Tiger Woods lose Gillette deal in 2011

According to this recent report, Procter & Gamble Co. has dropped the golfer’s endorsement deal for Gillette razors when the contract expires on 31st Dec 2010. This means potential loss of extra income for Woods in 2011.

Let us look at Tiger Woods birth chart and Personal Year 2010 and 2011 charts, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

In 2010, the money coming in and out is fast with the 6-3-9 and 3-6-9 number combinations appearing in his PY2010 chart.

The renewal and ending of sponsorships this year affected his financial income too. It also implied spending money unnecessary to achieve (and restore) the success he needed.

Though he could still gather the financial support from some sponsors, it was also an emotional year for him with the strong Wood present (number 9 in locations O and R; and the Universal 2010 energies of 5-4-9).

As mentioned in many of my earlier articles, the presence of 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) in a Personal Year chart could also imply lose of money or decreasing financial income, apart from potential disagreement, lawsuit and carelessness.

The 5-7-3- is present in Woods’ PY2011 chart. Woods’ 2011 year just got worse with the lost of Gillette endorsement.

The Year 2011 is also a “Double Effect” Year for Woods. Losing Gillette endorsement is a sign of a “Double Whammy” effect on him. If he is not careful enough, there may be another potential legal settlements or decreasing income in 2011.

The 6-4-1 in locations MNO of his Birth chart and PY2011 chart suggest that Woods should focus on his skills and career, to offset the potential decreasing income during that year. However, all is not negative in 2011. The Universal energies (6-6-3) coming in 2011 imply money rolling in fast. Woods should try to control his finances to prevent the money from rolling out too fast, since 6-6-3 has a roller coaster effect on the money coming in and out fast.

Woods also had experienced both the “Double Whammy” and “Double Happiness” in his previous “Double Effect” Year in 2002. Whether Woods would still experience similar effects in 2011 is all depending on his mindset and actions. If he focuses on his career, there would be potential new and renewed legal contracts. The sponsorship and/or revenue may be lower than expected, probably because of the 5-7-3 effects in 2011.

It’s up to Woods to make a “swing adjustment” and win back his supporters in 2011. If he can do that, the potential of increasing income may be possible in the following year (2012), albeit the stressful pressure on him by his supporters and sponsors. And that include controlling his social spending as the 2-7 number combination is present in 2012.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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