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There is much truth in the “once learned, never forgotten” phrase. Whether we want to remember them or not depended on how much importance we prioritise them at that point in time. Often the “Aha” thoughts might happen anytime to us, and suddenly we recalled we’d learned that before but just couldn’t remember them until now. According to this Scientific American site, “memories are neuronal connections that get reinforced with regular access, the finding means that even connections that have not been reaccessed for decades do not disappear completely…

Since early December last year, I have been trying to locate my passport without much success. I was preparing to conduct customised FEN workshop overseas and need to know if my passport is still valid before I can confirm the training schedule.

Screenshot_BaziGua_20160124I was relaxing on my bed this afternoon, checking out the latest news on my iPad. Suddenly, I had an intuition suggesting I could apply the BaziShenGua (BZSG) techniques to try locating my passport. I learned the BZSG method about 10-years ago and found it limiting even though it had the 5th pillar functionality. However, a year later, I discovered I could combine the BZSG theory with YiJing method. I was then inspired to develop the BaziGua (Palm) software. Many Feng Shui masters and grand masters like using the BaziCalc (Palm), HsiaCalc (Palm), Chinese Almanac (Palm), and BaziGua (Palm) software that I developed previously, which had the 5th pillar feature. They could narrow down the period with most optimal and beneficial Qi energies from the traditional 2-hour range to a 10-minute time frame.

Screenshot_FEON_20160124I have not applied the BZSG techniques for some time now. I was tempted to use the BaziGua (Palm) software but was too lazy as I had to charge my Palm T5 PDA device first before I could use it. I then decided to use my BaziCalc+ (Android) software since I had included the 5th pillar. I wanted to know where my passport might be located in my house. I then identified the key element I had associated with my passport, and found the signs at the South. Of course, it should be, I told myself, since my bedroom is in the south sector. I then searched the drawers but couldn’t find the passport.

After a while, I decided to try zooming in on the probable location in my room, this time by using my FEON+ software. Like in any Oracle, I asked where I could find my passport in my room before plotting the EON chart. I was testing out if I could use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and the FEON+ software for Oracle and divination. I looked at the EON chart and noted the clues in  S, SE, E, and NW locations. It couldn’t be in the S, SE, or E areas as I had just tried searching earlier. That leaves me to the NW area, and that’s where I usually keep important documents in the cabinet drawers. Although I had checked the cabinets in December last year, I decided to search one more time, meticulously checking the items in the cabinet drawers. I was relieved and happy when I found my passport. I wondered why I couldn’t locate the passport previously. Could it be another “Murphy’s Law” effects?

ACCURACYI’d conducted two classes on using BaziGua about 10 years ago. I decided to stop conducting the class ever since the Palm PDA products have ceased. Last year,  I applied the Oracle method using the FEON+ software when one student asked about her career aspects during the case study practices. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to explore beyond the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Students who’d attended my BaziGua workshop sessions previously could continue to apply the techniques I have taught them. All they need to do is to plot the additional fifth pillar manually on their own, since there isn’t any Bazi software for mobile devices capable of plotting similar BaziGua chart today.

Using the BaziCalc+ and FEON+ software as an Oracle tool to locate my passport has been a good practice. These are signs suggesting extra insights to extend the EON principles for Oracle. I also noted the ‘area of focus’ (like which chart should I look at) to locate my passport was different than the one I identified to check out the student’s career. That is normal and practical once you understood the steps to take based on the questions asked. That means more compelling reasons for me to expand my research on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as a complementary Oracle tool that I could use more than just locating lost items.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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