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In my previous article “On DISC and EON” posted yesterday, I mentioned, “it is useful to learn the DISC method and the four behavioural styles, understands the other person better, and applied amicable ways to produce effective communication.” I also highlighted that “it is wise not to mix both DISC and EON together for every case-study profiling analysis, and tries to identify which EON number belongs to which DISC behavioural styles.

Well, that is a basic guideline that applies to anyone who’s not trained in the visualisation techniques that I’ve shared in my FEN WORKSHOP course. Once you have understood the Five Elements principles using the visualisation techniques, you can include complementary methods to identify extra tendency signs to your profiling analysis. Yes, you can correlate the DISC behavioural styles with the numbers in the Element of Numbers (EON) methods, once you’ve acquired the right knowledge.

I’ve added extra DISC-related slides in my training presentation for the coming FEN WORKSHOP class. It’d be the first time I’m sharing how to spot on the DISC-EON correlations quickly using the visualisation technique. If you know the DISC profiling method, and as well as the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you have added advantage over others with the extra knowledge you could gather from me in class.

If you’ve attended the UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber, or other numerology courses elsewhere, you’ll also benefit with the addition steps on Transactional Analysis (TA) and DISC profiling applications that I’ll be sharing. Just imagine the expanded knowledge you’ll get from me, to widen your profiling horizons that empowered you confidently to advise your friends, relatives, customers, and others. You can then advice them to act on these “transformation” guidelines to improve their lives better.

I’ve described five ways as “solutions” or remedial actions in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” It might not be adequate to those who sought to acquire the application usage without learning the profiling fundamentals. It’s like “I just want to know how to apply. I don’t need the know the theories behind.” In fact, it’s similar to the “Qi Tapping” technique that I’ve also shared in class, when I adapted the application steps of the QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) metaphysics system, without students actually learning the QMDJ fundamentals, or plotting any of the 1080 QMDJ charts. Oh, I’m aware some of my FEN students have used the Personal Direction and its relative actions, and the  Qi Tapping techniques to enrich their lifestyles status.

I’ve spent much time and efforts over the years to research on human behavioural traits through EON profiling, and have had positive feedback from students and others. I’m glad I’ve also acquired the knowledge and experience to maximise the application usage strengths of specific profiling methods that I’m learning and researching, to enhance the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. This means when FEN students learned and applied these extended techniques, they could “close the gaps” on the missing areas in their personality and life-path profiling analysis.

In the earlier article, I’ve mentioned Donald Trump has a dominant number 2. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, we could associate the number 2 with the WATER element. We could then correlate the WATER elements with traits like feelings, gossiping or spreading lies, wavering thoughts, friendly, socialising, talkative, sneaky, manipulating, charismatic, insecurity, hidden fears, shaky, distorted reality, and sensitive. These are possible traits when the water is in liquified form. However, when water is in a solid form like the ice, the traits include coldness, blunt, hurtful, defensive, unrealistic or wavering visions, fragile, hallucinating, and others. There are tendency signs suggesting these traits are manifested strongly on Donald’s character. In fact, it is easy to profile Donald Trump’s EON chart. We could also correlate him with the “still water runs deep” and “tip of the iceberg” metaphors. Imagine identifying the traits of his other dominant or weak numbers, and you can rapidly identify and understand his personality.

If you need to communicate with Donald Trump, you can apply the DISC profiling method to create a more harmonious and balanced conversation with him.  Even so, do be wary. When he’s happy, he’ll enforce the positive number 2 traits on you – he will tell the world you are a “good friend” and he “likes” you. However, when he’s unhappy, he will impose the negative number 2 traits on you – spreading detesting messages and making hateful remarks on you. And you as his “good friend” yesterday, is today or now, a jerk and a demeaning person. Again, be wary of his mood-swinging habits as he’s like the solid ice melting once more. Perhaps, you might become his “good friend” tomorrow, because he “likes” you again.

In a potential scenario, when a DISC profiling expert discussed about the DOMINANCE behaviour style, or shared their observations on a report indicating higher I/S (INFLUENCE/STEADINESS) styles, you can easily correlate them with the behavioural traits on a person’s EON Chart. Similarly, when you are profiling an EON chart to someone who’s more familiar with the DISC profiling method, you can quickly correlate the elements, and numbers present in the EON chart using DISC terminologies.

I looked forward to sharing the communicative ego states of the Transactional Analysis, and the behavioural styles of the DISC Profiling applications, with other extended EON/FEN techniques to you in class.

Register now for the FEN WORKSHOP and get a free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and registered copy of the FEON+ (Android) software to automate the plotting of EON charts for analysis.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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