Universal and Personal Vibes

Natalie recently asked about the difference between the Universal numbers and the Personal numbers. At the recent EON Workshops, I’ve shared with her and the rest of the participants on the method to plot the numbers for:
–    Universal Year
–    Universal Month
–    Universal Day
–    Personal Year
–    Personal Month
–    Personal Day

With these extra sets of numbers, you could analyse beyond personality profiling and focus on life path profiling instead. The Universal and Personal numbers provide tendency signs of the vibes and energies present in a particular time period.

In this article, I’m using the full version of the EON (Android) software to illustrate how to look at the Universal and Personal numbers. This version is available free to EON Workshop participants, and is not available for purchase.

Look at the sample chart. The PERSONAL MONTH PILLAR section shows the number vibes for the month, and the PERSONAL DAY PILLAR section shows the number vibes for the days of the month.

The Universal number (Year, Month, and Day) energies are manifested in a particular period. The Universal numbers are similar for every person. The vibes do affect a person and the influence level depends on the Personal number energies.

The Universal energies are like the environmental factors. Take the analogy of a night museum. Different people have different experiences when they visited the museum. Some could feel inspiring when they looked at the exhibits. Some others may experience “spiritual imaginations”.

The Universal Year number is the compound number for the year. For example, the Universal Year number for 2011 is 4 (2+0+1+1 = 4). Look at the first column “YR” on the left side of the Personal Month Pillar section. This implies the vibes and energies manifested by the number 4 could influence everyone this year.

The Personal energies could influence the individual during that period. The energies are not identical with every person since different people have different Personal numbers. An example is the Personal Year number of a person. In the sample chart, it’s number 9.

What this means is that this person has a Universal Year (UY) number 4, and a Personal Year (UY) number 9.


How do we analyse the numbers then?

Here’s an example. From a

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Now that I’ve explained the method to look at the Universal Year and Personal Year numbers, you can adopt the same method to look at the Universal and Personal energies present in the month or day.

I’ve also shared my discoveries on analysing the Universal and Personal numbers, and other numbers through multi-layered profiling techniques. These are extended profiling techniques using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. It’s normal if you don’t understand the technique when you did not attend the session. Make it a point to attend the next EON Workshop session when we confirmed the schedule next year. You will learn new techniques about life profiling from a different perspective.

Until then, enjoy digesting the articles posted in this site. Remember to practise analysing more charts to build up your own EON knowledge.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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