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Yesterday (21/11/2015) was the second and last session of the FEN LEVEL 1 (Basic) course for 2015. Besides the normal sharing of the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) fundamentals, I’ve shared some ‘FEN advanced’ principles with the students.

As usual, each student took up the challenges to share his or her observations on birthdates provided by other students, as practical case study exercises. Students learned the visualisation methods to identify and associate traits and characteristics associated to the numbers and elements present in the charts of a person. It was a simple and visual way to inculcate the picturing and imaging habit we often took for granted in our everyday life’s observations.

AnnualCodeI’ve added some surprises in yesterday’s session. I revealed the ‘Annual Code for 2015 and 2016’ of each student and interpreted them. I wanted each student to use them as periodic reference on the energies or clues that might influence them for 2015 and 2016. Although I’ve not shared the method to plot the Annual Code, the students were happy to have their personal yearly Annual Code revealed and explained. The easiest and fastest way to explain how the Annual Code works is to do a simple backtesting process. I could do that by plotting the Year 2104 code and then explained the influencing energies that could happen to them that year. You’ll learn to plot the Annual Code and Periodic Codes when you attend the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module class.

KnowingPatternsTake the case of the Annual Code (Year 2015) number 52317 for one student. Let’s call him John for easier reference.

It is important for John to unblock his self-beliefs and principled-mindedness, and to start taking action and have constructive communication (dialogues) with others. Based on his birth chart, there is a need for John to ‘slow down’ on his many plans and unnecessary worries. John has to act and carry out his plan, and put aside the too many ‘what ifs’ questions pondering over his mind. He needs to ‘untangle’ obstacles and knotty issues with his wife (if there is any), be more open, committal, and have regular dialogue with her. It’s great if John has been sharing his views and seeking opinions with his wife all these while as the positive energies could dilute the negative ones. John also need to work (and act) on his passions and use creative thinking approach to achieve the needed supporting luck for a better career path.

The 5-digit periodic Annual Code is different from the permanent 4-digit Life Code popularised by other trainers. I’ve shared the method and steps to plot the Annual Code to my FEN Advanced students as I felt the need to equip them with the knowhow and use the tools for personality and life path profiling. I have also revealed the Life Code steps to allow students to understand the implications, detrimental effects, and limits that might happen to a person when used wrongly in a year when energies are unfavourable. Just like the ‘Feng Shui’ and environmental Qi energies surrounding the house, the influencing energies are changing every year. We changed the house fittings (like bedsheets and pillow covers and colour, and furniture arrangement). The weather, social friends, and environment changed often. Even our age and health status do changed too between years. It doesn’t sound logical (and practical, besides the constrained effectiveness) a permanent remedial life code could work forever.

Indonesia_Haze2015The HEALTH SYMPTOM is a good indication of the potential health hazards we might face in our life. It forewarned us to take good care of ourselves and our health, to ensure the symptoms and illness associated to the special health element is in controlled. And the truth is, we know our illness and health symptoms vary between years. I told the students yesterday I’d a terrible cough and sore throat last year during the ‘haze’ period. This year, many people living in Singapore (and even neighbouring countries up to Thailand and Philippines) are affected by the worst haze for few months. Fortunately, I did not have any terrible cough and sore throat during the worst hazy periods that occurred recently. I’ve taken preventive steps to avoid recurrences on my health. My immune system and resistance levels this year have changed and are different from last year. The energies around and within me could have possibly been influenced by mindset changes, external energies and environment.  That is why I highlighted the importance for the students to identify the yearly health symptoms and take practical measures instead of using symbolic ornaments and blindly waiting for signs related to the livelong health symptom to appear before taking action.

Why 5-digit and not 4-digit like the Life Code?
BetterTomorrow2That’s a good question. When I chanced on the Annual Code, my first thought is to identify its practical usefulness. I noticed it was easy for anyone to identify the tendency signs and clues that might influence or affect them in a specific year. This way, they can then act on it (through thinking, conscious, or attitude shift) without relying or buying costly ornament objects as symbolic cures. On hindsight, I noted the elements influence is the key. When the Qi energies are harmonised, we considered them as balanced and in control. I included the Five Elements principles in my Elements of Numbers (EON) method for profiling. It’s natural I use the five elementsWood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal – to identify the influences that could affect a person. Just like the game of Othello (or Reversi), identifying the Annual Code numbers is easy. Interpreting them might take some time and practices. There are so many ways and different contributing factors we can use as input before we interpret. Take the case of John’s 2015 Annual Code number 52317. I’ve added his spouse and other life aspects’ elements as reference to interpret his Annual Code. That provided me with another layer of tendency clue to look at, instead of just relying on the normal elements and numbers layers.

20151003_StocksTalkThat’s all for today’s article. Oh, by the way… I apologised for not posting any article for the past few weeks. It has been a busy and tiring period for me the past few weeks, but I’d an ‘all’s well and end’s well’ result. The absence (work and busy periods) helps me to look at the EON principles from another perspective. It’s just like reviewing ways to improve a product from a fresh angle – an ‘out-of-the-box’ mindset that helps without ‘legacy’ attachment. I’m happy I could use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify potential industry sectors for stocks profiling. Friends and participants who’d attended the two recent workshop sessions on “Seasonal Cycles and Elemental Influences on Stocks” could now include the ‘EON’ layer to improve and grow their financial investments.

I’ve also discovered more findings that I could apply to profile a person’s personality and life path from another perspective. Yes, I will share them with deserving students in time to come.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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