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James asked regarding my recent article “Henry’s case study on Angelababy” and requested if I can do an analysis on Huang. It’s my pleasure to do a follow-up article on Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. It reminded me of the flashback prequel chapter scenes we’ve seen in some drama movies. I admitted I knew little about the couple (especially Huang) other than occasionally reading headlines on Angelababy on news media sites.

I decided to do some homework before writing this article. From this Wikipedia page, I noted Huang’s active participation “in charity work and environmental friendliness events” and “was awarded as one of the international well-known philanthropists” in 2010. That’s great, and it helps dilute the ‘excess’ energies present in his chart.

CaseStudy_Angelababy_HuangIn today’s article, I’ll profile Huang’s chart and share my observations using basic and extended EON principles. I’ll start by cross-referencing Huang’s character and personality present in his chart with those described in the Wikipedia page.

According to the same Wikipedia page, Huang’s father was an engineer. His father could have inculcated the ‘technically complete’ mentality (4-2-6) in Huang, and the need to perfect his skills (1-8-9). His mother was an accountant, and could have also played a part in his financial management from young (1-5-6) and the need to socialise to express his skills creatively (7-2-9). Huang is an accident-prone person, and that is reflected in his chart as well (6-6). The presence of double 6-3-9 in his chart also suggested Huang was easily attuned to success. It’s not because of pure luck but more on his strengthsthe presence of mental intellect (6), perfectionism (1-8-9) and charismatic (7-2-9) traits in his chart.

That’s all about Huang’s character and personality concerning the information gathered from the Wikipedia page. It’s a good start to identify the traits if you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and need to do some ‘cross-referencing’ observations.

Now, let’s move on to my extended observations, strictly by analysing the elements and numbers present in his birth chart, Personal Year (PY) charts, and other information displayed in the screenshot taken from the FEON+ software.

There are obvious signs suggesting Huang has strong resourcefulness and academic-inclined traits. In short, both the street-smart and book-smart genes are present in his charts. He has the intuition and sixth-sense feelings, and might often use them for judgement calls. Everything we do or eat has to be in moderation as excessiveness could lead to complications and unwanted outcomes. This included the excessive number 9s present in his chart. It suggested many easier successes could lead some people to astray, resulting in greedier temptations and forcible actions. Fortunately for Huang, the excessive vibes could probably be diluted by way of his proactive actions toward environmental, humanitarian, and charitable acts. It might be an unconscious act on Huang to direct his energies towards the philanthropic contributions. Perhaps he might have been advised by some metaphysics professionals earlier to do so, to harmonise the energies present in his chart. Anyway, it doesn’t matter as long as he acted right and did good deeds.

CaseStudy_Huang_BaziI was curious and decided to plot his Bazi chart using my BaziCalc (Android) software that I’d developed some years back. The current android version has almost all the features available in the BaziCac (Palm) plus new ones. I did not release them even though there are requests for it. Anyway, his Bazi chart shows his Day Master Pillar as having the Jia (Yang Wood) on the Heavenly Stem, and Xu (Yang Earth) on the Earthly Branch. Even if you don’t understand Bazi, you can just look at the colours represented in my BaziCalc software. It denotes a strong tall tree on the earth (ground). That’s his main character from the Bazi chart. In EON principles, we associate the number 3 to traits like being critical, focused, meticulous, pettiness, passion, and sharp. These traits are also present in the Year pillar of his Bazi chart – the “Din Si(Yin Snake).

KnowingPatternsI decided to put aside using Bazi profiling and do more research to fine tune my Elements of Numbers (EON) for various reasons. One of them is the coincidental representations of a characteristics, traits, and personalities present in both Bazi and EON. As there are many similarities in the profiling approach, it’s also one reason why I developed the FEON+ software to include features that I’d done for the BaziCalc software.  This means less confusion and debating over the clashes and combinations on the elements, and whether to stop when resulting element can further combine or clash with another element, and so on. One advantage with FEON+ is the ability to plot the ‘Relationship/Compatibility Chart‘, which allows us to check the combined chart of two to four people. You cannot do that in Bazi.

The multiple 6s present in his PY2016 is creating mental stress and extra-loving vibes toward his wife Angelababy. Even though his PY2016 chart does not show a ‘Double Effect Year’ sign, we can also consider the possibility Huang might face the ‘double effect’ influences. That’s because all the elements in locations M-R of his birth chart and PY2016 are similar – it’s just the elements’ arrangement in his birth and PY charts are different.

BANNER2aHuang needs to distress and refrain from working too much on mental-charged activities. Besides invoking mental craziness, it could affect his relationship with the wife. It’s important to have medical and health insurance as well as the “cancerous tendencies” are present, which could lead to lung, respiratory, immune, or brain (mental) health-related symptoms. In Five Elements principles, Metal “produces” Water; and Wood “weakens” Water. This means when there are too many Metal elements in his chart, it could hurt his kidney. The other signs include hyperventilation, skin problems (eczema?), breathlessness, sleep apnea, or mental worries. On the same token, too many Wood elements in his chart could exhaust his kidney too. In short, there might be Qi deficiency in his kidneys. The other signs include sudden swollen limps, destructive actions, mysticism, and emotional disarray.

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Huang might not have displayed the mentioned health symptoms, as long as he could manage his stress, temperaments, mental intellect, and emotions rightly. Furthermore, the excessive energies could be redirected or diluted because of his  social responsibilities that he’s also ably known for. Whatever it is, having medical or health insurance is important to ensure his loved ones are protected and financially taken care of.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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