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In a recent Singapore Market Report article, it was quoted, “Singapore’s Generation (Gen) Y investors love their money more than anybody else in the nation – and it’s these people who are the most likely to end up getting hurt.

health_wealthWith the last two-digit of this year (2016), that is 1-6, I’m not surprised by the research done. After all, I posted an article, “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” on 1 Jan 2016 and highlighted among the many events or traits that might surface this year, money and financial matters are at its prominent state. Although the report indicated that investors staying in Singapore are ranked among the fourth in the world who loves money, it’s not about the people living in the city-state. It’s a global issue with investors and non-investors alike, especially with developing countries where the materialistic mindsets superseded the practical spending of the previous generations. Elsewhere in other countries, we have read or heard about money laundering, corporate espionage, corruptions, “unsolicited” donations, over spending, and senseless prolonged denials of “innocence until proven guilty” attitudes.

The 1-6 is about [Alone – Money], and with the year 2016, we could easily associate that to [Talk – Alone – Money] which implies increasing social hypes on lifestyle and investment spending. Money does not differentiate if you are a Gen-Y or Gen-X (the baby boomers) person; instead, it can hurt anyone who is not careful, whether it’s on your financial pockets or your health.

casestudy_amber_roseTalking about money, some celebrities are reported to go crazy for money, to the extent of marrying a rich spouse just to justify their lusty taste of high spending. Take a look at this TheRichest article where it listed 10 celebrities who married for money. The number-one person on the TOP of the list is Amber Rose. According to the same article, it was quoted that “many believe that Amber married for money and fame.

Check out Amber Rose’s EON chart and try to profile on your own. Is she a money-minded person as others assumed? Is she a person who married for love and not money? Does she suffer from “selective listening disorder” and only likes to hear the “good words”?

Why not exercise your brains and do some profiling on your own instead of me sharing my observations. To get you started on the resourceful and EQ-problem lady, here are some clues: 1-2-3 (assets, money-driven) and the patterns 4-3-7-1-2-3. Ok, I will expand the 4-3-7-1-2-3 patterns and associate them to [Plan – Sexual – Supporter – Alone – Sensual – Passion]. Got the hint? It’s ok if you are still confused – don’t just read my past articles on the tendency signs associated to the various patterns; try to analyse and correlate the patterns to the celebrities, and then to yourself or someone you know personally if there are similar patterns on the charts.

Oh, by the way, especially to those who are new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles – we don’t just associate the number 6 to money. You can associate the number 6 to home, family, and domestic responsibilities.

That’s all for this short article.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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