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I associated the 7-9 pattern as [Supporter – Business] on Page 31 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I then described the pattern as people liking “to become your partner in business ventures.” The number 7 at each side of number 9 (7-9-7 pattern) could imply an indecisive but successful person. Without their supporters on either side, they could turn to the dark sides by becoming a two-timer person who depended mainly on others (on either side) to attain their success.

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By now, you’ll know I’m focusing on the 7-9-7 pattern in today’s article and sharing my observations from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. By the way, if you have not already bought my book, I’d encourage you to do so. If you’re staying in Singapore or visiting this wonderful city-state, you can buy my book at Kinokuniya and Times bookstores.

More observations on the 7-9-7 pattern… From a Five Elements visualisation perspective, it’s like staring at a canvas painting showing a lonely tree with two rivers flowing on each side. When interpreting them, the tendency signs suggest a person with feelings of uncertainty due to their fear of insecurity and sensitivity. In the Five Elements principles, Water supports Wood, and too much Water could float the Wood. This means having irrational fears and sensitive feelings, like wondering what if the river dries up due to drought or other factors? What if there is too much overflowing water from the river banks resulting in swampy or muddy soil? What if the soil (support) comes loose, and the tree will be washed away? Without doubt, there are too many what-if fears. This means a person with the 7-9-7 pattern could constantly feel insecure because of unnecessary worries and unstable thoughts, just like canoeing in stormy seas during a heavy thunderstorm.

credibilityFrom an extended EON perspective, there are signs suggesting a manipulative and sensuous person making use of their charming appeal, wisdom, or philosophical insights to impress others. From a sensual side, it could imply an uncontrollable and flirtatious person having relationships with two (or more) partners concurrently. They depended on others to boost their self-egos and successes so much so that when one partner is gone, they became temporary “crippled” and mentally handicapped. With the sudden fear and insecure feelings coming in, the search to replace the lost ‘partner’ begins. On the other hand, the person needs to be mindful and cautious about other people’s credibilities as their “support” is often for materialistic gains.

On Page 154 of my book, I described the number 7 symbolising “a walking stick and this signifies that the person may have a leg-related problem.” From a symbolic visualisation perspective on the 7-9-7 pattern, this could imply a person with “two walking sticks” – the need to depend on others to help them take a step forward, and the reliance on others to get them to move nearer to their goals. Because of that reliance mindset, they might frequently change their “walking sticks” which implied having temporary relationships with others. Once they found their partner’s usefulness waning, they will replace them with another person. With that, it could imply a psychopathic-like person with sabotaging thinking.

ACTIONDon’t worry too much wondering you might have psychopathic-like thoughts later in your life, or feelings of insecurity if you have the 7-9-7 pattern in your chart. Thankfully, the periodic energies present in your Personal Year and Personal Month charts could influence and change the way you think, once you know how to tap and manifest the favourable vibes.

So start changing yourself, act on positive affirmations, and carry out your actions with certainty. As long as you have positive beliefs and moral-binding values with self-committal perseverance, you could attain the success without depending or relying on others. You can put aside the fear and enjoy the journey of experiential learning by accepting little failures as essential components for eventual success. You can build up the strength and accept challenges positively. And you don’t have to rely on walking sticks to help you take many steps ahead to reach your targeted goals.

If you can continue to think and act positively, you’ll enjoy a purposeful and happier life with many BFF (best friends forever) willing to keep you company any time. Recognise their efforts and acknowledge their contributions. You will find there is the little need for more manipulative acts, no more sensitive feelings, and fewer unnecessary worries on insecurities. Instead, you can become a person with full of confidence, great aspiring hopes, better focused visions, charismatic appeal, and successful traits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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