7269 and 3376 votes, and more

I was reading yesterday’s newspapers on the post-mortem analysis of the Singapore Presidential Election when the election result numbers distracted me. The creative side in me started, and soon I began my wild interpretation of the election numbers and began associating them to anything that I can think of, which often, has no logical relations at all.

Dr Tony Tan beats Dr Tan Cheng Bock by 7,269 votes. Think about it – 7269 [Supporter-Talk-Stability-Success]. By now, many Singaporeans would know that Dr Tony Tan has the support and ruling-party backing the moment he announced his intent to run for presidency. Throughout the rally, Dr Tony Tan has consistently talked about his experience and the need to ensure stability for the country. The success came from the majority votes he got from Singaporeans.

Dr Tony Tan has 35.19% votes.  The numbers 3-5-1-9 [Fast – Obstacle – Leader – Success]. People know him because of his previous ministerial, and chairman roles – he could garner quick support the moment the election race started. The campaigning has not been smooth for Dr Tan, with unfounded claims made. He soon became the target of online criticism and allegations. He consistently stressed on his working experiences, and the need to unify the nation; and not to under- deliver the over-promises made by other candidates.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock has 34.85% votes. The numbers 3-4-8-5 [Fast-Plan-Stress-Obstacle]. Dr Tan was quick to talk about his unifying plans on what he hopes to do should he become the President. There were much campaigning movement to re-enforce his visions, but he soon faced obstacles because of the four-way fight against the other candidates.

Mr Tan Jee Say has 25.04% votes. The numbers 2-5-4 [Talk – Obstacle – Plan]. Mr Tan was quick to talk about his visions but he soon faced obstacles because of his confrontational approach against the ruling party in the government. People made out him as an antiparty person than a non-partisan person (for a President). As a result, the lack of acceptance votes caused him to lose his visions and plans.

Mr Tan Kim Lian has 4.91% votes. The numbers 4-9-1 [Plan-Success-Leader]. Mr Tan has consistently been campaigning about his “voice of the people” plans as a President. However, his plans (4-9-1, [Talk-Success-Alone]) were backfired. His supporters “betrayed” him – they’re not convinced about his capacity to deliver his promises.

3,376 overseas Singaporeans cast their votes, out of 5,504 registered citizens. The numbers 3-3-7-6 [Fast-Fast-Support-Stability] could imply the need for the country to return to its economic and financial stability, to attract foreign investments and businesses to Singapore.

Often, there could be telltale signs with underlying meanings when the numbers keep popping up in your mind. Although you can interpret the numbers presented to you, do not be obsessed with the numbers. Perhaps, the numbers presented to you could have no logic at all. Perhaps, the numbers and explanations I’ve made could all be made up to create a convincing story.

Either way, I hope today’s article could cheer you up from the Monday blues…


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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