Stayin’ Alive for Robin Gibb

I’m glad to read that Robin Gibb has woken up from his coma to the sound of his music according to this article. Robin and his brothers were part of the Bee Gees group who greatly influenced the disco music of the 70s. Some of their popular songs include “Too Much Heaven”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Night Fever“, and “Stayin’ Alive”.

Robin has to take special care of his health now that he’s woken from his coma. If you have read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” you’d know that this year 2012 is his “Double Effect Year”. When a person is experiencing a “Double Effect Year”, they have to take extra care of their health while chasing their goals. In a “Double Effect Year”, a person could experience the “Double Blessing” effects when more positive vibes are manifesting. At the extreme end, a person could experience the “Double Whammy” effects when more negative vibes get manifested too quickly.

Robin had liver and colon cancer in October 2010. He had emergency surgery to treat a blocked bowel and another operation to treat a twisted bowel. His twin brother, Maurice, died of similar condition in 2003 at age 53.

I recently introduced and explained the Rhythmic Cycles at my recent 4th EON WORKSHOP session where participants learn the method to identify potential rhythmic vibes that may be manifested periodically. It could influence the person during the 9-year cycle period. This means that 2012 is a critical year for Robin as the tendency signs of the negative vibes that affected his twin brother 9 years ago may somehow affect him. Robin could have suffered the same fate as Maurice 9 years ago but he did not because of the “different elements” present in his Time of Birth chart.

I introduced the Time of Birth chart in my book as it helps me look beyond the usual birth dates.  Do check out my book to know more about the Time of Birth charts, my case study article on the tendency vibes that affected Maurice, and the Double Effects that could affect a person.

Now that his health condition could be affected by strong Fire vibes, Robin must remain strong to fight against all odds to survive. He needs to have a strong-will in the coming months especially May, July, and September. He must regain his health and strength and show to the world that “Stayin’ Alive” is just not a retro song anymore. It is now a will-driven inspiring song that brings hope, positive optimism, and a new dawn for those who seek them and take charge of their own destiny, and not let the doctors decide their fate.

Let’s all bless Robin speedy recovery.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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