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Some of you have signed up for the forthcoming EON@MY WORKSHOP on 21 September 2013. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people to form a class. I understand from Adelin there were favourable queries at first but people were hesitant because of:

1)      Hazy weather (should be improved by now)
2)      Security tension, shoot-outs, and crime rate.
3)      Who is Ron WZ Sun? Can’t find/buy his book at Malaysia bookstores.
4)      Is it another PON module?

I was considering all choices, including workshop postponement or cancellation, go-ahead as normal, or to have a customised lesson. It wouldn’t be fair to those who’d paid up should I postpone the workshop or conduct a customised lesson. I can always postpone the workshop and give excuses, but the urge to share my alternative discoveries with the Malaysia users are strong. Besides, we’ve already paid for the air tickets, training room, and accommodation. After much pondering, I decided to consider the expenses paid as ‘forward-payment’ for my Malaysia trip as an educational tour to share my experience with you.

I’m making a paradigm shift and transforming the challenge into an opportunity… where I can reach out to more people keen to know about the EON method. And while I’m at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), I might as well manifest the positive vibes and make it a happy day for everyone present!

SampleSlides4MYThe EON@MY Workshop comprises of 3 parts. And for the first time, everyone can attend the 1st Part FREE. Yes, you’ve read it – it’s FREE. This means that anyone can attend the 1st part (morning session) without obligations. The 1st part is similar to the lesson I’ve taught at my previous EON@SG workshop sessions in Singapore.  What’s more – I’ve mentioned sharing the ‘Qi Tapping’ method and directions to increase the wealth opportunity in a recent article “Increasing Your Wealth Luck“- I’ll include this in the 1st Part lesson.  I’ve not share the method at my workshop in Singapore so far… so it’d be my first time sharing it at the EON@MY workshop.

Directions_SlidesMy intent is to address points (3) and (4). You can now attend and listen to my ‘live’ presentation. At the same time, you can gather more insights and build up your EON knowledge for FREE. And if you like to continue attending the Part 2 and 3 lessons, you only need to pay a special discounted price (attractive rate would be announced on the workshop day) at the workshop. Because of the changes to the course format, I could not offer existing benefits (like Early Birds offer) – no free book, no free lunch and refreshment. I understand there are food outlets nearby to the training place.

Part 1 PERSONALITY PROFILING (9:30am – 11:30am)Visualisation techniques using the Five Elements – traits, characteristics, and health. An important lesson that forms the fundamental theory for Part 2/3 lessons. At the end of this module, you can gain the knowledge to associate the elements (behaviours, actions) and the numbers (1-9) using the visualisation technique.WEALTH – Manifesting positive energies for wealth opportunities using the DIRECTION chart; and applying the ‘Qi Tapping’ method to accumulate the positive energies.

Part 2 and Part 3

LIFE PATH PROFILING (12:30pm – 3:00pm; 3:15pm – 5:30pm)Life Code and limits. Understanding subconscious thoughts through Hidden Patterns.  Yin/Yang Number vibes formation. Influencing Vibes – Internal, Formative, External. Yearly vibes. Rhythmic Cycles. Annual Code (yearly signs). Universal and Personal pillars. Annual forecast, etc.Health patterns. Harmful Double Effects.  Annual Career Vibes. Annual Job Prospect. Relationship and Compatibilities. Yearly relationship vibes. Checking on Spouse. Childbirth and Miscarriage tendencies. Spiritual senses. Extreme effects of patterns. Health tendencies – cancer, diabetes, suicidal, anxiety, cholesterol, OCD and more. Book/Street Smart. Extended Directions. Parental outlook… and more!!!

Case study slides are used to explain the techniques and fundamentals. Students are also welcome to ask relevant questions anytime

There’s no FREE LUNCH but there IS FREE LESSON. Now the first lesson is FREE, please help spread the word around. Tell your friends and your fellow PON course mates. Let me share some of the discoveries with you on that day free. Learn to understand the traits in the numbers through visual imaging. Give yourself the opportunity to see if my ‘straight to the point and cut the crap’ teaching methods, and the insightful knowledge you’ll be getting is more than the PON learning experiences.

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsI’m bringing limited copies of my books with me and would make it available for purchase at a special price. What about the EON (Android) Software?  Oh, everyone present would have the opportunity to install the software at no charge.  Yes, it’s F-R-E-E.  Choose yourself to be the one who’s taking the opportunity to improve your profiling skills. Just be there for an enjoyable learning experience!  I’m setting the positive mood for a happy start – the eventual experience depends on your presence on that day!

Register your intent to attend the FREE lesson with Adelin (mobile: 018 380 7673 (normal working hours 9am-5pm), email: immediately as we have limited available seats.

Institute of Training & Development (ITD)
Level 3, Block D, Plaza Mont Kiara
2, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Above McDonald)

Let’s make the session a wonderful experience for all.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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