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patternsNelson noted he could spend more time analysing and profiling other people’s charts recently. He is happy he could use my EON software to display the necessary information on his Android smartphone quickly. He asked:

Q1. Can we identify the “Street Smart” traits in locations I-L-O (5-8-3=7)?  Please also share how to derive the “Book Smart” traits?

Q2. How do you calculate the Personal Month and Personal Day? In your software, how do you derive the PM and PD pillars, and how do we use them?

Q3. What does the “Hidden Numbers” means?

Q4. In the “Personal Day Pillar” section, I noticed there is a U1 and P4 displayed on the right side. How can we use the U1/P4 information and apply it to our analysis?

Q5. When do you conduct EON workshop? How and when do you decide to conduct workshop? Is it when you have enough new info, and then you conducted classes on new findings?

CaseStudy_Sample EON chartI’ve developed the EON software to help users (myself included) analyse and profile a person’s chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I added the extended features into the software as I found its usefulness in providing more clues to help me identify certain traits or symptoms.

You don’t get to learn many of the extended EON methods if you’d attended the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM), or similar introductory courses conducted by other trainers previously. Who knows, PON/UCM trainers may find its usefulness and copied these EON-format features freely into their course syllabus, and then charge their students at much higher fees!

[Special Note to EON WORKSHOP participants: Tendency signs show fiery competitions and wavering support for this person in PY2013. Check the patterns in the PY2014 chart that I’ve shared with you on the Career vibes and potential outcome.]

A1. It’d a daunting task to plot as many charts on paper and try to see if we can identify certain qualities or patterns we’re focusing on. Fortunately, I’ve my own EON software to do all these tasks, cutting out the frustration and time-consuming “manual work” so I can spend more useful moments analysing the charts in seconds.  That’s how I could identify clues on “street smarts” and “book smart” qualities in the charts.

The answer to Nelson’s question is NO. The Street Smart qualities are not from the numbers in location I-L-O (5-8-3=7). Though the resulting number 7 in this sample chart could imply wisdom and spirituality traits, it’s more of a coincidence than the location. Having said that, it doesn’t mean 7 is not a “street smart number or pattern. In fact, any number (1 to 9) can form to become a street smart sign. You can find the “street smart” pattern anywhere in the chart. I’d shared the method to identify the “street smart” traits at my EON Workshop sessions. I’ve even shared another step to identify the ‘strength’ of the street smart qualities, like a person may tend to be “more’ street smart if we identify such traits at certain specific locations. Similarly, I’ve also shared the method to identify the Book Smart” traits with the EON students. Again, I could only share these extended techniques at my workshop sessions to offset my research time and resources.

A2. I adapted the steps to plot the Personal Month and Personal Day numbers from common numerology methods in the public domain. I added them as I found its usefulness during my earlier research. I wanted the EON method to be a usable and practical system anyone can use for personality and life path profiling easily and quick. I’m glad I took the challenge as I know the EON method is moving towards the right direction to enable more people to use EON. Today I know you can find certain traits in a person’s chart quickly and easily through EON method than you could using other methods like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) or Western and Indian numerology.

A3. The HIDDEN numbers shows the subconscious and (often) unconscious thoughts of the person. It’s like you thinking you know someone “up-close-and-personal” but yet somehow you felt you still don’t know what the other person is thinking.  By identifying the HIDDEN numbers, you’d be able to quickly associate tendency ‘hidden traits’ in the person. It’s like knowing their “hidden” motives behind their actions. You can refer to Page 67 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and easy Character Profiling” for more details on the meanings and method to identify the Hidden numbers (H1 to H5).

A4. The U1-P4 signs displayed on the “Personal Day Pillar” section show the Universal and Personal energies of the person for the month. In the sample screenshot, it means that this person is having a Universal Month number 1 and Personal Month number 4. I wrote my first book to introduce the EON methods to allow readers to quickly understand a person’s personality, their traits and characteristics. I added the Universal/Personal (U/P) numbers to help me (and all EON students) identified clues that could influence the person at that specific period. For now, I could only share the methods to understand and identified tendency signs stemmed from the U/P numbers at my EON Workshop sessions. Sorry…

A5. Time and classroom availability are two reasons I did not conduct monthly workshop sessions.  One contributing reason – I wanted each workshop to be ‘an extension’ of the previous session. I’d usually schedule the EON WORKSHOP date once I have new methods or observations to share with the students (OK, I admit… I do have the 1-8-9 perfectionist patterns in my Birth chart!). I’m glad the workshop sharing sessions were helpful for both sides as I’m also learning new discoveries from the students. And these would allow me to do more research and share them at the next workshop session. I’m also looking into expanding the EON WORKSHOP sessions beyond Singapore.

Happy Reading! I look forward to your support at future EON Workshop sessions!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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