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I happen to know this sweet, sweet lady. She is a highly charged lady like Energizer battery. But she seems to be in different moods within a short period of time. I don’t know her well but after checking her DOB, I can even put a mirror vertically between, the numbers reflect exactly the same! What is your view?” asked Samuel in his recent email to me.

“People with mirrored numbers in the Life chart generally tend to have split or dual personalities. It is like having persons with two different (and in some cases, extreme) characters living in the same body. Sometimes, others may think that the person is constantly experiencing… mood swings.” That’s what I wrote on Page 69 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I’ve also included explanations, including the Reflection Chart on Page 203 to allow you to look at ‘the other side’ of the person.  Get a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so.


Let’s look at this sweet lady’s chart. The left side of the screenshot is her EON chart (taken from my EON Android software) and the right is her Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) chart (taken from my BaziCalc Android software). I included her Bazi chart to allow users familiar with Bazi to know they can easily identify unique traits and characteristics like ‘split personality’ through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method quickly.

[A very basic Bazi pillar analysis] From the Bazi chart, her Day pillar (“Ren Zi’) symbolises “Rat on the Mountain” (poetic name in Chinese Astrology) and “Mulberry Wood” (prospect name or “Na Yin” interpretation). It’s puzzling to imagine a “Water Rat” on the mountain. This implies the person has an unusual personality and strives to receive pleasures from being in different or challenging environments. They like to do things in an unconventional way that’s unexpected and differently. There are both “Yang Water” and hidden “Yin Water” present in the Day pillar, which we could also associate a person with sensual and ever-changing thoughts, like someone with regular mood swings.

We can easily identify the “mirror chart” immediately just by looking at her EON chart. You may want to refer to my book (Page 69 and 203) for more info on mirror chart. The “2-1-1-2” [Talk-Alone-Alone-Talk] in locations I-J-K-L could imply she likes to express (the urge to talk) on one moment and then suddenly she prefers to be quiet and remain reserved (the need to be alone). One moment she’s chatty, the next moment she’s quiet. As Samuel said, she “seems to be in different moods within a short period of time.” Because of her split personality and mood swings, these could affect her relations with others.

The tendency sign of the ‘3-3’ in her chart suggest the fiery and passionate traits of a person. Besides being sweet, charismatic, and sensuous, she could easily step into the ‘flirtatious‘ mood any time, unless she’s able to control her emotions and thoughts properly. Though she can be ‘soft’ and behaves too feminine, she’s no risk-averse. She’s often exposed to challenges and obstacles in life, and could have the persevering thoughts to chase for “quick successes” especially this year. Material wealth could come easily too fast and these could create a “roller coaster” situations where “money comes, money goes.”

The multiple 9s in her natal chart, like the many trees in a forest, could suggest a competitive person who often feels the need to survive and win “by all means” – tendency signs of a conceited and self-centred person. Having said that, it doesn’t mean she’d have such negative traits as family upbringing and education on moral values in her early years could influence her behaviours and actions.

There are so many areas of focus we can identify using the EON method including health matters like the need to consume less “sweet” food, and taking up exercises to improve her respiratory conditions. But since Samuel’s question is about identifying split personality through EON, I’ll stop for now.

You may want to check out my book and read the many articles I’ve posted here for extra traits and personalities of people based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.   

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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