What’s in 6-8-2?

I always find it intriguing whenever I analyse number patterns that I have yet to share in earlier articles. I have told the FEN WORKSHOP students that there are no strict rules to decide how or where to identify probable trait. There’s no direct assumption that a certain number pattern (or a series of numbers directly linked together) can only have one outcome – be they about the traits, behaviours, activities, or events.

At different times of the day, month, or even years, my interpretations on one set of number pattern may differ varying, because I’m just like everyone else – we’re influenced by the transitional energies around us.  That alters the focus area each time I analyse the same chart, or pattern. For instance, I could be focusing on career aspect the first time, and subsequently on health aspect, and then move on to wealth aspect, and so on.

Here’s one approach I usually do whenever I want to look at certain issue from an out-of-box thinking – not focusing too deeply into the issue by taking a break and doing something else, like taking a shower or going window shopping. This ‘out of the pictureinitialisation approach works for me most of the time. Try it, and who knows, you could interpret number patterns from wider perspectives, and need not rely on textbook references given by the PON/UCMHP trainers. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but I know it can be okay once you understood how the visualisation profiling technique in EON/FEN works.

Take the case of the number pattern 6-8-2 that someone searched on this site recently. After narrowing the probable traits, I then focus on people whom I think might have the 6-8-2 pattern. Sure enough, people like Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and yes, Donald Trump, have the 6-8-2 pattern. They are investors-in-mind, not the philanthropist-at-heart.

Now, let go back to the basics on how I interpreted the 6-8-2 pattern. Hopefully it can push your creative minds to figure out. At first glance, we could associate the 6-8-2 as [Money – Stress – Talk]. This signifies a person with such a pattern anywhere in their birth chart might constantly stressed out about financial matters, be they about money strains or how to grow their wealth. I could also interpret that as belonging to the “money talks” people, like embracing the [Money – Crazy Busy – Talk] mindset. If that isn’t enough, it would be about people who loves to travel and talks (or blog) about their travelling trips or adventures.

And when we zoom in to the extended EON theories, that’s where I could identify signs about the financial investors and day or swing traders (Forex or stock markets) since we could also interpret the 6-8-2 pattern as [Money –  Financial Management – Movement]. While some of these “greatest investors” as others would identify them, they are not entirely actively involved in philanthropic pursuits. That is why I’d not associated a person with 6-8-2 as being a philanthropist. Instead, they’re more of the talking type as after all, when we sums up the pattern, it’s about garnering interest and supporters (6+8+2 = 7).

If you have the 6-8-2 patterns in your birth chart, or if the same pattern happens to be present in your Personal Year (PY) chart, there are high possibilities of you getting your wealth through overseas shares, investments; or though businesses with overseas customers. Or if you are not in any business, it could be some extra windfall.

Now, having described the probable traits, we should always put at the back of our minds, on the need to be prudent and farsighted as other numbers surround the 6-8-2 patterns do have an influencing effect on the eventual behaviours and actions of the person.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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