EON and Tai-Sui – Part 2


Clarence read my article “EON and Tai-Sui (Grand Duke)” posted last week, and immediately sent me an email with a list of questions. His questions can readily be answered at my FEN WORKSHOP session as there are many advanced techniques students can learn and apply in their profiling analysis. And in many cases, they could effortlessly gather the detailed answers on their own, in class.

However, since Clarence has yet to attend the FEN WORKSHOP, I could only provide basic guidelines and suggestions in this article as there are many enthusiasts, UCMHP, PON, and LifeQuest trainers, and profiling professionals visiting this site and benefiting from the articles I have posted. I’m happy they’re my regular visitors too, and I feel good. However, as there is no free lunch every time, someone has to pay for my research resources, time spent on writing the articles and posting them here, and the maintenance of this site. That is why I prefer to dedicate more time to share my knowledge, observations, and experience to the FEN students. They’re the supportive ones who appreciate the value and importance of the FEN WORKSHOP, which was intentionally set at a more reasonable rate to entice more people to learn and apply practical solutions.

Clarence: You mentioned there are tendency signs that suggest careless or loss of money. Is this referring to PY2018?

I’m concerned Clarence asked me the question since he has completed some courses conducted by LifeQuest, which basically covers similar PON-style of training. Sadly, he is not alone. During the initial hour on the first day of my FEN WORKSHOP while I was elaborating on the “Back to the Basics” topic, focusing on keywords associations and symbolic representations of the numbers 1 to 9, I received many basic questions. The students kept asking questions that I thought should have already been covered in their previous UCMHP/PON advanced courses that they’ve attended. Anyway, while the money loss signs are present in his PY2018 chart, it is also present in his PY2017 chart due to the overlapping transition effects of the preceding, current, and incoming year energies. Furthermore, Clarence needs to be prudent with his spending as there are similar tendency signs suggesting it might be an natural habit as well. “Just be cautious with what you spend and don’t be gullible” would be my personal advice to him.

Clarence: I am on the 51-6-72 on my PY2017 chart. PON and EON book suggest that 5-1 combination has the opportunity to travel or earn income from elsewhere, or many opportunities to tap on. I can therefore assume that 51672 may not necessarily be favourable for everyone, after all. Your prediction that I get worried and felt tormented in PY2017 are 100% correct.

On the contrary, I don’t predict when analysing a person’s chart. What I have done was to identify the tendency signs present in Clarence’s various charts, and share my observations in the earlier article. For example, the tormenting experience that Clarence faced, was not a story-script plucked from the air, but an obvious sign that can now be easily understood and identified by the FEN students. Yes, while we can quickly associate the 5-1 pattern as a travelling sign, it can have distinctive implications to different users. Some of them might have too many numbers 5 or 1 in their charts, and faced similar numbers that could create unnecessary worries, distractions, not focusing, loss of directions, tensions (emotional stress), obstacles (fear and flight), and challenges (scepticism, risk, heck-care, uncertainty) for them. Unless they are in full control of what they do, many people might have ended losing more money as a result, not because of their spendthrift nature, but mainly because of their complacency, non-spending traits like behaviours, habits, and actions done during the particular period of time.

I believe Clarence is not a spendthrift person most of the time, but somehow, at times (due to influence of the periodic energies), he could be spending more than the usual and ended feeling regretful because the outcomes or returns (ROI) might not be coming in quickly. Understanding the periodic energies is important to allow a person to foretell the potential energies that might affect them, and empower them to make a better judgement on their spending. To spend, or not to spend, is no longer like a game of chance, but a decision made after considering the factors and identifying tendency signs that are present in his Birth chart and periodic charts (Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, and Universal Hours) which could provide clues.

Clarence: My chart MOQ and NOP have 516 present. PY2017 also has 516 and that results in identical set of numbers present. Having this set of duplicate numbers, especially those numbers in specific locations in the birth chart that match PY numbers, may also influence a person’s energy level? Similar to Double-Effect year?

Yes, as explained in many articles before, when the number that are present in M-N-O-P-Q-R of the birth chart is similar to another chart, be they on the Personal Year (PY) or some other charts, the energies are said to have manifested doubly. Just imagine Clarence has stronger-than-ideal number 1 in his birth chart, and the 5-1-6 patterns appearing elsewhere in his periodic charts – these could create a strong Metal elemental energies in him. It’s not only about money. When we associate the health condition with the Metal element, this implies Clarence might face health symptoms like skin irritations, toothache, respiratory and immune problems, sleep apnea, breathlessness, migraines, mental worries, and even illness anxiety.

