About Debra & Desmond: Analysis and Career

Today, I’m sharing the feedback received from Debra with regards to my case study on her and Desmond, her boyfriend. If you’ve missed out the earlier articles, click or tap on the articles below to read them, preferably in the order it’s presented:

I’m just as excited as many of you, as Debra’s email replies further strengthened the observations I’ve made to improve the Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling techniques. Unlike other methods taught by external trainers who focused mainly on personality profiling, the EON method has many unique aspects that set it apart from others. One of them is the health aspects, which allows you to identify potential conditions or symptoms that might arise. While I cannot debate on the non-scientific approach, its data-mining processes of analysing patterns are similar. Doing over 10,000 of case studies as claimed by some trainers, does not help in any way if you focused mainly on the general aspects. Instead, understanding the Five Elements and its correlative relationships, including its effects, would allow you to analyse a person’s health aspects from a non-scientific approach. That is the Essence of the EON principles which combines the Five Elements into a simple numerology method, to empower anyone to profile a person and identify tendency signs or clues by focusing from different perspectives.

Debra: Thanks for analysing the health aspects. In fact, I am afraid that I will have a diabetic issue since my grandma has it. Since then, I have been cutting down on any sweet stuff, and possibly don’t add much sugar. Urinary and kidney-related condition sounds scary as well. Anyway, I did go for a surgery two years back related to female illness. Indeed, I do have a little of OCD. I was surprised when you named a lot of health symptoms that are really related to me. I am trying to find ways to relax myself by going to yoga, the place where I find peace and time away from worries.

From an EON health perspective, we could associate the urinary and kidney-related symptoms with the Water element. On the same token, and as mentioned in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” we can also associate female illness, including ovary or reproductive organ, to the Water element. Identifying the OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) trait was another discovery made some time back, mainly because of the easy access to quick plotting of the charts, by way of using the FEON+ software that I’ve developed as a productive analytical tool. And yes, practicing yoga and other calming activities, including spa massages (why not?), could help one to relax their mind and body.

Debra: I didn’t know that I do have smart genes, but one thing that I am sure of is, I am not afraid of asking the 5W1H. I might look “stupid” but I rather have an answer than having no idea what was going on.

That’s another trait that I have discovered – the smart genes, in an unscientific way. It may not be substantially helpful to us, especially those who finished school, but it sure can help parents know if their school-going children have smart genes. When their children have such smart genes, the parents can then take proactive steps to guide their kids to utilise the innate traits to the best of their abilities. When their children do not have smart genes, parents can subsequently adopt the remedial steps to inculcate the habit of applying the 5W1H approach to finding answers. Okay, I was wrong when I mentioned it may not be substantially helpful to non-schooling adults. On the contrary, it does. There are so many ways adults can utilise the smart genes in their charts. Even if they do not have these intelligent traits in their birth chart, they can always rely on the Personal Year chart for some ‘elemental’ influence to manifest the smart genes. That is one reason to coordinate the year when your smart genes appear (in the PY chart) with the final exam period, if you’re furthering your studies, or pursuing higher learning subjects.

Debra: Career-wise, I seriously have no idea. Where should I go or what should I do? Recently, a colleague of mine back stab me. Sometimes it doesn’t pay well to be nice/kind. Based on your reading, does it mean that I should still continue to stay and wait to see if I can find a better prospect later. I don’t wish to be seen “job-hopping” around and finding a better place. Especially now, they are revising the contract and asking me to sign an even longer notice of period contract (of course, a lot of other terms changed except for salary).

I mentioned about Debra’s contemplating on a career move in the article “About Debra & Desmond: Knowing Debra.” I’m relying on the Career element which is different from the steps in identifying the suitable types of career or business you can work in. The career element is another unique discovery that I have made and shared with past EON/FEN students in class, that enables you to gauge the vibe level of your career. In Debra’s case, there are tendency signs suggesting an effect on her career vibe, including competitions from peers, in her PY2017 chart – these could attribute to the urge to make a job change.

I replied to Debra and asked her about the career move, be they for money, job satisfaction, career growth, and others. I’ve shared the five key aspects in determining the intention of a career change, in past FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. This would allow me, or students who’ve completed the FEN Advanced modules, to analyse the Year chart based on the preferred key aspects. It took Debra a while to decide which key aspects she wants that compelled her to consider a career change. She felt she was not recognised or her career growth was stagnant.

Let’s revisit Debra’s chart again. While this paragraph is primarily targeted at FEN Advanced students who might get the hint or clues, I’ll share some insights to allow Debra and others, like you, to know the differences in profiling techniques used and taught by me.

Sure enough, and as shown in her chart, Debra’s skill sets are being questioned by her company, and her feeling of job recognition and stagnant career growth was present. Furthermore, she mentioned about her current job – renewal of contract with more responsibilities minus salary increments. That means, if she continues working for the company, she will be adding more tasks to her daily work, and still getting the same salary should she renews her contract.

Debra has to decide if she wants to remain working for the same company or considering moving on to a new job. If she decide to take the first step to join another company, she must restart to show off her skill sets to the new boss. And when she did it right, she’d receive the recognition and support. I told Debra whatever decision she made, don’t resign first until she found a new job. That is to say, she should as far as she can withstand or tolerate, continue to work for the company until a new job offer comes along. And should Debra received a job offer from another company; the tendency signs are – she may not get the pay she wished for. However, the negative signs affecting her career are changing in her PY2018 chart. There are tendency signs suggesting she may get the recognition and support from the boss amid another peer competition, and she may receive a substantial reward eventually. Of course, that means recognising the need to improve her work attitude and becoming an active team player too.

Whatever decision Debra makes, I wished her all the best in her career and relationship. Always remember to stay healthy, be happy, and think positive.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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