Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Divorce Final

According to a TMZ article, both Bullock and James have signed the final documents on 28 June 2010. Bullock filed for divorce back on April 23, saying the marriage “has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.”

Let us take a look at the birth charts for both of them, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method…

Sandra Bullock – 26 July 1964

Jessie James – 19 April 1969

Both Bullock and James are of the Fire element, according to the EON method. When you put two sets of Fire elements together, sparks fly everywhere. There could be intense romance and love (and sparks) the first time they met when the passion fire starts. But as both have different sets of Fire personalities, their true traits somehow shows up after a while when the passion fades.

Bullock’s Birth Root number [8] is like a wildfire – she is constantly moving around, trying to build up her career and wealth. James’ Birth Root number [3] is like candlelight, focusing more on the creative aspect, stressing unnecessary while relentlessly aiming for success. One wants fast, direct action with quick result, while the other focused (in a much slower pace) on creative ways to get the results. Both may want to have their ways, without giving in to each other. Because of a difference in expectations and executions (conflict of personalities?), there may be tempers flaring and frequent quarrels between them.

For James, the 8-4-3 in his birth chart, and close proximity of 4-8-3 in his Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart is a sign of relationships problem. The 5-7-3 number combinations imply some legal issues that Jessie may face in his life.

In March 2010, tattoo model and stripper Michelle McGee claimed she had an 11-month affair with James. In my book, I mentioned the 2-7 and 4-2 patterns normally imply relationships. These patterns are present in James’ PY2009 chart.

Bullock’s PY2008 chart shows the presence of 8-4-3. This could imply her relationship with James could have aggravated that year. The strained relationship could have heightened or started in 2008. As there is a 7-2-9 in James PY2008 chart, the strained relationships may involve an external party.

For James, the root number of his birth chart [3] and PY2010 chart [8] are both of the fire nature. This makes him even more temperamental and hotheaded. This could have frustrated and agitated Bullock. When both of them are together, there’s more talk than follow-up action. Bullock may also felt it’s like a ‘one-sided’ affair where she puts in more effort than James.

Now the divorce is final, Bullock should try not to put too much stress on herself unnecessary. Perhaps she should take up meditation (like yoga, Reiki), if she has not already done so. This will help calm her down. She should prioritise her goals and work on what she needs, not her wants. She should also focus more on quality scripts, giving her enough time to pursue other passions, for a better holistic lifestyle.

That’s my observation. For all you know, I may be wrong in my observations. As mentioned in my book, a person’s characteristics and traits may change because of social and environmental factors. These would also influence their nature and actions.

Anyway, if you know Bullock personally, it’d be great to check with her on my observations, for research purpose. Everyone can learn from this experience.

Regards, Ron


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2 Responses

  1. Ron WZ Sun says:

    Good observation. A day that has 8-4-3 does not necessary imply it is a confirmed divorce day. Although the negative energies may be there, the energy levels of individual person do vary. Some may be more emotional or temperamental than others, and to some, it may trigger a casual disagreement or “small” quarrels. Eventually, the outcome depends on the actions from both parties. When two people fall in love, the magical feelings and magnetic chemistries are strong. Once married, these magical and magnetic forces soon fade away for some. And then to others, it becomes a frustrating moments when they are together. It’s like knowing there will be heavy thunderstorm tomorrow and you have to drive. Most people will drive carefully and be more alert. Unfortunately for some, their reckless driving attitude remains the same, rain or shine. And for some of these rash drivers, the possibility of getting into an accident is higher.

    One key objectives of learning EON is NOT to encourage divorce even when we see a potential negative energy due to the presence of 8-4-3. In fact, we should try to revive the magical and magnetic positive energies so that there can be a happy and friendly solution for both parties. Even if they ended being divorced, they can always remain as friends forever.

    The 2-7-9 and 2-4-6 in the Relationship chart may imply a direct and indirect relationship to some extent. Yes, it may imply external relationship is involved.

  2. jartol says:

    If you check the divorce day 28.06.2010 you see two 8-4-3 and a 5-4-9. It was a perfect divorce day.

    If you check the relationship chart of them you got two 2-7-9 and also two 2-4-6 combinations. Perhaps to much romantic can end up with divorce?

    Best Regards


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