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As in the title, Raymond (a friend of mine) asked if his son “can make money?” in his recent email to me. I answered with a jokingly remark, “Sure. Anyone can make money if he works!” In subsequent email, Raymond mentioned his son was venturing to the banking or finance-related business, and wishes to know if the business can be profitable.

KnowingPatternsThere’s no direct way to determine if a business is profitable just by analysing a person’s chart. It’s harder when there are partnerships involved, as this requires extra process to check the combined relationship chart. Anyway, checking the birth chart or Personal Year (PY) chart could only provide signs of certain attributes or characteristics. It does not provide conclusive evidence, whether the person can make a profit from a business venture, or work as an employed person. It’s just like checking a person’s chart and finding if the 1-2-3 pattern is present; and if found, to naively assume the person has assets or has abundance of wealth. In all fairness, some people with 1-2-3 patterns live in not-so-wealthy but average or below-average financial states. Still, some wealthier ones could remark they didn’t have much money even when they are actually making more money than others. To them, the money earned is constantly “not enough” to satisfy their affluence or materialistic wants. Let’s put these contributing factors aside, and just look at Charles’ chart on an “as is” basis using the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles to analyse.

casestudy_charlesFrom basic analysis, the 8-6-5 pattern in his birth could suggest the [Stress – Money – Stubborn] characteristics. What this implies is Charles has the tendency to be tensed up over money or home matters, and might have the “Nah, it’s not like that” stubborn-nature thinking even when the facts are obvious. From an extended perspective, the same pattern could suggest a person who is [Crazy Busy – Money Matters – Determined]. This means busily engaged over money matters but hesitantly deciding whether to take the risk to face challenges onward, or step backward fearing obstacles (including rejections and failing). Nonetheless, as Raymond mentioned his son’s business is in the banking and Finance sector, I’d extend the keyword associations to [Working Hard – Finances – Challenges]. This means Charles might occasionally ponder whether he should strive hard and face challenges resolutely to create better beneficial outcomes, for his customers and himself. On the other hand, should he work harder to achieve the material rewards by accepting obstacles as challenges and opportunities?

One critical last-mile also depends, in several ways, on the number 5. In other words, he can change and become more adaptable, be ready to accept challenges, be less stubborn, have the shrewd mindset, and inculcate sensibilities and humility. Briefly, if his current plans don’t work out well today, it means one thing – change his perspective and attitudes, change his behaviours and habits, and change his plans and actions. Seek alternative ways, something “away from the norm” thinking, to gather better monetary outcomes for himself and his clients. The number 6 (location R) is the resulting element in his birth chart, and we could associate this number 6 with money and financial wealth. This means Charles has the capacity to “make money” when he’s focused, and in control over his emotions and tempers.

step-forwardI could sense Raymond and Charles feeling happy now, knowing the latter could make money from his business. Wait, I haven’t completed my statement yet. The 2-4-6 (locations P-Q-R) denotes [Talk- Plan – Money]. This means the tendency to talk about his plans, strategies, and workflow processes to complete them. When there are many “No Action, Talk Only” actions, it could create the impressions of “over promising, under delivery” thinking. Others, including his clients, might assume Charles’s lack the sincerity in executing his plan to the desired outcome. This means, making less money than it should be. Charles must put aside the material benefits first, and concentrates on his innovative ideas to convince others to have faith in him. He needs to conceptualise and have some form of working “proof of concepts” (POC) to reinforce his ideas-to-fruition abilities. Charles must remember the importance of staying focused and not getting distracted. That’s because the number 5 (his Birth Root number) is also about being easily distracted and losing attention. To overcome that requires dedicated time to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of tasks, and what it entails producing better-than-usual outcomes. That is possible for Charles, as we could also associate the number 5 to profound thoughts, and the capacity for duality traits. That includes the ability for him to exhibit the Yin and Yang traits – the firmness and flexibility, and the process to analyse things inwardly (inside-the-box) and outwardly (out-of-the-box) perspectives.

Besides having the prideful, self-sacrificing, and stubborn nature, it is easier for Charles to apply the technical know how what his customers need as the book-smart trait is present in his charts. This means reading through the facts and specifications, and understanding the requirement from customers. His street-smart attributes, though present too, is weak. This means Charles, by nature, is not as resourceful “by default” and often needs to be pushed before he taps on his resourcefulness habit. He has the “selective listening” habit too, and these could also influence customers’ poor impression of him. He needs to listen attentive to what others are saying and gather feedback.

Charles must take care of his health while he builds his business. There are signs of digestive and mental health conditions, and these might create symptoms of frequent headaches, migraines, sleep apnea, breathlessness, and constipation. Additionally, he might suffer from other health conditions relating the Metal elements as described in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

WEALTH_IN_IDEAMaking money and having profitable business is possible for Charles. He must also understand nothing is perfect for this world, and no matter how great his plans are, there are the possibilities of last-minute changes required by customers. Next year, the perfectionist 1-8-9 (8-1-9) pattern is present in his PY2017 chart. Unless he practice tolerance and lower his expectation, he might feel even emotional and got stressed up, and these could affect his health conditions. And it could affect his family members and loved ones whenever the emotions and tempers arise.

Charles’ Birth Code is suggesting the need for him to be less self-centric and manage his finances responsibly and be less dependent on others. That is, he needs to be more resourceful and independent if he wants his plans and visions to materialise.

The “missing numbers4 and 9 suggest he must focus on his plans, act and complete them timely. It’s equally important for him to be humble and pursues the humanitarian and charity projects. Perhaps he might consider incorporating some form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives in his company’s welfare activities. Getting personally involved could dilute negative vibes, like controlling the emotions and tempers around. Furthermore, these could harmonise the energy levels and changed his behaviours and perspectives into positive outcomes. Eventually, the influencing energies could manifest tangible benefits like making more money, and generate intangible rewards of self-achievements and trustworthiness.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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