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Sabrina attended the Power of Numbers (PON) course previously and wanted to build her profiling knowledge as her passion increases. She was happy and excited she could apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method quickly. She could now gain fresh EON perspectives on personality and life path profiling.

Sabrina posted some questions in her email to me, and one question stood out which I thought I could share with you.

Spiritual sense – from the chart attached, do you see the Spiritual sense in this man? He’s a rich but eccentric person, and usually talks ‘nonsense’. I’m wondered if others like to listen to him because of his wealth? He claims to be able to see spirits. He took my nephew on ghost hunting trip.  My nephew did not see anything but he claimed to have felt its presence.

CaseStudy_SamI’ve identified certain patterns in a person’s chart that could suggest strong signs of “spiritual senses”. These extraordinary senses could imply higher intuitive senses, sixth sense, and at extreme cases, the ability to sense spirits, or the power to ‘see’ them.

You can identify the “spiritual sense” pattern in your Birth chart. When I shared the pattern at previous EON Workshop session, some students heaved a sigh of relief and were happy when they could not find the pattern in their Birth chart. But when I continued my explanation and told them such pattern could also be present in their periodic (Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day) charts, they became less excited.

The truth is, you could already be “exposed” to the vibes of the “spiritual senses” pattern and may have felt them already previously. The secret to unlock the positive ones and block the negative vibes is to focus on the positive sides of the “spiritual sense” pattern (attracting intuitive vibes) and diluting the negative sides (spirits sensing or sightings). The ability to ‘sense or see’ spirits every time depends on the healthy state of your mind. When the patterns are present, your intuition level may increase. The effects – you took more action based on “intuition, instinct, or gut feelings” rather than “logical and rational reasoning”. That’s great because, as said, you are in a healthy body with sound mind state. But when you’re sick, weak or unhealthy, the vibes could move towards the spiritual realms, and that’s where you may experience the unwanted ‘spiritual’ sightings. Now, that doesn’t mean all weak or sick people are expose to spiritual sightings as it also depends on the locations of the “spiritual patterns” present in your natal chart.

Let’s look at Sam’s chart. I replied to Sabrina and wrote, “He has spiritual senses but not as strong. More likely the spiritual energies are through external influences, and seldom coming from within. Others could view him as having mental ‘problems’ that sometimes may attract unwanted negative energies. Often with intuitive or six sense thoughts that, at times, could be frightening true.”

Check Sam’s PY2012 chart – He was having a “Double Effect Year” vibes last year which could imply the energies were manifested “doubly” or more. This also imply the negative energies, including the spiritual senses could be felt even strongly, and these could affect his mental state of health. When a person has mental-related problems, they’re often seen as “talking to themselves” or “talking nonsense.” They may hallucinate (like living in a different dimension) and could not distinguish the real world and unreal virtual world. People may stereotype them as “mad or crazy.”

In Sam’s case, there are tendency signs suggesting the spiritual senses are more likely coming from external influence than internal. The strong Metal elements (1 and 6) could affect his mental health too. Sam needs to strengthen the inner Qi energies of his mental health state, clear his mind and unclutter the muzzy visions to lessen the negative thoughts. Sam may want to seek professional help from psychologists or psychiatrists who could understand his problem and help him release the negative energies from his conscious mind.

Feng Shui professionals would normally suggest removing stale Qi energies in certain sectors of the house, and improving Yang (positive) energies using symbolic “cures”. These Feng Shui “cures”, when applied correctly, could strengthen the Yang energies and influence the person’s thoughts and calm their mind positively. Often, understanding colours and its use could help as well as colours do have a ‘subliminal’ influence on our bodies and mind. That reminds me my previous article “Slice of Colours: Personalities & Vibes”. The ‘dream’ book explains how to identify personality traits, potential behaviours and actions by checking out on the Colour vibes present in the periodic charts.

Meanwhile, Sam could focus on calming or relaxation exercises like Yoga, QiGong, Tai-Chi and meditation. This would strengthen the positive Qi energy for better inner health and mental state.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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