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Marko was anxious about his daughter Emily and her boyfriend Scott. In his email, Marko wrote, “I’m concerned whether he is sincere as he is from [country name removed]. He seems like a nice boy, but I’m not sure of his motives.

We shouldn’t prejudice and stereotype a person born in a certain country, as every individual person has their unique character, mentality, and behaviours, albeit their living environment and family upbringing might be different. We have also heard about married couples whom everyone thought were “a perfect match” and subsequently turned to souring relationships after a while as both don’t see eye-to-eye even on shared values.

CaseStudy_Emily2016Let’s look at Emily’s chart first. There might be some tension between Marko and Emily. Perhaps Marko might change his approach and “let it be,” putting down all fears and unnecessary worries. Emily is already 25 years old, and living on her own. She can decide what is best for her, and what’s not. Everyone’s life’s experience is different, and the environment we are in today is not the same as our parents and past generations. Marko must have the confidence about her daughter’s actions.

Coincidentally, while drafting this article, I received an inspiring image from a friend through WhatsApp, with the text that says, “The Four Beautiful Thoughts of Life. Look Back and get Experience. Look Forward and see Hope. Look Around and find Reality. Look Within and find Confidence.

There are signs suggesting Emily can handle her financials well, and might be highly intellectual. She is more of the street-smart, resourceful person than someone who likes studying. Whatever it is, she has to take care of her health, especially cutting down on high-carbs, sugary food, and alcoholic drinks as there are signs suggesting she might fall in the “high-risk” group of people with diabetic tendencies. Besides having a charismatic and high sexual appeal, Emily must understand that communication between others is a two-way process. She has to listen and not abruptly cut off what others had to say. She has the “selective listening” habits, and it might agitate others as she only likes to hear the “good things.”

The MISSING NUMBERS in Emily’s chart include 5, 8, and 9. In short, this implies the need to be more humble and tolerant of others, and to accept others as they are, and not what she wants them to be. There is the need for better responsibilities towards family and home too. She might need to act (carry out) on her plans and visions, and to put aside some time for humanitarian pursuits.

CaseStudy_ScottLet’s look at Scott’s chart. The signs are suggesting a person who can study and possible got great results in his exams when young. Besides the academic-inclined traits, Scott might be a lonely person even though his family might be rich or of above-average status. Scott is someone who prefers spending time on conceptualising his plans first before sharing them with others. This means he could deliver what he said or promised.

However, there might be a problem – he has the perfectionist trait. That means he is seldom satisfied by the way things work, even though it’s acceptable to all others. The thoughts of 4W1H came about, the Why, Where, When, What, and How. Putting aside the perfectionist traits might give Scott more fresh air to explore life as they are, where it is normal to be imperfect.

The MISSING NUMBER in Scott is 9, which means spending more time on social responsibilities and public-spirited pursuits. In fact, it might be great for Scott and Emily to spend some quality time together working on charity or humanitarian projects.

CaseStudy_Emily_ScottLet’s look at their “RELATIONSHIP / COMPATIBILITY CHART.” The 5-4-9-4-5-9 in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R denotes a sensation-taking experience when both are together.

They might face lots of obstacles, challenges, and even opportunities when their thoughts are focused. That could include venturing into areas to grow their wealth and financial states. While that seemed good, at the end of the day, it’s all about looking within oneself – the confidence. The number 5, being a duality trait, can inhibit the traits of surrounding numbers. This means the number 5 in the 5-4-9-4-5-9 can inhibit the numbers 4 or 9 traits, which makes the entire patterns as Wood element. What this means is the endless planning towards highly unrealistic aspirations. Imagine the frustrations and emotions one could get when things don’t work out well even though we have spent so much effort and money on making it the perfect plan.

From another perspective, both Emily and Scott might be feeling emotional when they are together, and these could have caused undue tensions between them. While one is the impeccable nice boy, the other is the critical, frank, and insistent woman. While one is fearful because he wants everything faultless, the other prefers taking the risk and just acts on it. Hence, there’s signs of occasional hesitations and bickering because both could not agree on their disagreement, and let things work out naturally. However, once they could communicate truthfully, stay calm and relax and accept each other’s views, and accept challenges as positive opportunities, they could enjoy thrilling and joyful moments together.

EDUCATIONSo, should Marko be worried? Should Emily and Scott be together?

It’s not for us to judge as it’s a choice for Emily and Scott to make. Well, Scott is Emily’s current boyfriend for now, and that doesn’t mean he will remain to be her lifelong living partner. Maybe she is still waiting for her Mr. Right to appear. Unless Emily tells Marko, she is marrying Scott, then that is a different story. Even so, it is a choice for Emily to decide who she wants to marry – Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Right?

For the time being, Marko should relax and set the unnecessary fears free. He has his business to worry about. Don’t worry too much about Emily – she needs the companion, someone who is not authoritarian and controlling her life, and someone she can confide and enjoy happier times together. For now, the companion she prefers to be with is Scott, the Nice Guy…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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