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This coming Thursday (4th February 2016) is ‘Li Chun,‘ which marks the beginning of the spring festival. In Singapore, the major banks are expecting long queues to form at their branch outlets and cash deposit machines on this auspicious date. According to this AsiaOne online article,“Many people believe that depositing money into their bank accounts can help their wealth grow.And when you deposit money at the auspicious hour that’s aligned to your Chinese Zodiac sign, the beneficial gains and prosperity vibes are manifested strongly.

OPTIMISMIs there any truth in such beliefs, besides the common-sense financial saving habit? In the same article, some Fengshui masters claimed that “the Li Chun lucky deposit is only a myth. They say the trend started a few years ago when a chart was made, stating the auspicious hours to deposit money for good wealth throughout the year. It soon caught on and now, it has become a tradition to deposit money on Li Chun.

According to Ms Adelina Pang, a Fengshui practitioner, “Someone invented this belief of depositing money on Li Chun for good wealth and now, it has become the talk of the town.” There was one statement that caught my attention, that is, she said, “Coincidentally, this year’s Li Chun has good stars, so it is a good day. But we cannot have the mindset that every year’s Li Chun will be good.” What Ms Pang said was true, and we cannot assume every Year’s Li Chun day is excellent and lucky for all.

CaseStudy_LiChun_20160204I was naturally curious to find out more if this year’s Li Chun day is a good and auspicious day. Instead of analysing the Bazi chart for 4th February 2016, I decided to plot the day’s EON chart and identify the beneficial signs from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective.

I was amazed (but not entirely surprised) by the synchronicity effect between EON and other Chinese metaphysics. That is, coincidentally, the EON chart also suggested 4th February 2016 is a positive and lucky day. There are multiple sets of number 6s (associated with money), the number 9s (associated with successes), and number 3s (associated to passion and taking actions) in locations MNOPQR.

The 4-2-6 in locations IJM denotes the potential effects of increasing wealth when you carry out your plans and complete them this year. The double sets of 2-7-9 also denote networking and social luck that could influence and enhance your wealth creation pursuits. Furthermore, the year 2016 (2+1+6=9) is also manifesting the wealth and success luck.

BANNER2aYES. From the EON perspective, we can generalise that 4th February 2016 is a excellent day, a good start for the coming Chinese New Year which falls on the 8th Feb (Monday). Oh, one point to take note – although the day’s Universal vibes is favourable and beneficial, it doesn’t imply that everyone will gain the same quality and amount of lucky vibes. You still have to plot your own Birth chart and the Combined Day chart to determine the qualities and strengths of the Universal and Personal energies.

Action2There is no need to take time off to go to the bank to deposit money. There will be long queue and these could irritate and frustrate you, and spoil the positive mood and vibes. You can always use online or Internet Banking to transfer money to your bank account. What if you are neither a believer nor a skeptic, and don’t mind depositing money to your bank account? Sure, go ahead if you must. After all, it’s always good to inculcate the money-saving habit. You can be staying in Singapore or elsewhere in other countries. It doesn’t matter if it’s a myth or not, the lucky streaks and wealthy rewards depend on the individual – the energies that are present in the elements and numbers of your birth and day charts, your attitude, and your positive mindset.

While you plan to deposit money to your bank account, do it on regular basis and not just on the Li Chun day. Anyway, there are various ways you can enhance the energies around and within you. If you’re my lucky FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, you can plot the Personal Day Direction chart, and apply the relative action methods that I have taught you. If you’ve completed my FEN Advanced Level course, you can apply the “Qi Tapping” method to optimise the accumulated energies for more positive influences. In fact, you can always practice and adopt the same analytical methods on other days that can be equally beneficial and rewarding, like the “Double Effect Days” and the “Triple Effect Days(on some days of the months) that I’ve shared with you in class.

Whatever your goal is, be they about better skills upgrading, career advancement, or wealth accumulation, stay focused and carried out your plans to completion. And while you’re riding the path of success, remember to take good care of your health.

Have lucky and prosperous days ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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