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Once again, today’s article is special. I received an e-mail from Henry recently on his new case study analysis and observations using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and fundamentals. I decided to post Henry’s analysis here so that you can learn something different and useful. It’s also to reinforce what I’ve been sharing about – once you understand the EON principles; you can expand the knowledge and analyse from your own unique angle. Your analysis doesn’t have to be similar to mine. My posting of Henry’s analysis does not mean I concur with his views and observations.

ACCURACYProfiling human beings is so complex – whether there are tendency signs present in our charts. It doesn’t mean we will display such tendencies or inhibited them (the negative and positive habits, behaviours, and actions associated with the numbers) forever. Over time, our beliefs, behaviours, and habits do change too. We cannot simply identify number patterns associated to certain traits or actions (like divorce, bankruptcy, or external affairs). And we cannot confidently confirmed the person would eventually experience that situation or met incidents similar to the tendency signs. Let’s put aside the narrow-mindedness on ‘pattern’ analysis and give thought to the bigger picture. Every nine years our personal chart shows similar numbers at locations M-R. Does that mean we will face setbacks and ‘double whammies’ every nine years, or experienced positive ‘double blessings’ in every nine years too? Everyone knows the external and internal energies change every year. The energies from our formative years that somehow forged as part of our self-beliefs, attitudes, and habits will not cohabit with us forever. We need to be practical and be less naïve in our profiling analysis. People can change their attitudes and mindsets any time. Many people started to change after facing setbacks or challenges, after the experience forged deep impressions on them. It created the reasons (and excuses for some people) to change, adapt, or adjust his or her life purpose, contentment, and perspective of living.

CaseStudy_Angelababy_HuangHenry: I can’t wait to get back to you to share some interesting discoveries with you. Another high profile celebrity wedding costing $31 million is that of Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy’s, reminding me of fairy tales “Romances & Weddings.” How many people actually live happily ever after with them still married to each other until old age? Both Huang and Angelababy have small Fire Root 3, and share same Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake.

Ron: Living happily ever after is a choice we made. While there are many people whose marriage couldn’t last few years, history has shown there are even more people who lived time-tested marriage bond together as loving couples until their death. There are many obvious signs present in their ‘Relationship / Compatibility Chart’ and their ‘Compatibility Year Chart (PY2015)’. It shows strong presence of supporters (three sets of 7s) and potential overspending (5-7-3). From extended EON techniques (taught at FEN advanced module), the spouse element is also present in both charts. It depicts the strong support and ‘over-spending’ Huang might be doing for the love of his wife. There are tendency signs suggesting Huang might be the family orientated caring (and pampering) husband, while Angelababy might be the fun-loving, sensuous wife. We can say that their relationship is in ‘key’ focus in 2015, suggesting both were doing their utmost best in 2015 for the sake of their loving half.

Henry: Their joint root number is 6, the appearance of good union on the surface (superficially). It is the union of two people (with Root 3) coming under the same Chinese Zodiac Snake sign that may cause marital frictions. However, I hope I am wrong. Their joint compatibility profile has missing numbers 1, 7, and 8.

  • Missing 1 – Does it mean they may have problem wanting to lead or not able to lead?
  • Missing 7 – Does it mean they’re not each other’s supporter at all? Or falling short of being good spouse?
  • Missing 8 – Can this mean there is no ‘joint responsibilities’ in the marital relationship?

CaseStudy_Angelababy_Huang_2.jpgRon: There are strong 6s present in their combined chart. The 9-6-6-3-6-9 could depict different meanings depending on which angle you’re analysing from. It could suggest [Success – Money – Money – Fast – Money – Success], [Goals – Family and Home – Financial Stability – Passion – Security – Success], and many others. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are strongly present in their combined charts. When two people with Root 3 are in close relationship, it could ignite the sensual desires and sensuous feelings. It could also depict short-term passionate effects. It’s like they’re ‘programmed’ for success when together. However, like the candle lighting up (the light, vision), warm and hope we needed – the external forces (like strong wind and depleting wick) – the endurance and lasting energies might be short-lived. What looked like the happy ending in a typical fairy tale story might lead to the dreamy soap operas or “longer than usual” love-hate multiple relationships’ dramas with ‘continuing’ seasons or sequels. On the positive side, it could depict a good and prosperous relationship. On the negative aspect, especially for celebrities on high social lifestyle living and putting up false front in public eyes, it could lead to unwanted mental stress and emotional tension. If not handled well, it could cause frictions, quarrels, and relationship strains. Both Huang and Angelababy need to change their beliefs and adjust their tolerance levels. They have to be committed to each other if they want a lasting relationship together as friends, companion, spouse, and responsible parents when the right time comes.

