The innovative monk: Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno

Derick sent me an email and wrote, “Are you able to post a case study article on a famous holy monk who is very well-known in Thailand named Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno. He’s really well known for his creation and design of the legendary Butterfly Thai Amulet, which is very well-sought after among Thai Amulet collectors. His success has Thai Amulet collectors flown over to Thailand just to have their blessings, blessed personally by him.

Profiling a true and committed monk is not easy, particularly if the person has devoid himself from material comforts and wealthy pursuits, in exchange for spiritual destiny, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

It is however, easier to identify traits, characters and attitudes in “temporary or short-termed” monks, as what I’d classify them, due to their short stay at the monasteries or Temples – be it for a week or three years – before going back to the materialistic world and continue with their normal modern-day pursuits. The good part is, some of them might have changed their characters and beliefs toward positive affirmations over time.

Derick then wrote, “I’ve done my own case study about his birth chart. Based on my observation after reading some of the fundamentals in your EON book, I realised that he has a lot of (1, 1, 2) combinations. From my understanding and discovery, a person with (1, 1, 2) be it in the birth chart and in the hidden numbers chart, they’re very capable in their own way. One such person is Bill Gates. He too has lots of (1, 1, 2) combinations in his birth chart and in the hidden numbers chart. What are your thoughts in this?

With due respect to Kruba, the traits I’m about to share may not apply to him as he could have altered his character and behaviours ever since he took up the robes as monk under Phra Kruba Pu and follow him on Tudong to Cambodia and Laos. According to this ButterflyAmulet page, Kruba received his Bhikku ordination when he was 25 years old, and spent 10 years studying Buddhist holy texts and practice meditation in the forest which is located in the Northern part of Thailand.

In such circumstances, and as mentioned earlier, many of the negative traits you are about to read may not apply to him, although there could still be positive traits inhibited and displayed by him in subtle and obvious ways. To avoid confusion, I’d consider the birth chart as from someone else (let’s call him “Keith) who happens to have the same birth date as Kruba.

In many ways, Derick is right as we can associate the number 1 as innovative, idealist, and great leadership qualities. That could have inspired Keith to inculcate the survival instinct by utilising his entrepreneur spirits, venturing out to produce the wealth – the materialistic pursuits. Because of that, these could inadvertently create signs of pride, proudness, snobbish, arrogant, upper-class mentality, recognition-chasing, and show-off. The signs are there, with the resultant pattern like 1-2-3 present in the birth chart.

We could associate the number 3 in locations W and R with a person whose creative and passionate, besides the sexual, critical, temperamental, and religious inclinations. The multiple 1-8-9 patterns present on the chart could signify a perfectionist mindset, meaning relentless actions – withstanding the painstaking strains – to ensure their projects or creations are perfect. That’s because we can interpret the 1-8-9 as [Self – Crazy Busy – Success], which is similar to what I’ve just mentioned – the capable and responsible individual, with the perfectionist mindset. The multiple 9s could imply a success-driven person, and as well as humanitarian pursuits.

From an extended EON perspective, it is important for Keith (and anyone with same birth chart) to take good care of his health as he could often injure himself unnecessary, with cuts from sharp objects, etc. People could also be jealous of him, because of his intellectual views, and as such, he is exposed to gossip and rumours, with backstabbers ready to act anytime to blemish his reputations and leadership. There are signals that suggest Keith might belong to the high-risk group of people with cancerous tendencies. This implies the extra need to avoid aggravating the emotions and tempers, exercise, and eat healthily. In addition, the strong Metal elements could imply potential health symptoms like immune and respiratory problems, breathlessness, pneumonia, sleep apnea, constant worries, skin-related issues, and mental conditions. It could also imply medical operations.

I’ve shared many extended EON/FEN techniques in the previous FEN WORKSHOP class, and among them are the Birth Code and Life Forces. For instance, the “Secondary and Prominent Forces” present in Keith or Kruba’s chart is about working towards maximising his intellectual mindsets, leaderships, and innovative thinking, for shared benefits. Kruba’s Life Cycles has the 9-2-2-9 patterns, which we could construe as a person dedicated to understanding and spreading the religious knowledge, and performing humanitarian projects. Possibly, the existence of the Butterfly Thai Amulets could be, in part, be caused by the influences from his Life Force energies.

Since Derick mentioned Bill Gates, I had shared one reason to the FEN students why Bill Gates is so involved in charitable and humanitarian projects, especially funding medical and biotechnology firms, and pursuing a philanthropist’s lifestyle. I’ve shown them how to identify such signs in specific charts that could contemplate on a person’s subconscious thought that could influence a person’s behaviours, and actions. While we discover lots of number 6s in Bill Gates’ birth chart, he is not always thinking about money in his later years due to his strong subconscious humanitarian influences.

If you are born on the same day as Phra Kruba Krissana Intawanno, you might have exhibited many of the traits mentioned, and perhaps, enjoyed the benefits and burdens too. If you don’t, that’s great as well. Perhaps, you might have changed your attitudes toward life, and/or follow a simpler humble lifestyle, like being an enterprising person with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) beliefs, and not necessarily becoming an innovative monk.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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