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Some of you emailed me with similar case study observations on friend’s charts after reading my last article “Shifting the Emotional Mindset.” Thanks for your feedback. We don’t know if Gerard is experiencing the negative vibes mentioned in the previous article. It’s good for Gerard to have a good sincere talk with his wife, if he hasn’t done so, to understand their opinions and clarify on stumbling issues and misassumptions.

In this ‘Part 2’ article, I’ll be focusing on the career aspect. In the last paragraph of my previous article, I wrote, “… a suitable career can bring more stress and unhappiness to some people; and an unsuitable career could bring happiness and joy to others. Eventually, your work attitude depends on your mental, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of the mind.  You can look forward to a “better in every way” feeling once you can accept challenges, adapt, and change.

Below are the questions I’ve asked Gerard in my previous reply partially to confirm my observations.

[Ron] Have you always been “overtaken” by your peers at work, especially at the “last-minute”?

[Gerard] I am not sure what you are referring. Usually in term of performance, I am so far the best in my HR Recruitment role. For Real Estate Business, so far I’ve not experienced anything yet as I am new. Are you referring to me as taken advantage of?

[Ron] Have you tried working in metal-related industry (like finance, stocks/investment) before? Though EARTH is recommended based on the PON concept, I noticed you’ve too much WOOD/FIRE… and at work, you tend to get easily frustrated and at times, frustrated because of competition and sabotage.

[Gerard] Yes I worked in a bank and IT multinational company. My performance was very good. I’d always been sabotaged. I felt frustrated within myself only, I never display my frustrations openly. I’d avoid those who’d backstabbed me at all cost.

[Gerard] If I merge my destiny no. 5818 (locations I-J-K-L) to a specific date, and the Root number is 4 and locations P-Q-R is 1-2-3. What does this mean?

CaseStudy_GerardTake a look at Gerard’s EON chart again. The suitable elements for the Career/Business Type are Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, and Metal. This implies that Gerard (Root 4, Wood) could first choose a career (most suitable) in the Earth industry; and put least priority on a career in the Metal-related industry.

There is nothing wrong with the reference table on Career/Business Types on Page 145 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” These references are based on the Power of Numbers (PON) method, and it provides a good general guideline on the career preferences based on the person’s Root number. When I apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I noticed the career guideline does not consider the surrounding elements that may influence the “strengths” of the person’s Root number. That is why when you extend your profiling skills to using the EON method, you can extend the career relevance beyond the Root number. Users who’d attended my past EON WORKSHOP sessions would be able to identify them including the “Career Element” that I’ve shared with them.

Let’s get back to Gerard’s chart. Remember the video I’ve mentioned in Part 1? Both Wood and Fire are strong. Imagine a burning fire, the heat in the air, the charred ashes, and the hotness on the ground.  And it’s this “on the ground” that I was focusing on when I asked Gerard the question if he has tried “tried working in metal-related industry…?”

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsIn the Five Elements, the Earth is too hot and exhausted

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He could take control and perform since the career outlet ‘was opened’.

But why was he feeling sabotaged and frustrated working in these industries? Well, if you’ve read Part 1 article, the contributing reasons are not because of his colleagues or peers, but himself. It is with this in mind that I decided to split this case study into 2 parts, and explaining the tendency signs towards his emotional, mental, thoughts, and actions. We can easily associate Wood to planning, the capacity to lay the foundation, strategise and conceptualise plans.  But when Wood is too strong, the negative

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EON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsThough Gerard’s career in the Metal-related industry is ideal, it brought more stress and unhappiness to him. He cannot avoid the tense competitions and the regular feelings of being sabotaged. The tendency vibes from the multiple sets of 4s and 9s in his chart somehow creates the impression of many trees beside him in the forest with each tree fighting for the sunlight. This means that no matter what industry Gerard is working in, there might be competition, sabotage, and office politicking. Based on the tendency vibes present in his chart, Gerard cannot blame others but himself for displaying the negative vibes unconsciously within him which somehow affected other’s working attitude towards him.

Gerard has to focus and change his perspective and attitude at work now that he is aware of the potential negativities. OK… he must do similarly at home too for a better work-life balance. He has to take action on his plans and not to keep making plans without carrying them out.

[Gerard] If I merge my destiny no 5818 to a specific date, and the Root number is 4 and locations P-Q-R is 1-2-3. What does this mean?

In Gerard’s case, when the Combined Day’s Root number is 4, it could imply signs of excessive and obsessive thoughts (and plans) for monetary rewards. If the monetary reward is what Gerard is after, then he needs to take action to carry out his plan. He must control his emotional and mental temperaments and stop being too “planning-centric.” He should let go the negative implications of the phrase “to each his own”. He could be more empathetic, appreciative, and cohesive with colleagues. And when he can do that, everyone at work would be striving to achieve the company’s KPI because everyone believes in the phrase, “united we stand, divided we fall.’

EON Workshop_Sample Slides 1If you have similar chart, don’t despair. You could dilute the strong Wood vibes by redirecting your energies and passions on educational, humanitarian and charitable career/pursuits. These should help you shift the emotional and materialistic mindsets away from work.

Besides the Career/Business Type, your career vibes every year may be different. You can identify the Career Element and tendency vibes affecting you in a year. You’ll get to learn more about the Career Element at my next EON WORKSHOP session.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the articles I’ve posted. I hope it would bring new insights to you and help build up your profiling knowledge. I hope you can help others improve their lives as much as you could. You can buy my book, attend my workshop, and spread the good feelings on EON to others. This way, they can also learn to improve their lives through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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