Flora on Losing Money

“I really wish to know why I kept losing money for many years. Is it because I have the 5-7-3 in my Combined Chart? This year, I lost more money than ever! Why?!”

That’s what Flora asked in her recent email to me. She wanted to know the probable reasons behind her constant lose of money, and asked if she can do anything to stop losing more money.

By the way, let me highlight the signs, traits, and symptoms that you’re about to read may not apply to everyone, including Flora, since I’ve made the observations based on the numerical and elemental signs present in the charts. This means that even if you have similar birth chart, the traits, signs, and observations mentioned may vary in your cases.

Let’s look at Flora’s Birth chart and analyse if there are signs suggesting money-losing traits, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Now, let’s start with the observations – there are signs of self-egoistic nature with the perfectionist thinking in mind. This person can talk and plan, usually for the sake of money and stability (home, family, and security). However, the quick-tempered, fast-action, impatient traits would usually spoilt many of her plans. The hastiness to get things done too quickly without careful planning could have contributed to the losing money tendencies.

The Hidden Number 7 is present in Flora’s birth chart.  The 5-7-3 show signs of money lost, carelessness, legal entanglements, and issues on government matters. It could also imply possible disagreement and unfulfilled promises, resulting in money lost.

Flora could have subconsciously or unconsciously contributed to the losing money problems. The strong Fire in her chart also shows the impatient, fiery, and temperamental nature that may do more harm (to her health) than getting quick results. The 3-3-6 [Fast-Fast-Money] thinking is just an invoking thought as money that comes quickly, will goes out quickly too since 3-3-6=3 (fast ending, temper rising). As a result, she could have felt the frustration, agitation, and disappointment before she gets to enjoy the incoming wealth.

Learning to relax and control her tempers through meditation or other relaxation exercises would help calm the “too fast, too furious” thoughts. Putting trust and delegating tasks to others would allow her to have more time to look at the bigger picture, rather than stressing unnecessary and moving around often to achieve her goals.

Now, look at her Time of Birth chart. The traits mentioned earlier are now more obvious. The 7-5-3-8-1-9 patterns show up on the MNOPQR locations. It imply her “everything must be perfect” attitude could have contributed to her frequent lose of money.

She has to learn to accept things the way they are, and embrace imperfections as part of life’s challenges and experiences. Nobody is born perfect, and no product released is ever perfect. Why do we want to strive to be so perfect when perfection is just an imaginative benchmark set by us? Lowering the perfectionist mindset level would ease the stress and tensions!

This year (2011), the annual influence of 6-6-3 comes in, and the roller coaster-like effect of “money come, money go” is even stronger. She could have felt the urge to spend money to gain more money. Many people see great opportunities to earn more money this year with the “NO RISK, NO GAIN” mindset. Some resorted to stocks and share investment, property investment and other moneymaking pursuits. Some others would resort to gambling, corruptions, or money laundering to fulfil their “can-get-rich-quick” feelings.

The 5-7-3 could also imply money lost because of poor health. Flora has to take care of her health, and control her food intake. She must cut down on sweet and high carbohydrate food as there are tendency signs of diabetes. The signs may be there but it doesn’t imply she will have diabetes as long as she controls her diet and food intake, and cut down on sweet and salty stuff. There are signs of strong Fire in her chart, and these could lead to heart- and lungs-related issues if she does not take preventive health care measures now.

She needs to be more tolerant and empathetic this year. The tendency signs of communication breakdown or disagreement with others are present. These could involve family members, colleagues, suppliers, customers, and anyone she deals with. Sometimes, the disagreement could result in unnecessary money lost, probably because of misunderstanding over promises and expectations. Her career vibes are strong, and could imply some breakaway from “old roles”, and she could have agitated others unknowingly.

She must take positive steps to change her habits, thoughts, and actions if she wants to stop losing more money. She can follow the steps I’ve described on Page 255 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

Flora may not be aware of the tendency signs I’ve mentioned above. Often, we believe we are “never like that”. But when we asked friends to tell us about ourselves, that’s where we realised we may be “like that” to them.

She must take note of the problems that caused her to lose money. If the problem was due to poor judgement over financial matters or stocks and shares investment, then she should think twice before investing further. If it’s caused by gambling-addiction, then she should stop gambling. If the problem was due to unnecessary spending, then she must learn to reduce her spendthrift habits. If the problem was due to poor health (paying for frequent medical consultations and medications), then she should start improving her well-being. She can start exercising regularly, eating healthier food, and practising meditation and other relaxation exercises.

Flora can also consult a financial management expert to discuss on how she can reduce her financial spending and risks, and improve her financial earnings.

The 5-7-3 number combination on her birth chart is just a set of numbers. The negative energies are domain until the person took actions to manifest them. The person should instead work on manifesting the positive energies like changing their perspectives and attitudes for a healthier and happy tomorrow.


It’s up to Flora to decide her life path. Whether it’s going to be a never-ending road to losing more money, or a road that leads to better and healthier lifestyle for her lies in her head (thoughts), heart (feelings), and hands (actions) .

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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