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I loved listening to Johnny Mathis’ version of the song “When A Child Is Born” in the late 70s. The song was so meaningful then and had left wonderful ‘rays of hope’ each time I looked at the tiny flickering stars up in the sky at night. Even today, a few decades later, I could recall most of the lyrics and the spoken words, “And all of this happens because the world is waiting, Waiting for one child…”

I received a text message in the ‘FEN COMMUNITY’ chat group on Monday afternoon (18th Jan 2016). Steven wrote, “Baby’s out today. Thanks to all for the sharing.

Giving BirthEveryone in the chat group was excited and happy both the baby and mother are safe and healthy. It surely dawns on a brand-new day for Steven seeing the birth of his lovely baby girl. I promised Steven I will post a new case study on his girl, highlighting some of the positive and negative signs as Steven had only attended my FEN Level 1 (Basic) module, and could not attend the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module due to preparations on parenthood and other personal matters.

Before we continue with my analysis, I’d like to highlight certain points that, to me, are important when analyzing baby’s personalities. What you are about to read is similar to any FORWARD-LOOKING signs and does not imply she will display or inhibit the traits, behaviours, actions, or face the events or outcome mentioned. And because Steven is now aware of the tendency signs, be they good or bad, he (and his wife) has responsible and influencing roles in framing up Michelle’s formative experiences, self-beliefs, and life’s perspectives.

CaseStudy_Michelle_20160118We should not be too obsessed with the energies present in her chart. Steven must remember not to focus only on the beneficial energies present in her chart. While the beneficial energies are there, all he needs to do is to guide Michelle towards the right path, to appreciate her roots, and to inculcate core values so that she can contribute to society later in life.

At the same time, Steven should not hastily suppress or dilute the negative energies when it comes along. He should guide Michelle to consider these as challenges and teach her the positive steps or ways to look for ‘silver lining’ opportunities beneath the dark clouds. A ‘taste of life,’ so to speak to allow her to experience and understands why things might not unfailingly happen in the way we want, and build her fortitude and forward-looking outlook that there is consistently the ‘ray of hope’ each time she looked up at the tiny stars in the sky. The hope for Michelle to realize that whatever the outcome is, her behaviours and actions do play an important part, positively or negatively. Treat the presence of favourable and beneficial energies as a bonus or privileges, and not an entitlement. Treat the negative energies present in the chart as something essential – the awareness and essence of the Yin-Yang life-force energies, and the conscious need for you to take action early to harmonise the energies within and around you. This will then empower you to create a more balanced influencing effects on your life – health, body, and soul.

BANNER1I’ll share the positive traits first. Michelle has the traits of a person with charismatic and appeal. She will likely be the outstanding person in class and will charm her classmates. Michelle has the “book-smart” genes and could excel in her studies naturally if she wants to. Friends might stereotype her as a studious and inflexible person who only followed “textbook” rules. However, there are hidden signs in her charts suggesting an equally “street-smart” person. This means her alertness and resourcefulness is hidden gems, something she preferred not letting others know about. There might be possibilities beneath the academic impression others might portray her; she’s always ready to surprise or amaze them with her wide practical experiences and intellectuals. She could play a model role to society if Steven and his Wife could groom her up well with good family and core values, ethics, humbleness, and tenacity.

Loss_of_DirectionsNow, I’ll discuss the negative traits. While Michelle will grow up to be a sociable person, her hard-headed, principle-minded, direct but blunt, dominant but worrisome, show off and prideful, leadership-like qualities might be both a blessing and obstacle to her pursuits. The multiple 1s present in her birth chart denotes someone with splitting leadership qualities, one who might be fickle-minded in making decisions and choosing the directions she wants to go. She might mislead others with her studious look, like someone who lacks the street-smart and resourcefulness to carry out tasks beyond those described in school textbooks. She might challenge her teachers with probing questions with many “4W1H” queries, like the Why, When, Where, What, and How” questions.

FUTURELet’s look at the neutral traits depending on how well Steven can bring up her child. Michelle is born with a ‘silver spoon’, where her parents might overspend on luxurious and non-essential items to dote her. There is something unique when I correlated the Yin-Yang harmonising effect on family members, an inconclusive observation but could provide rather amazing relationships for many people. The Dad (Yang energies) tends to pamper more on the daughter (Yin energies) while the Mom (Yin energies) pampers more on her son (Yang energies). Anyway, putting aside the Yin-Yang tendencies, there are signs in Michelle’s chart suggesting her dad is the one quietly doting on her more than mom, and often splurge unnecessary on her even though he might behave and act like the disciplinary person. Steven must be mindful not to overspend, and instead, inculcate her on the meaning and purpose of money – to allow her to obtain something she needs and not what she wants. She needs to create her own future.

Michelle’s birth signs (or Birth Code) suggest the need for her to focus and prioritise her plans, carry them out relentlessly to completion, and putting aside the distractions and challenges that might come along. What this implies could be related to the tag line phrase described in my book, “Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.” This means Michelle can benefit by mind-mapping her thoughts and strategies, and plot the tactics and actions for eventual positive outcomes. The purpose is not about achieving the best successful outcome, but understanding the many little failures and learning experiences during the journey that matters most. The 5-4-9 in one of her charts also depicts the need for Steven to inculcate the ‘dare to take risk’ attitude and mindset to Michelle. Through conscious and regular guidance, Michelle could inhibit the mind-mapping habit to look at issues beyond the symptoms, identify the likely causes, and weigh the pros and cons to the many probable solutions.

BANNER6It’s good to understand and know what might happen and what might not happen to a person. However, no one can foretell and fully understand the personalities, characteristics, traits, and habits of anyone. Even though Steven and his wife could strive to inculcate good family and moral values, Michelle would eventually be exposed to external social and environmental influence once she starts schooling. Her teachers, classmates, and school mates could provide another set of influencing effects on her. And with technology advancing quickly these days, who know, what the year 2032 might hold for Michelle when she’s 16 years old by then.

For now, Steven and his Wife just have to do their part as loving and responsible parents. They can always look up the night sky for the flickering star shinning ‘rays of hope’ and visions. They can follow the guiding path and take action today so that they can build a happier, warm, joyful, and healthier family together.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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