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In an earlier article entitled “Surface-level Analysis on Desmond’s number 9 – Part 1“, I mentioned the reasons why you should not hastily conclude your profiling observations without considering other key areas. I’ve also highlighted the need for you to analyse a Birth Chart beyond the numbers (absolute associations to keywords) and number patterns (series of numbers arranged in sequence). I also elaborated what “The Birth Chart Is Not The Personality” implies and cautioned why you should never assume that a person’s personality is fixed throughout their lifetime.

Elements of Numbers (EON)_ FEON+ PRO chartOften, it is when we make mistakes that we realize the reason behind our analysis. That’s not Lucy’s “fault” for making a surface-level analysis on Desmond’s Birth Chart. She may have done well due to her limited knowledge and understanding of the numerological method she had learned. And as the saying goes, “fail fast, learn fast, ” it’s more important that we recognised what has been done right, where your analysis was wrong, and how you can do better to improve your observation. No analysis is perfect because we have our own perspectives, gather our findings, and make subjective observations.

In many ways, our analysis are right from our own perspective, based on our understanding and interpretation of the tendency signs present in the charts. And when we concluded our observations as “the whole is larger than the sum of its parts from all parts“, our overall analysis might be wrong.

Oh… one more point. Our analysis could be wrong when the person has changed their behaviour to become a better version of themselves. Or in a state of conscious or unconscious denial of the identified negative behaviour.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONDon’t worry, since you are here to read this article. Check my other articles as well; I have not seen any external trainer posted more than a thousand articles and share tips and, occasionally, techniques publicly and freely. I hope you will learn to understand the basics, open your eyes and embrace a growth mindset. Each person is unique and diverse. What might be regarded as telltale signs on the chart, might not be true in reality, because the person had changed his personality because of periodic influences.

[Desmond] I have read the article that you wrote. I greatly appreciate your ability to dispel my doubts. Hopefully in the near future there will be a formal course where I can meet you face to face and learn more than profiling itself. You have just opened up a new perspective on the numbers rather than the profiling of the numbers.

Now that Desmond is clear on the number 9 in his charts, we’re going to focus on the other aspects: what do you do with the preliminary results? When you profile an individual, it’s not just interpreting the numbers and identifying the locations. You need to build the soft skills. Like understanding the “empathy mapping” of why people behave and act in certain ways, and how you can take steps to improve your self-growth to profile yourself and others in a practical and logical way.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingLook at the above screenshot showing Desmond’s Birth Chart, Personal Year 2021-2022 Charts, and other charting information. I’ll leave out the basic interpretations of each number as you can find it in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

The Birth Root number is 2, and we can relate it to communication and interaction with other people. Desmond must be careful not to exert his influence and thinking upon others, as the 8-4-3 pattern (or any sequence of 8, 4, 3 numbers) might affect his EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (social intelligence). This means that he may often face disagreements with others, or wonder why others are not working as amicably or coherently with him. The sequence of numbers 8, 4, and 3 can be found in locations like M, N, V, H3 on his Birth Chart, M-N-O in his Reflection Chart, and M-O-Q in his PY2021 chart. It is important to be aware of one’s vulnerabilities, to work to improve one’s weaknesses and to improve one’s positive traits. Desmond needs to understand and accept different opinions from others.

If Desmond is married, he should also improve his communication skills to improve his relationship with his wife. Although the desire to grow and enhance his financial wealth are strong, he also has a responsibility to care for and love his family.

The 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) shows 6-5-2 pattern. We could interpret this as [Money – Stubborn – Talk]. From an extended EON perspective, this could also be interpreted as [Responsibility or Family – Challenges or Opportunities – Discuss or Collaborate].

This further reinforced what I’ve just advised earlier – the need to face challenges through teamwork and collaboration. As Desmond improved his attitudes towards EQ and SQ, he was able to achieve his desired objectives and share his successes with others.

FEON+ Pro: Five Elements Numerology mobile appThere are so many techniques shared with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. Like the EFV FLOW (behavioural inclinations) and EFV SPAN (behavioural strengths). Desmond’s EFV Flow (Birth) and the EFV Span (Birth) address the need to set specific goals for what he planned to accomplish and take action to achieve them. He should not always just talk about them (behavioural inclinations) without acting on them. It’s like, “A vision without action is like a dream without doing anything.”

Desmond EFV Flow (PY2022) is all about collaboration and teamwork, which means letting go of past resentment and accepting other people’s suggestions with an open mind. He should not insist on the fact that he can do a better job. Stopping the mad work and delegating them to others would release time for a more productive purpose. His EFV Span (PY2022) emphasizes the need to manage and monitor his emotions. And as mentioned earlier, delegate tasks to others so they (and others) can work towards a common goal and share successes.

While the number 5 is present in his PY2022 Root number, and in his 9YR-C code, it’s more important for Desmond to learn to be agile and adaptive at work, at home, and in his social lifestyle. He must act and respond quickly to changes, make adjustments whenever possible, in order to achieve a more positive result. In many ways, he should not interpret the number 5 as a “stubborn or an obstacle.” Rather, he should consider these as challenges and opportunities. And knows that “every problem has a solution” – he must find the ideal solution to his own problem.

The current FEON+ v1.x (Android) has many essential charts that could improve your profiling, once you understand the underlying fundamentals of the numbers, charts, locations, and elementary interactions. The FEON+ PRO (as seen in the above two screenshots) has more information, targeting people who want to do PaaS (Profiling As A Service) for others. For instance, the “Elemental Strength” indicated that the Water and Metal elements in Desmond’s charts are strong. We could associate the Metal element with mental concerns, pride, egos, anguish and other cognitive behaviours. We could associate the Water element as sensitivity, hesitating thoughts, insecurities, imposing, and others.

Personal Growth: Elements of Numbers EONI highlighted some of the negative traits that Desmond must manage and control, particularly when communicating with others. His DISC-EON Styles chart is suggesting an I-C (Influence – Compliance) behavioural style. This implies that he must deal with his “imposing” nature to force others to accept his suggestions; he must discuss a friendly solution.

His “Numerical Energies” chart suggest a weak self-growth mindset and overly strong IQ and SQ which have to be well managed. In many ways, the chart shows that he is often distracted by other lower-priority issues and regularly makes context switching between tasks.

So that’s all I have to share on Desmond’s case study. Note that my observations would not hold any truth if Desmond had already changed his behaviours and thinking for the better. I hope you all and Desmond can learn something insightful from my two-part articles, and other articles I’ve posted previously. Remember that humans are “social creatures” and therefore are regularly influenced by others, which in turn may affect our personality (state of mind, thoughts, feelings and behaviours) and actions on others.

If your personality can change over time, other people can change their personality too.

Happy Profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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