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Doreen wrote the question, “Career Direction. What Career or Business to go into or look for?” on the slip of paper for my recent ‘live’ case study session on 13th March 2015 (Friday).

I have included a section on “Career and Business” on Page 145 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” where I described the different types of career or business a person can consider, based on the elements present in their birth chart. As mentioned in many articles posted here, I’ve since expanded the general career or business aspects to include the Career element. This unique “career element” allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s career vibes in a particular year.  

CaseStudy_DoreenLet’s look at Doreen’s EON chart and apply the basic EON principles first. Her career relevance should be in business industries related to the FIRE element, followed by Metal and Water. The least ideal ones are those industries related to the Wood and Earth elements. These are just general guideline that you can consider based on the basic Five Elements principles on a person’s Root element. You can check out my book for a list of jobs related to the Fire or Metal element industries.

What if you want to narrow down the general industry and focus more on your job or career specifics?

Sure, that can be done easily once you understood the extended EON principles.  For example, a person working in a Wood-related industry may not be ‘maximising’ the Wood energies in an ideal and positive manner. Imagine you are working as a financial controller in a furniture-making company. Your job scope is more on handling financial aspects which involves money, and as we know, we associate number 6 to money (the Metal element). Although you might be working in a wood-related industry, your job scope (involving money matters) could suggest frequent instability in the career vibes as Metal and Wood are opposing elements. But that doesn’t mean you will get all conflicting vibes every year. The reason – you are influenced and affected in varying ways, by the periodic energies more than the life energies.

EXTEND1Frankly, it doesn’t matter which industry you are working in, once you understand and apply the Five Elements principles into your career-specifics aspects and change your self-imposed limited-beliefs. Telling a doctor with 30 years of medical experience that he’s working in the wrong industry would not help much.

I have identified the Career Element and shared them with students who attended my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. This allows me to identify the periodic energies that might happen in a particular year and affect or influence on your current career.

Take the case of Doreen. She might be troubled with her career and job skills this year. Perhaps the urge to advance her career wealth (ok, ok… in simpler words – promotion increments and bonuses) is strong. She has a problem – other colleagues might be doubting her work attitudes and responsibilities. Management support is (almost) neutral and she could have felt her job is stagnant and boring at times. But there is hope – an ‘external’ job offer but with the pay package or job scope not to her preference.

The 8-4-3 pattern in her chart suggest the need to improve on her EQ communication skills with others. She has to accept others’ viewpoints and incorporate them into her plans. It’s important she learn to be flexible and not always fall back on principles and beliefs.

The directional chart described in my book is just a basic-layer suggestion on the directions you can take, based on your needs. For example, the numbers 6, 7, and 9 are associated to Money, Supporter’s Luck, and Success directions respectively. This means if you want money luck, you’d choose the direction where the number 6 is.

Loss_of_DirectionsI have worked out the extended Direction and Personal Daily Direction charts which add secondary layers to the directional chart. This means there isn’t any need to rely on the basic Direction Chart which is based on your birth chart. A fixed directional chart is limited, impracticable, and irrelevant as periodic energies (day, month, and year) have varying influencing levels. Hmm… Here’s a simple analogy – imagine you have a street map of the location in your country (or State or Town) when you are born. Chances are, the street map would change after say, 10 years later because of development works. This means a revised street map is required for up-to-date references. Similarly, this means a person’s Direction Chart has to change over time too as otherwise, they could not maximise the correct energies at the suitable time. That is one reason some people might have felt they could not use the energies or felt nothing positive after moving into the directions they thought would help them manifest the luck needed.

Wealth Directional MethodBoth the extended Directional Chart and the Personal Direction chart are important for tapping the energies on a micro-level. I have used the Personal Direction chart to help many friends optimise the positive energies for their job interviews. I’ll be sharing the ‘Qi Tapping’ technique and explaining the application at the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class.

Doreen has the means to strengthen her financial wealth and capacity to enrich her lifestyle easily as long as she remains focused and carry out her plans. Her unnecessary ‘what ifs’ mental worries and wavering thoughts are often at play and these could slow down or distract her from completing her plans. Thoughts are useless unless she takes action.  She has to improve on her skills (if she finds it limiting) and if she’s capable, she has to let her skills and experience known to others.

EMOTIONSThis year, the perfectionist traits is present in her PY2015 chart. There might be even more probable bottlenecks creating slowdown in her journey for better career or business prospects. That’s unless she lowers her expectation and recognises the difference between ideals and reality, and that her luck (money, supporter, and success) is a result of teamwork efforts contributed by other people as well. This means for a business, she has to rely on her customers, and for a working career she has to rely on her peers and bosses. Besides, good working attitude and task flexibility is important whether it’s business or career. Once Doreen can stay focus and work towards achieving her goals, her financial wealth and career or business advancement is on the upswing (just look at her next year’s PY2016 chart!). Oh, she has to remind herself that though the credits and success are in the air, humbleness and social responsibilities are equally important for sustainability.

For the curious ones, here’s my short observations using NSQ Profiling methods. Sure enough, the signs are there – she’s an action-driven person but lacks the sustainability and creative (including prolonged passion) to finish her work.  Her resilience and determination vibes are weak, and that’s where she has to improve. She has to work on improving on strengthening her emotional control, humbleness, and responsibilities. This should reduce the frequent distractions to enable her to focus on her plans and carrying them out.

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I’d encourage Doreen to find out more on her true self, her strengths and weaknesses, and her health symptoms, including falling into the ‘high risk’ group of people with probable cancer and diabetic tendencies. And naturally, I do welcome her and many of you to join my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes so I can share more profiling insights with her and others in the class.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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