2011: Disclosures of Fraudulent Claims

According to this recent article, MP Eric Illsley (born 9 April 1955) has admitted he fraudulently claimed more than £14,000 in parliamentary expenses. The article also mentioned that former Labour MP David Chaytor (born 3 August 1949) was jailed over expenses scandal.

I mentioned the Year 2011 is also about disclosures and there may be a possibility more people would be caught for money laundering and siphoning off public and taxpayer’s money. Check out my earlier article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2011”.

Why is this so? Simple – it’s all in the numbers and patterns. In fact, it’s mentioned in my book.

If you have bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, I mentioned the negative effects that may arise when you combine the Personal Year chart with the natal birth chart. When there are more 6s present as a result, or in close proximity (especially when both charts are “overlayed” on top of each other), the tendency to get the easy money is high.

Having said that, it doesn’t necessary implied that everyone who has increasing sets of number 6s in a particular year (when combined with their birth chart) will act irresponsibly or negatively. Some people earn more money legally and professionally. Some others turned to unconventional means to earn more money, like become loan sharks and moneylenders (legally or illegally). Then, there are some who were lured with easy money temptations. The opportunity to make a fast buck is just too resisting for these people, and they began to steal or siphon money.

Don’t let money control you. It’s all in your thoughts and action. It also depends on your experiences and family upbringing.

I have included a case study on Jerry Ee who stole 386 luxury watch worth over Singapore $8 million. You may want to read Jerry Ee’s case first on Page 183 of my book, and try to digest what I have written.

In my next article, I will do a case study on Eric Illsley. I may do another separate case study on David Chaytor as well. This will allow everyone to learn along the way on how to identify potential effects when certain number pattern is present in a Personal Year.

While waiting for my next article, why not try to do a quick analysis on Illsley and Chaytor.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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