Proven ways to increase wealth and enhance your libidos

I guessed some of you are checking this article out because you are attracted by the headline. Anyway, life’s full of contradictions. Your mind is telling you this is just another scam, but your heart is suggesting this might be the chance to become financially free. Perhaps, it’s something you can look forward to once you have attained the newly-improved libidos’ power. The proven methods, whether it’s wealth or increasing the power of your libidos, do works but not for everyone. That’s because of its ingenious, manipulative, and social-attracting ways, many of these people might have actually gained from such a group empowerment activity – one of the many ways to misuse the “law of attraction.”

Oh, seems like I’m feeling the fun vibes and enjoying it, or could it be because today is April Fools’ Day, and that I’m influenced by the foolish thoughts?

Sure, it can be fun and honest being a fool at times, having the magnetic attractions to create non-stop laughter and tears of joy on yourself and others. To me, a fool is someone who has “Full Of Openness Love” – someone who can light the spark of hope when you are feeling down, laughing off loudly when you realise you made an “innocent” mistake, or pointed their fingers at you foolishly because you quietly took a piece of the pie earlier.

Ok, I’ll try to be serious, though I know it can be hard for me today as I’m enjoying the fun on April Fools’ Day. In fact, even in my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes and EON workshops, it’s not all about uncheerful learning, the talk-down “no questions asked” mentality. Instead, there are frequent laughter and occasional tears of joys in class as I explained my observational skills through Creative thinking and visualisation profiling.

The title of today’s article is no joke, even though it’s April Fools’ Day. So far, whatever I have written earlier has something to do with the true intent of today’s article. I’m sharing my observations to a search done by someone recently on the missing number 3.

When a number is said to be missing in your birth chart, it doesn’t mean you lack the traits and characteristics associated to the number 3. On the contrary, the number 3 is still present except that you lacked the full capacity of utilising the “power” of the number 3. It’s like telling everyone that we all have a body organ called a heart, but not everyone has the same hearty, healthy feelings. Some people might have weaker heart than others. Perhaps, their heart-related symptoms might make them less active as they could. So in short, a person with missing number 3 has weaker strengths than normal, like a Qi deficiency in their body organs related to the Fire element. Oh, and that also imply lower libidos too.

Fear not, my friend… for a small, little candle in the wind can flicker glimpse of hope, or diminishing the vision, when strengthening the “missing” number 3. You got to open your eyes and observe – the number 3 is everywhere, and within your grasp. Every day, every hour, and every minute, the universe is moving; and so are the transient energies around us. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) principle, these transitioning energies could be referenced to the signs on the periodic charts, like the Universal and Personal Numbers present in the Year, Month, Day, and Hour charts. This means the number 3 could be present in these periodic charts, and you have to take steps to optimise it. Henceforth, we shouldn’t literally assume “missing” number equals to an absence of the number. On same token, it creates the opportunity for those with missing number 3 to take steps to enhance or strengthen the favourable vibes through positive thoughts and actions.

I could sense some of you earnestly asking, “Hi Ron, what about the proven method to increase wealth?

Have patience, my friend… The phrase, “more haste, less speed” has its purpose, and it’s also related to the number 3. We could associate the number 3 to traits like furious, rapid, warm, hurting, fiery, joy and laughter, spiritual, religious, sunshine and hope, sexual desires (remember the libidos?), diminishing thoughts (the flickering candle in the wind?), short-termed actions, passions, creativity, and others. Perhaps you might want to check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more clues to the number 3, and what it means when the number is said to be “missing” on a person’s birth chart.

So, what it means is that when a person has one number 3 in the chart, he or she tends to inhibit or display the earlier mentioned traits or behaviours. Even so, when there are far too many number 3s around, especially when closely-linked or connected, the effects become magnified. For example, the 3-3 pattern could have effects of [Short-termed – Sexual Desire], like someone enjoying a one-night stand. We could interpret that as [Hope – Passion], like a religious or motivational speaker assuring you, there’s hope by inspiring you with the passion, and the urge to believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. From another angle, we could also interpret that as [Fiery – Creativity], like a dedicated, committed, and workaholic person pursuing their Creative arts, believing that the world is their oysters. And now, on the proven method of enhancing wealth (whew, finally!) – it’s related to the 3-3 or 3-3-6 patterns which imply [Fast – Fast – Money]. In short, it depicted a person who strives for a short-termed business venture, a gambler, a fly-by-night snake-oil seller, money laundering, or hush-hush financial or tax planning, and more.

Now, does that mean a person with multiple 3s have higher chance of enhancing their wealth, and (ahem, cough…) increasing their libidos strength?

Sure, why not… since it’s just a tendency indication, and does not necessary imply they should be stereotyped as a money-chaser or a sexual-inclined maniac or rapist, or whatever. You see, there are other numbers in a person’s chart, and these could influence their thoughts, behaviours, and actions. While we tend to look at the negative sides, we do need to check out the positive sides too. It’s just like embracing the Yin-Yang metaphor implying we should look at the two sides to the coin. This means a person with strong 3-3 could be a prudent financial controller, or an investment professional. Alternatively, they could be a medical STD doctor specialising in sexual transmitted disease, a physiotherapist, a creative art director, or a gym and fitness trainer. Or just a loving, faithful sex partner.

Everything has to be done in moderation. A person with “missing” number 3 must control their hasty urge or desire to strengthen the number 3. Otherwise, they might find themselves straying towards the negative side. It’s just like over-indulging on their lusty thoughts, with the actions similar to a sex-deprived person. Alternatively, they could behave like a compulsive gambler, who strongly believes he or she will win “BIG” on the next round.

So, whether the proven method could work for you, is depending on you. How you want to enhance your wealth or libidos, or whatever, you have many options to choose from. The decision to be a social contributor, public menace, or continue living in your own world of oysters, is your choice. Make it the right one that you don’t regret later.

Happy April Fools’ Day…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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