I’m glad Henry could extend his understanding on the EON principles and identify the missing numbers in their Relationship Chart. When a number is missing in a person’s chart or in the combined relationship chart, it implies the need to concentrate on the positive energies we associated with that number. The missing number could imply the need for them to be moral life models (lead by examples), or be less showy or avoid ‘bragging’ about their success and high lifestyle living. They need to ignore the unnecessary mental worries and forged the trust they’d in each other. The missing number 7 is about spirituality, wisdom, and knowledge. They need to be more humble and appreciate what they already owned and have. They are enjoying the happier times because of the combined lucky energies created when they’re together. Once separated, the influencing ‘luck’ energies would be different. They should gain common respect and be more forgiving towards other people. The missing 8 is about monetary responsibility and management. Both are financially independent currently in public eyes. However, they must maintain good budgetary upkeep for posterity. They should start involving themselves personally (besides monetary donations) now in charity or humanitarian projects. It’s an act of paying forward. When we reinforce the beneficial energies in the missing numbers, we could attract favourable influence to harmonise the energies within us and around us.

Henry: There is the 8-4-3 pattern in locations P-Q-R of Huang’s PY 2017 chart. This could indicate possible separation. There is a 5-7-3 pattern present in locations P-Q-R of Angelababy’s PY2017 chart. This could imply a financial loss. I noticed the 8-1-9 pattern is present in locations L-N-W of their PY2017 charts. Besides, both have the 1-8-9 patterns suggesting ‘Court Case Destiny’ configurations in their respective birth charts.

EXTEND1Ron: Once again, I’d like to highlight the importance of understanding the underlying reasons behind certain number patterns. When a married person has the 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) number pattern in their chart, it doesn’t imply they would become a divorcee. Doing a technical analysis on number patterns is not the only approach you should adopt in human behavioural profiling. It could lead you to embarrassment and people could bad-mouth you. Worst still, others would pointed you as the instigator when married couples on the verge of patching up their relations decided to divorce because ‘you said so.’ Eventually they ended divorced as they saw there’s no point of loving each other again. They had the chance to make up but they did not as they listened and believed in the wrong person. If you attended my FEN courses (whether it’s Basic or Advanced Levels) you’d learn the 8-4-3 is not a confirmed ‘divorce’ number as some external trainers wanted you to believe. It’s a choice you can make. When people knows the positive effect of attitude and behavioural change, they can have hope, and it could reunite the loving sparks and bring them together up close and personal once again.

Huang has the triggering influence in his PY2017 chart when I analysed using the advanced EON principles that I’ve shared with my FEN students. It could imply some form of insecurity or inferior complex, worrying about his wife overspending luxuriously, or believing in friends gossiping and rumours about his wife. That could lead to mental stress, and it could invoke emotional tension and fiery sparks at home. Furthermore, there are excessive vibes in their combined chart for 2016 and these could create unfavourable splitting and emotional tensions. When both parties could consciously reinforce their togetherness as loving married couples, they might be able to withstand the wavy confusing thoughts. They could build the strength to ride the ‘stormy seas’ and cross the bridge, hand in hand, over ‘troubled’ waters. There are also tendency signs suggesting the year 2017 could be a volatile period for them, as individuals and as marriage partners. If they can take charge and be in control, they could strengthen the loving bond, trash the gossips and external negative noises aside, and consciously believes and trusts each other. Oh, by the way… you can check the tendency signs and patterns if you’ve access to the FEON+ software. Simply plot their relationship chart and check out their ‘Compatibility Year Chart’ for 2017.

Sad to say, many external trainers still associate the 5-7-3 as involving in lawsuit or court case, or as a ‘bankruptcy’ number. What?! Why are they so pessimistic and always look at the ‘dark force’ instead of manifesting the positive energies? Again, profiling is also about identify potential negative energies that MIGHT affect us so we can take preventive measures to dilute the unwanted energies. It doesn’t imply we can avoid them as that’s in many ways, is our life path that we have to walk across towards our next destination. As we consciously adopt and change our attitudes and lifestyle habits, we could overcome the many stumbling blocks, if any, that’s in our way. When the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) is present in our birth chart, or comes along in our Personal Year (PY) chart, there’re ways we can take control to lessen monetary loss. We could reduce our financial spending (to avoid excessive loss of income) and be more alert and attentive (to avoid careless oversight in signing legal documents). We could be more prudent (avoid being a guarantor) or avoid legal conflicts (like parking illegally or driving recklessly; receiving traffic tickets or face summons to go to court if you don’t pay the fines). Yes, we might eventually lose money. But we can control and minimise our financial loss. We’re in positive position to take conscious effort to stay vigilance and manage our finances.

Henry: I hope their marriage can last more than two years until old age sincerely though I am not a fan of them. I am also a little sceptical about Jay Chou and Quinlivan Hannah’s marriage. I foresee marital problems in Year 2019 in this couple. I will send you my observations on them in my next email.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalRon: Quarrels, disagreements and argument are common and present in our marriage lives. We face tension and disagreement with our friends; and at work with our colleagues. Our parents and teachers inculcated family and social values when we’re young. Often, their teachings formed certain self-beliefs forged in our minds. It’d take some time for two people of different beliefs to come together and forged new sets of united family or house rules that both could agree or happy to compromise with. It’s even more difficult for celebrities or wealthy business person to enforce rules to spend quality time on their careers and family, and in future, as responsible parents to their kids. Let’s bless them (and all) with happiness, peace, and good luck. Let’s hope they can continue to spread the positive good feelings with others, and the moral examples they can show by involving in more charitable or humanitarian projects.

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