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I shared some insights on the probable traits that Debra might inhibit in an earlier article “About Debra & Desmond: Knowing Debra” posted early this month. Debra has since emailed me with more information about herself, which reinforced the observations I’d made and wrote about it in the article. Anyway, I’ll discuss more on this another day since the primary focus of this article is to share extra insights on Desmond, and his relationship status with her.

Desmond has the “mirror chart” that signify someone with split personality character. The 2-1-1-2 pattern is akin to a person constantly thinking or living in his own world, and having mixed feelings of wavering thoughts. It’s like watching a multi-audio news programme on TV where you get to hear two different languages simultaneously from the same person. Because of the duality traits, Desmond’s attitude and actions might change abruptly at times, and his behaviours could be at the extreme end. Like one moment he is chatty, the next moment he is very quiet. Basically, this implies Debra may, at times, aren’t sure of what Desmond is talking about or doing; or she’s feeling he could often contradict what he said earlier.

The split patterns of 1-2-3 on both parental sides could denote Desmond may be from an above-average or rich family, possibly with his mother having more wealth than his father, or his mother’s the “financial controller” of the house. Desmond’s growing-up years could be directed towards achieving targets as quickly as possible, often with the “no risk, no gain” mentality – and perhaps, due to his parents’ upbringing and family culture towards life. His parents’ relationship, i.e., his mother and father, might not be on good loving terms. There is also the possibility that they could have originated from a different city, state, or country before they met and got married.

Desmond could be the studious type of person who usually based his judgement on facts, and what’s written in the book as he has the book-smart genes. More often than not, he might find it difficult to kick start his resourcefulness, unless he’s compelled to – not an automatic “street-smart” person who could think “out-of-the-box” alone. That is to say, he is usually at his best (like creative thinking, innovating ideas, inspiring talks) when in the company of others. This means Desmond can be a good team player (if he wants to) and should refrain from working alone, if he wants to achieve the goals he has set out.

The multiple 9s – which we could associate with success, competition, and visions – might lead him to become “a victim of his own success.” That implies that if Desmond is not careful enough to take care of his past achievements and not strengthened his roots (foundations and fundamentals) while he pursues his goals, he might fall into his “own trap.” He might lose many opportunities – and there could be great ones too – because of his split-character inclinations. His pondering and hesitations could have caused him to miss out many opportunities. And at the same time, his fierce aggressions towards achieving his goals could also blind his humility towards his competitions.

The multiple 9s are like being in the forest where everyone is competing against one another. As mentioned earlier, Desmond should try not to work alone. Instead, he should work as a team with others for shared goals as they could indirectly control his thoughts and feelings, and guide his mental attitude towards the positive sides.

Now, let’s analyse their relationship – it might not be a smooth one for Debra, who often has to bear with Desmond’s fiddling habits. The 8-4-3 pattern present in their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart could imply stressing and quarrelsome moments both had when they’re together. On the other hand, both could find it easy to combine their talents and pursued wealth-enriching activities, and possibly, made quick bucks too. However, because of their own hard-headed mindsets, and reluctance to give in to each other initially, it could create burning sparks at times. At other times, the fiery sparks could quickly transform to passionate and sensual vibes instead. While it might sound like having a roller-coaster ride in one way, it is definitely not a boring, one-way relationship. Perhaps that could be a reason Debra likes being with Desmond, as life is so… ever-changing and not monotonous when she’s with him – partly due to his split-personality traits.

Here’s a word of caution, just in case although I prefer it to be just speculative – Debra has to be mindful of Desmond’s lusty pursuits, and the possibility that she might be competing with other girls for his attention. Hopefully, there is no tryst with other females and what I’ve just mentioned, is unfounded. In fact, it all depends on Desmond’s moral mindset – when it’s good and ethical, he could have many casual or platonic female friends, and Debra shouldn’t worry too much, unnecessary.

This year, Debra might be feeling exhausted and there could be some form of communicative block between Desmond and her. The 5-2-7-9-3-3 pattern in their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2017)” chart is like a horizontal mirror reflection of the 2-5-7-3-9-3 pattern in Debra’s chart. In many ways, she might be facing a “Double EffectYear where she often finds it difficult to express herself, or rather, feels frustrated when others are not in-sync with her – whenever she’s with Desmond. While Debra might like Desmond because of his exciting personality (and probably, financial spending), Desmond might find her appealing because of her street-smart resourcefulness, and shrewd thinking. While Desmond might be “living in his own world,” Debra could be trying hard to be an influence and/or seeking solace in his world. While it might sound good sometimes, they’re often challenged with emotional and temperamental opinions, leading to frequent disagreement and at times, quarrelsome moments. Hopefully, the triggering factor is not because of the presence of another female person but more about money matters.

How compatible are they depends on how sincere they want to be with each other, to achieve a common and shared goal? The wonderful thing about love is it can bring two incompatible people in conjunction, to live together as a harmonious couple. Debra has to decide if Desmond is the right person she could cling on as a lifelong partner, putting aside the fiery but passionate roller coaster-like excitement in their relationships.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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