Moments of Discoveries at 3rd EON Workshop

Everyone had a wonderful time last Saturday (26 Nov 2011) at my 3rd EON Workshop. Thankfully, the food leftovers (for lunch and tea breaks) were not excessive as some of you took the initiative to tell us earlier that you could not make it for the session.

Every workshop session was a learning experience for me. There were much enthusiasm and excitement among the participants each time I clicked the remote button to display a new visual slide and explained the theories and underlying principles.  As in previous sessions, I’ve conducted the workshop in an interactive way to provide participative learning experience for all.

Participants can post questions any time, and I’ll explain them to the best of my knowledge. The interactive approach ignited new creative sparks for me on potential areas where I can do more research later. It further re-enforced the principles of “To Teach is To Learn Twice” for me. It was an enjoyable experience for all!

I could also elaborate on certain “sensitive” topics and included new discoveries and techniques at the session, including:

1)       Elaborating on the Yearly influence that could affect a person;

2)       Explaining the annual energies that could manifest in certain periods;

3)       Sharing the technique to identify the “Annual energies” by noting the numbers present in certain locations of the chart;

4)      Elaborating on the tendency signs in certain number patterns;

5)       Using “natural supplements” to address the Qi deficiency in certain body organs; and

6)      Identifying hidden signs and patterns, and how to use the influence of these signs to harmonise the energies.

I’m happy I could continue to share the discoveries and extended Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques with the class, and will continue to share them with you in future sessions.


“Thank you for sharing with passion how to read profiles using EON which I am really interested to learn and use to help me understand myself better and to have better relationship with others.”

“Thank you very much for teaching us those new discoveries on the Elements of Numbers. This is sure to open up our mind more when come to PON.”

“It was a great pleasure to learn from your 3rd EON Workshop. I will continue to practice what you have taught. Your teaching is very clear and easy to understand.”

That’s some of the quotes I’ve received on the workshop.  Once again, I’d like to thank all participants who’d attended the 3rd EON Workshop session.


With more social gatherings expected to be organised during the Christmas, New Year, and Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, those who’d attended the workshops could now maximise the extended EON techniques to profile and analyse for other people from an extended perspective. Practise now and build up your EON knowledge. Just one reminder – don’t abuse and misuse the methods I’ve shared at the workshops, especially those “sensitive” topics. Overzealous concerns over other people may influence their thoughts and could indirectly harm them.

The purpose of learning the extended EON method is to identify the tendency signs that could manifest both the positive and negative energies. We can then apply the knowledge to maximise the positive energies, while reducing the impact of the negative influences and energies. Help others with the knowledge to take control and be in charge of their own life and destiny, and not let fate decides their life path. We should not enforce into other’s mindset that the negative energies would affect them in a “confirmed and guaranteed” manner no matter how hard they’ve tried. Re-enforcing such negative affirmatives would do more harm than good, and could have karmic consequences.

If you could not make it for the last three workshops, don’t despair. I’ll continue to post articles here where you can learn something useful. I’d not be providing the extended EON techniques and explained the underlying principles of certain topics openly here due to sensitivities and possible misinterpretations. Explaining them at the workshops would help set the perspective in the right directions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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