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I received an e-mail from Desmond recently. He felt disturbed by an analysis made by a friend’s aunt (let’s call her Lucy), who profiled his Birth Chart.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONIt’s been a while since I posted a case-study article, so I decided to divide Desmond’s profiling analysis into several parts. In today’s part 1, I’m highlighting the need for you to be aware of the underlying reasons behind birth charts. And why you should not be obsessed by the absolute base representations of numbers 1 to 9, and its locations on the chart.

[Desmond] She said that my inner birth chart does not have the number 9 in it. She interpreted that no matter how much effort I put into what I do, whether in business or work, the end result will be nothing. The reason she gave was because there’s no “9” in my inner birth chart. She said “9” denotes success, and I don’t have “9” in my chart, which means I don’t have success. Even though I told her I have “9” outside the triangle, she said it’s better to have it inside.

I replied to Desmond, “In short, Lucy’s analysis was wrong. What she learned were based on preliminary knowledge that concentrated on only one area of the Birth Chart and that drew presumptive conclusions. Do not be disturbed or impacted by her analysis. You know yourself better and have had successes in the past (big and small).

This is a surface-level analysis that can be improved. Lucy may have learned to profile the birth chart through a friend or trainer, or may not have understood the fundamentals of how to profile correctly. It doesn’t matter who she learned from; it’d be good for her to understand and commit to know more so she can better her analysis.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingA quick check on Bill Gates (28 Oct 1955), Warren Buffett (30 Aug 1930), Jeff Bezos (12 Jan 1964) and Mark Zuckerberg (14 May 1984), shows that, as Lucy puts it, “there is no “9” in the inner birth chart.” I’m not sure what “inner” birth chart is, and the likelihood Lucy is referring to the numbers in locations I-J-K-L-M-N-O (or I-to-O)

Based on Lucy’s interpretation of Desmond’s Birth Chart, the above-mentioned richest men shouldn’t be successful at all because they don’t have the number 9 in the specified locations of their birth chart. Now, you know that Lucy’s interpretation was inaccurate.

One quote I picked up on the Internet was, “It’s not about having the skill to do something. It’s about having the Will, Desire, and Commitment to be your Best.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityThis is precisely what I told my EON/FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students that the birth chart is just like the floor plan of your apartment. And when you start renovating and adding beds, tables and other accessories, your home environment is completely different from your neighbour’s apartment. What this means is “The Birth Chart Is Not Your Personality” which fundamentally implies your birth chart represent who you are when you were born. It does not reflect what you become with time; your personality does change. It is similar when you interpret it from an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) viewpoint – “The map is not the territory.” This implies, as an analogy, that what you see on a map does not really represent what you see and experience in the real place.

Our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thoughts are influenced by the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) changing and disruptive environment we are facing. And these influenced thoughts could formulate part of our self-beliefs, and in turn, affect our behaviours and responses; and how we have transformed ourselves to become who we are today.

You should not be obsessed with using numbers or number patterns as the foundation for profiling. Lucy has to take steps to learn and move up the superficial level, and understand that while the Birth Chart is something we cannot change. The journey of the experience, not the destination, is what counts. And it is these journeys that could impact an individual’s beliefs, attitudes and mentalities, and that could adjust the quality of life experiences. And there are a lot of other permanent charts she doesn’t know about.

The periodic charts (Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day), the 9-Year Cycle Code, and even the Universal/Personal Numbers in the periodic charts, do influence and affect a person’s belief and their character. This is why the personality of an individual changes over time, by inculcating “will, desire and commitment” to be their best.

Elements of Numbers (EON)_ FEON+ PRO chartLook at Desmond’s Birth Chart (screenshot taken from FEON+ PRO software, currently released to FEN students only). While there is no number 9 in the I-to-O locations, we could see the number 9 in locations S and X. Numbers in S-T-U locations are external and impacting the “formative years“. The numbers in the V-W-X locations are also external and influencing the “social and periodic” vibrations.

This means that when Desmond was young, his parents had an impact on his formative beliefs. In basic interpretation, we could look at the 9-6-6 pattern in S-T-U locations as [Success – Money – Money]. Yet, when I expanded them to look from EON/FEN perspective, I could interpret it as [Success – Family/Home – Responsibility] and a few others. It might imply that Desmond’s father, in particular, might be determined to succeed or be motivated to work hard responsibly to provide his family with love, joy and material comfort. And this could indirectly influence Desmond’s understanding of the importance of remaining resilient and determined to fulfill his desire, through teamwork and support from others. It means that Desmond must learn to work with others, to move forward, to share and to enjoy better achievements.

Next, the 4-5-9 in locations V-W-X is about challenges Desmond need to experience, if his desire is to be responsible and accountable to grow his financial wealth (1-2-3 in locations K-L-N). This is the case of avoidance – “fear, flight or flee” – or acceptance (facing challenges like opportunities). And with the number 9 in location X, it becomes the main motivation for Desmond to pursue his dream, act on it, and take advantage of the desired result. What this means is that it doesn’t really matter if the number 9 is in the “inner” Birth Chart or not. More importantly, it is positive influences that push the person towards achieving success goals.

Now, every year there is a set of strong influence that could affect Desmond’s personality – his behaviours and actions towards his goals, be they on financial enrichment, career advancement, academic excellence, or whatever. The PERSONAL YEAR chart is the major influence, and you need to look at the numbers in the annual chart as well. In addition, there is the 9-Year Cycle code (9YR-C) where the number 9 may be present, which provides a nine-year presence of the energies present. Then there is the Reflection Chart which enables you to determine the force (elements and numbers) present that is usually associated with your subconscious or unconscious thoughts. It is those subconscious and unconscious thoughts that could reinforce your conscious state of mind to behave and act in certain ways.

Many of these extended charts are only available from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and is included in my FEON+ v1.x (Android) software (click here for info on the software). If you have learned similar theories from your non-EON trainers, they will likely have copied and/or adapted my techniques. Perhaps, they also recognised the usefulness and practicality of having such extra charts to better profile a person.

Oh, one more thing… you can also look at the SMART GENES of a person to determine their resourcefulness and logical reasonings. Desmond has strong Book-Smart and Street-Smart genes present on his Birth Chart and Reflection Chart. The tendency signs are suggesting he’s more street-smart and these could help him indirectly or unknowingly to become who he is today. Now that Desmond is keen on learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, he’d be in a better position to prepare himself for a better future ahead by changing mindsets to achieve purposeful milestones along the way.

I hope Desmond is now able to “clear the air” and not be disturbed by Lucy’s presumptive observation, which was done on a basic level. Desmond could suggest Lucy to check out my website ( and read this article as well. Lucy’s analysis was correct from the “tiny, thin ice” point of view. It was just that she was unaware of other areas of analysis that could have consolidated and influenced her judgment. This is OK as continuous learning helps enrich our lives and could broaden our perspectives toward a holistic profiling mindset.

Until the next Part-2 article, happy learning.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun





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