Clarence: The number 5 can change to 1 or 6 which result in more metal. I am root number 1, also metal, and overall metal element has been strengthened. Strong metal element that causes me to worry so much?

Yes, he could face health conditions and tendency signs mentioned in earlier paragraphs. In extended EON principles, too many 1s or 6s in a chart could lead to potential medical operations or common simple cuts on the body, facing everyday office politicking, and back-stabbing. And as cautioned in the earlier article, he also needs to cut down on sweet and cold food or drinks, as the tendency signs are suggesting him falling into the high-risk of having diabetes symptoms.

Clarence: My PY root 6 is Yang Metal. The number 6 can also mean major operation, or going under the knife. My Root number is 1 – Yin Metal element. Very strong metal this year and I had 2 minor surgery and 1 investigation at the hospital. Does the PY imply such possibility or is it purely coincidence?

When you learned the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and applied the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, you’ll realise nothing is “purely coincidence” in many cases. The outcome to an effect is a direct or indirect, consequential action done or undertaken by the person at an earlier stage during his life. Now that Clarence is aware, I hope there’s nothing serious in his health report and investigations, and wished him speedy recoveries from his medical operations. When you attend the FEN WORKSHOP, you learn about Life Path Profiling which includes checking on your Personal Year (PY) Charts. Yes, more often than not, FEN students or an experienced EON user should be able to find clues relating to a person’s life aspect’s conditions in the PY chart.

Clarence: Accordingly to the EON book, we can balance by strengthening or weakening certain elements to achieve harmony. How do we go about doing it? By committing a certain action or engrave numbers on a pendant, etc.? (PON method). Or did I miss any chapter on this?

My EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” covers the basics, and primarily focused on personality profiling. Anyone staying around the world can now buy my EON book direct. Clarence can attend the revamped FEN WORKSHOP session (previously in two separate modules) where he can learn various alternative ways to harmonise the periodic energies, without any need to spend unnecessary on costly pendants, and symbolic ornaments engraved with the person’s LifeCode pattern. Even if such ornaments work, its energies are short-lived and do not work for everyone, every time. And in some cases, it could be detrimental to a person’s health when wrongly used or manifested. Check my earlier article “EON on smart genes” to read about why a LifeCode 9999 is unsuitable for David.

Clarence: The MNOPQ of my birth chart is 55166, and for PY2017, it’s 51672. The numbers in MNO for both charts are 551 and 516. Since 5 can change to 1, this means the result will be 111 and 116. 1 and 6 are Metal element. Can this be treated as a Double-Effect year too?

Yes, any two charts with similar numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R, can be considered as having a Double-Effect outcome. Likewise, if there are three charts with the same numbers in the stated locations, it could create a Triple-Effect influencing vibes on the person.

Clarence: And yes, I did contemplate signing up for the 28-29 Oct 2017 course, but due to work commitment, I got to give this a miss and hope to attend [the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP] in Jan 2018. I must agree that your explanation is more concise, easily understood and the willingness to share your thoughts with everyone.

Thanks, Clarence for the good words. I look foward to share more insights with you at the coming workshop session in Jan 2018. As I’m not promoting the course through paid services to make the course fees more reasonable, spread the pleasant feelings on the FEN WORKSHOP to your LifeQuest course mates. Get them to attend the workshop session as well for more lively and fun time learning together on the practical techniques beyond numbers. Oh, by the way… don’t waste the time, resources, and money on basic theories that confused people even further, and on costly ornaments that benefit the sellers more than the buyers.

And to the rest of you, especially if you’ve attended UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest and other PON-like courses before, grab the chance to know more about your life path and understand what you need to do – act, control, and manage – for the coming new year in 2018.  Click this link to find out more about what our 1st FEN WORKSHOP students have commented about their learning experience.

Register early for the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP to reserve your seats now. And get the EON book and the FEON+ software free as well. One more thing… you get to be invited to join the FEN WhatsApp chat group, where you can discuss case studies and learn from other members too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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