On Career Types, Elements & Vibes

I mentioned Mike asking me if I’m writing a book on “Career Type and its element” in an earlier article. No, I’m not. I need to identify the differences between Industries and Job designations as we often grouped them into different elements. It’s also not practical to spend time researching on these areas as many people these days have multiple roles or are doing multitasking works that could be different from their current appointed job. Currently, I’m focusing on other key areas that allow opportunities for new discoveries where I can share with more people. In short, more people like you can benefit from my findings.

The “Career Type” provides a general suggestion of the industry and job appointments you can work in. You can check on the “Career Element” for signs on your career status (e.g., promotions, bonus, and resignations).

Today’s article is to briefly introduce the “Career vibes”. It comes handy to find out if it’s a good period to change job or transfer to another department. In short, you can now identify the Career Type, Career Element, and the Career vibes using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

You can learn how to identify the Career Element and Career vibes at my 5th EON Workshop on 16 June 2012.

The Career vibes is more like the elemental energies in your Personal Year that could affect you in every possible way. The Career vibes can come anytime and you can easily identify them in your Personal Year or Personal Month charts. The obsessed worriers can check the vibes in their Personal Day charts too.

If you’re working for your current company for many years, you’d have gained the necessary skills and experiences to prepare yourself for job tasks of similar nature. You became an expert in your own ways. Complacency may sets into your comfort zone when you work on the same job for too long. The fiery passion and positive thoughts at work soon turned to a flickering state of fear and confusion. Soon, some of you may be thinking, “It’s time to move on!” If you do feel like moving on, there is a tendency the Career vibes are influencing your thoughts.

Some of you could feel like quitting your current job or transfer to another department. Different people have different needs for changing jobs. These include social and family needs, the urge to move up the corporate ladder, recognitions and rewards, skill upgrading, health, and money. Once you have identified the reason(s) to make a career change, you can then focus on identifying the Career vibes. When you see positive signs on the Career vibes, you can work on your purpose for a job change. When the signs are negative, it’s wise to lower the risk for a career change at the moment.


I’ve always felt excited and rewarding whenever I could identify trends and patterns in my researching pursuits to extend the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. I am fortunate I could widen my knowledge and increase my experiences learning other metaphysics methods.  There is no BEST PROFILING METHOD that can help you reveal everything you need to know about a person or their career. Often, you need to know alternative methods to improve your personality, behavioural, and career profiling skills.

You could be familiar with the different personality types in other character and personality profiling methods. Perhaps you are already an expert in Western personality or human behavioural profiling, or in other Chinese Metaphysics like Bazi or  ZiWeiDouShu. Give yourself the chance and opportunity to learn something refreshingly new from me. You can learn and use the EON method to widen your current profiling knowledge. It’s no longer about the basic science or power of the numbers. It’s about understanding the essence and effects of the elementals vibes in the numbers.

EON opens a new window for you to better understand a person (including you) from a different perspective. And when you’ve change your perspectives, you can expand your profiling skills and better your life.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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