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Besides worrying about his business as described in my earlier article, “About Marko: Career Directions,” Marko is also concerned with his youngest son Stephen, who lives in London now after getting accepted by a certain sports academy. Marko hopes he will do well in his college studies and football training. Marko was concerned and wrote, “One other thought I have, should I start something up in London as I’m a holder of EU Passport. I can live in London and be closer to my son as he is only 16 and a minor. We are worried for my son at this adolescent age to leave him alone as its a very important time of his growing up and not to get mixed up with the wrong crowd, and so he can focus on his football.

Taking RiskIt’s normal for parents like Marko and Daisy to be worried about their children studying and living overseas by themselves. The fear of their son mixing with bad friends, taking drugs, and picking up bad habits. As parents, we can hope for the best in our children; to provide the education they need so that they can start their career life on a happy footing. There is no way to say the fear is unfounded but the least we, as parents, can do is to inculcate good family values, social ethics and responsibilities, and close family bonding to our kids. These days, it’s even easier as we can always use FaceTime and WhatsApp to chat with anyone across the globe with our smartphones, if we are concern. Of course, we would not know what might goes behind the phone’s screen or camera.

When our adolescent son is becoming a young man, or our adolescent daughter is becoming a young lady, we would naturally noticed changes in their behaviours, talking, habits, attitude, self awareness, and life outlook. They are like the birds having the freedom to fly, and wanting to fly higher with great aspirations to see the world, to venture on their own. And they know well that one day if they do comes back home, we will be there waiting for them, as they have been and will always be our beloved children.

CaseStudy_StephenLet’s take a look at Stephen’s EON chart. At first glance, I noticed multiple 5s in his chart. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, we could associate the number 5, being an Earth element, to traits like stubborn, profound, mysterious, awe, caring, humility, nature. At extreme cases, we thought we know them (up close and personal) but yet at another moment, we don’t really know them truthfully (like they are strangers). That’s because the number 5 has a duality trait, inhibiting both the Yin and Yang energies. What this implies is that they might often succumb to mood swings when things don’t work out in the way they want. While they do take pride in their work and passionate in helping others unreservedly, they can be disruptive at times when in stress. There are so many other traits we can associate to the number 5 but is enough for now.

The presence of the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 in his birth chart could suggest a resolute and challenging person, and possibly in most instances, Marko has an important part in influencing his son to take risk and face the obstacles as they emerges. And to accept them “as is” like an obstacle preventing them from moving forward; as a challenge for him to explore the possibilities that unless you try out, you’d not know the outcome; or as an opportunity to identify the silver lining on the dark clouds. Whether Stephen is an easily contented person, or a person who likes stressing challenges, or someone who is always an opportunist, depends on his family upbringing and values, living environment, and his self beliefs.

Action2Using basic EON keywords, we could associate the 9-7-7-5-7-3 pattern in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R to [Success – Supporter – Supporter – Obstacle – Supporter – Fast]. What this implies is that Stephen usually has the success-appeal to attract others to believe his visions, but because of his stubborn and prideful nature, he might agitated them somehow. In some ways, it’s like the “over promising, under delivery” attitude that might cause frictions and tensions with others. Once Stephen is able to put aside the self-egoistical and boastful nature aside and be more humble, he would have the means to garner more “loyal” friends. That’s because when we applied the extended EON technique, we could associate the same 9-7-7-5-7-3 pattern as [Vision – Communicate – Social Media – Opportunities – Supporters – Fast Action]. What this implies is the use of social media to promote his visions and get supporters to accept the challenge and focus on carrying out the plans with passions and commitment.

The 5-7-3 also suggest a careless and spendthrift person. However, as long as Marko is able to inculcate proper financial management, prudent spending, and other core values to his son, there is less worries that Stephen would lavishly spent on things he wants, and not those he needed.

The 7-7-7 in a vertical-like pattern in locations N-O-Q could signify some form of leg-related problems. This means a possibility Stephen might injured his leg if he indulged in extreme sports, or caused by carelessness. It is common for footballers to injured their legs during practices and matches, and it is even common for anyone to twist and injured our legs while walking on the uneven pathways. As long as Stephen is consciously aware to take care of his health, the possible leg injuries should be minor.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartThere are tendency signs suggesting Stephen is inclined towards the academic intellectuals, that is, he has the book-smart genes. Marko need not worry too much on Stephen’s studies; perhaps he should help build up the lack of resourcefulness in Stephen. Come to think of it, if Marko were to stay in London and close to his son, he might not allow Stephen to strengthen his independence and resourceful traits. When a person lacks the resourceful and street-smart traits, it doesn’t mean it becomes a lifelong innate sign. On the contrary, the resourceful and street-smart genes can be present in a particular year, month, or even day. That is why sometimes you’d noticed someone you know suddenly became ‘abnormally’ resourceful on some days and back to their normal Self state on most other days.

The HEALTH SYMPTOM in the FEON+ screenshot shows the Metal and Fire elements. It is a general guideline of the health state of a person based on their birth chart. However, it doesn’t necessarily means Stephen would forever have poor health conditions related to the Metal and/or Fire elements. Once again, the periodic energies coming from the Year, Month, and Day do influence a person’s health, and in many cases, could act as harmonising energies to ‘balance’ the imbalanced health conditions. It’s good for Stephen to take up Football as these require running and exercising routinely. It could strengthen his heart and energies (Fire element) and improve his immune and respiratory body systems (Metal element). Whatever it is, it’d ideal for Marko to purchase health insurance plans for his family members.

Numbers & HealthSo, would there be a possibility of Stephen socialising with bad companies, indulging in unhealthy habits, and spending on binge drinking and heavy smoking?

The numbers in locations K-L-O-V-W-X in a Personal Year (PY) chart changes every year. This means there are varying influence every year that might affect Stephen’s behaviours, mindset, attitude, and habits. Whether he will continue to stay as mummy’s good boy or not depends on his ability to distinguish what’s right and what’s wrong, and to accept them as part of his perceived views, or filter them out as something he doesn’t believes in.

It is important to Stephen to stay focused and not get distracted by trivial or unimportant tasks. Prioritise the importance and urgency if needed. He must also be willing to face challenges and work hard to overcome them. If all goes well, he could be popular in his field of expertise.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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