Shifting Focus to Avoid Dead End

Sijo sent me an email and posted a comment on this site about a problem trying to analyse John’s chart. According to him, there aren’t enough numbers to analyse John’s chart as it is a mirror image chart.

To Sijo, I’d say that the analysis is not at a dead end once you shift your focus and perspectives. Try to look at it from a different angle, using visualisation and all other possible methods that allow you to link the elemental influence and number vibes into your analysis.

Let’s plot John’s birth chart and start analysing using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

When I first looked at the chart, it seemed familiar. “I could have seen this chart before,” I told myself. True enough, it is a familiar chart.

Many people may have seen it before as the chart is identical with Bill Gates’ chart. In fact, I had included Gates’ chart in one of my article “To Each His Own… on 1-1”.

That makes it more interesting for me to write about in this article – someone having the same chart as Bill Gates but is nowhere similar in lifestyle and wealth.

That reminded me of a joke a friend made when we first started learning Bazi. We were analyzing Bill Gates’ chart against someone who coincidentally have the same birth date. Using an analogy, we assumed that Gates’ wealth size could be like the Olympic swimming pool while the other person’s wealth size could be like a fish tank.

Look at John’s chart. The multiple sets of 1-2-3 are present. These implied incoming wealth and assets.  When an opportunity arises, it all depends on the mindset and actions of the person. Gates had grabbed many opportunities to build up his wealth. John, on the other hand, may have missed many opportunities.

Our mindsets and habits are influenced by many factors, including family upbringing, social environment, and our experiences. The external influences Gates had when young may be different from that of John’s. As a result, the degree of opportunities and the results of the many actions taken could vary too. Therefore, we cannot simply assume everyone born on the same day, or for this issue, with the same birth chart will be similar in traits and characteristics.

Yes, John may have many similar traits and characteristics like Gates. In theory, the influences should be proportional. However, because of experiences and external influences, the degree of likenesses may vary somehow.

Now, that brings me to what I’ve included in my book – the Time of Birth chart. Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details on the Time of Birth chart, including the formula to plot them.

John’s case is one typical example where there is a need to explore deeper. Both Gates and John had the same EON birth chart. However, Gates is born 9 years earlier than John. The energies, social factors, fashion, lifestyle and economic environment in 1955 and 1964 are different. Although the 9-year cycle may have manifested similar vibes, the external environment and personal influence are not the same.

In John’s case, Sijo can conduct a further analysis by incorporating the Time of Birth chart, and try to identify additional key areas that may influence the wealth, health and luck factors.

This year (2011), John could be inclined to be more responsibility to achieve his goals (1-8-9). He needs to communicate his ideas and visions to others, and carry out them. He would be able to see the success. But that comes at a price – stress and emotional strains. When a person suffers from too much stress, it may affected their heart and sleep. In addition, the year influence (6-6-3) could provide some incoming monetary benefits to John. He has to grab it and control it well as 6-6-3 also imply money coming in and rolling out fast. The 6-6-3 also appears on John’s birth chart and these could imply money rolling out fast in his late years. He needs to control his wealth to ensure his material needs are catered for in his later years.

On the health aspect, John has to try not to be a perfectionist as it would put pressure on him, causing emotional stress and unnecessary tempers. If he did not show off such traits currently, then it’s good for him. He needs to take care of his respiratory or immune system to minimize any potential impact to his heart or brain. He should control his blood sugar level as well. Learn to relax, learn to let go and be free of past resentments. Most importantly, slow down on the relentless pursuits for a positive and healthier lifestyle.

Take a cue from Gates. Like many other billionaires, he has focused his activities on humanitarian aids and charitable causes. That action is one of the many powerful contributing factors that can help dilute the negative energies from manifesting. When we do charity or social work, we focused our energies on helping others to live a better and healthier lifestyle. As our mindsets are not about making money, the energies are different. It’s all about giving and gratitude. The external positive energies from the grateful people would influence you externally and into within, and these somehow would influence the vitality of your health and mental states.

Like John, Gates also has the 6-6-3 (location PQR) in his birth chart. That is why Gates’ wealth is slowing rolling out in his later years. For Gates, losing the money is not an issue as he has a different priority on what he wants to achieve – help improve the life and health of many others!

There are so many areas one can look at a chart. Nothing’s at a dead end if you shift your focus to some other aspect. It is not possible to build up your knowledge if you don’t practise. Seek and ask, and you shall find the answers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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