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I’ve explained the tendency traits of some number patterns in an earlier article “Search for EON patterns”. Today, I’ll explain briefly the general tendency signs on people with number patterns 415, 235, and 448 in their charts, be they on the Birth chart or on their Personal Year charts.

When you noticed similar patterns in a person’s chart, it doesn’t mean they’ll display most, if not all traits at the same time. I’m elaborating on the traits associated to the number patterns “as is” without considering possible influence from other numbers or patterns present elsewhere in a person’s chart.

4-1-5 [Plan-Alone-Obstacle]

As the keywords suggest, people with such pattern could experience regular ‘disruptions’ to their plans. Whenever they face difficulty presenting their plans to others, it’s usually because of overexcitement and anxiety or the stubborn nature in them in accepting others’ views. That could lead to long-winded or repeating explanations.

Know Your LifePath. Control Your Destiny.Some people easily gets frustrated and prefer letting others talk (perhaps unwillingly) while they watch, and think often in deep thoughts. It could create confusion as others do not know what’s on the person’s mind.

If you’ve such pattern in your chart and did experience similar presentation setbacks, then consider working as a team. Group planning helps deliver the message across effectively especially when you get someone with good presentation skills to present the plan.

On health matters, the tendency signs could imply health conditions related to Wood (emotional, liver) and Metal (mental, worries, immune) elements.

2-3-5 [Talk-Fast-Obstacle]

Imagine listening to a person speaking in a fast pace. Often you couldn’t catch what they are talking about. Occasionally you may hear them ‘talk fast and stop abruptly’ and repeating the process again – a possible sign of stammering. Besides stammering tendencies, some people with 2-3-5 are seldom tactful as they simply speak quickly without thinking or framing in their mind what they are about to speak.

ThUniversalPersonalere are signs people with such pattern could have stubborn traits often stressing themselves unnecessary occasionally showing emotional and temperamental flares of outburst. But when they could manage their emotions and anger well, there are positive signs these people can be eloquent, charismatic, and tactful in their speech, creating the positive impression of readiness.

On health matters and putting other numbers in the chart aside, there are tendency signs suggesting digestive problems causing unnecessary stomach-related issues and migraine (or headaches), and perhaps, occasional ulcers in the mouth.

4-4-8 [Plan-Plan-Stress]

Frequent changes and redoing of plans could make a person emotionally frustrated and agitated. People with this pattern could stressed up unnecessary. They may rush out the plans without checking thoroughly. As a result, occasional tension and conflict may arise, resulting in communication strain with others.

Influencing VibesTheir early plans could be practical and doable but because of frequent changes, its objective could stray further. There is often the need to deliver their message quickly, causing miscommunication and confusion. Quick changing of plans could create the lack of firmness in the presentation delivery. These could create further misinterpretations and difference in opinions. No one knows exactly the intent of the plans.

On health matters, there are strong signs of relationship strains, EQ and communication issues (4-8 is partial 4-8-3). The obsessive attachment to redo the plans could result in scheming (4-4) and emotional outburst.


If you have such number patterns in your chart and have seen yourself displaying such traits, then it’s time to learn to control and manage the negative vibes well for happier times. If you’ve not experienced any of the mentioned traits yet, then it’s good for you to continue to manage the positive traits.

The positive and negative innate vibes do affect you as well as the influences from the periodic vibes (Year. Month, Day). It’s up to you to control and manage the vibes well.

What I’ve mentioned are just explaining the vibes present in the number patterns. You’ll get to learn how to identify the tendency signs from a fundamental level, allowing you to work out the influencing vibes from other number patterns at my EON WORKSHOP session.

Until then, don’t let the negative influencing vibes drag you down. Instead, manifest the positive vibes to unleash your potentials in a happier and healthier way,

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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