in the Challenges under “Pinnacles and Challenges.” We have not learned number zero from EON before, neither is it written in your book,’ asked Nancy who uses the FEON+ software to analyse a person’s profile.

Some time back, my friend John asked if he can adapt the ‘Pinnacles and Challenges’ (P&C) chart to complement his EON analysis. “Why not?” I told him. He then suggested adding the P&C chart to the FEON+ software to widen its usability.

It’s important to add new features to the FEON+ software when they are relevant or can complement the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to improve the profiling and observations. And when these features can reinforce certain traits and characteristics of the person, that’d be a great advantage for all FEON+ users.

So what does 0 or zero means and how can we apply them to EON?

yinyang_balanceThe number 0 (zero) has the omnipresence energies – it has the essence of all numbers (1-9). It energises from number 1 (the creation, beginning, start) to number 9 (the completion). In many ways, number 0 is similar to the number 5 where it has dual (Yin and Yang) traits, and can energise the number besides it. Much like the way we recognise the energies of numbers 2 and 7 are different since number 2 has Yin traits and the other is Yang traits. That said, there is no such thing as assuming number 2 is a Yin number and 7 is a Yang number.

YinYang logoBoth numbers has essence of the other numbers and the seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary. Remember the Tai-Chi symbol and the phrase ‘In every Yin there is a Yang, and in every Yang there is a Yin’?

The number 0 means you have the full capacity (like knowledge, talent, and positive attitudes) to refine and focus on your objectives. You will still face problems. That’s life after all. There are stumbling blocks ahead but you have a less-harder means than others to overcome them easily.

CaseStudy_OprahWinfreyIf you have a number 0, use your current knowledge, positive attitude and fortitude to make life better. The number 0 energies are there to help you develop the strengths and confidence you need. Identify the ‘challenges’ and face it positively. Don’t be complacent. Nothing is everything. This means the number 0 can imply ‘totality or everything’ when you face the challenges positively and achieve your goals – the Yang energies. The number 0 can also imply ‘stillness’ if you don’t do anything about it – the Yin energies.

If you have number 0 in the earlier age period, it imply you might have an easier or better head start. Or it could be a stressing period leading to difficult times depending on your thinking, behaviours, and actions then. If the number 0 is at the third or fourth stage of the Challenges chart, you have the means to create a better lifestyle and enjoy them in your later years. Well, that doesn’t mean you will enjoy better lifestyle as you still have to work for it. Oh, work smart and not hard since you have the capacity to do so.

Use FEON+ to identify your strengths and weaknesses, your Pinnacles (opportunities) and Challenges, and carry out your plans to better your life. The numbers in the charts act as guideline and reference. Identify them as potential energies that might manifest around and within you. Whether you can have a great life ahead depends on you. You can manifest the positive energies and ride with the tide to better your life for many years to come. You can also ‘breathe in’ the positive energies without doing further action. You feels good and get to feel the positive vibes, but it stays temporary and remain for a short while.

You have one life. Live it wisely and happily.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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