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I received a text message from a friend Katherine, who wrote, “Just thought of calculating my friend’s birthdate manually earlier and discovered that her numbers may be of interest to you as a case study. I spent some time today on your website running through the number combinations.  No, I don’t have any specific interest… A thought just entered my mind to check her numbers, and it was quite astonishing!

When I plotted Katherine’s friend’s EON Chart – let’s name her Daisy for easier reference – there were the specific patterns present.  The tendency signs of the 1-8-9 (or 8-1-9) pattern is akin to a person having the perfectionist mindset. To them, the perseverance and relentless pursuits to reach their target, milestone, or goals, are more important than anything else. After all, we could easily interpret the 1-8-9 as [Self – Responsibility- Success]. It’s denoting the fact that we are always accountable for our personal behaviours, our actions, and the decisions we made. In summary, we are responsible for our own success or the outcome we strive to accomplish.

The multiple 9s in Daisy’s birth chart could be visualised as a thick, densely-populated forest of visions and ideologies. When there are too many visions to aim at, a person could easily be distracted and overwhelmed by the hope to attain every little success they desperately desired. In a way, Daisy could be a “victim of her own success” with the hard-headed and goal-driven mindsets, and the “I won’t know until I try” attitude.

Having a chart with weak or missing elements or numbers, could invigorate and lead a person to behave and act in more positive ways to harmonise or balanced the deficiency in the energies around them. A chart that has the elements or numbers available in a balanced-like representation, could create a misleading fallacy.  People with such charts tend to be complacent and oblivious to the changing energies around them. And they consciously assumed they would continue to be dependable. When a chart has too strong elements or numbers, as in Daisy’s chart, she has to be extra careful in what she does – conduct and act. Outwardly as she could be seen or perceived by others as overly egoistic, “I, Me, & Myself,” self-centric, the “never-say-die” resilience attitude, hard-headed and competitive mindset, and with the goal-chaser attitude.

Katherine: To be honest, her personality was quite disgusting to me when I first got to know her. She seems to enjoy sponging off people, especially men. Letting her live a luxurious lifestyle, buying her branded goods and paying for her travels. It got me thinking why this person seems like a “cannot die [..…]” and why men cannot seem to shake her off and will put up with her constantly. This sparked an interest to calculate her numbers. I was shocked to see her mirror numbers… and thought it would be a good case study for you.

Katherine’s general observation of Daisy is what she (Daisy) has presented consciously outwardly to others. Daisy’s pursuit for success made her to use and maximise her feminine traits to attain the success she wanted. And as Katherine correctly observed, Daisy has a mirror chart where the numbers in the location I-J (8-1) is a direct mirror-reflection of the numbers in K-L (1-8). A person with a mirror chart, tends to hold dual-like personalities. This means Daisy might portray the “success-motivated, greedy” behaviour, and the next moment, she could hold the “humility and visionary” mindset. Most likely, the men are attracted to her not because of her looks or charming appeal, but more on her assertiveness, self-confidence, and the way she conveyed. And yes, she can shift between the feminine and masculine roles easily, and that could soften the hearts of the men she attracted.

In many of the earlier articles that I’ve posted, a strong WOOD element needs WATER as resources. In Daisy’s case, the multiple 9s are akin to many forest trees recklessly and hastily sucking up the water whenever they can – for survival. We can correlate such natural actions as a person extremely seeking sensual pleasure and demonstrating sensuous appeal. At extreme cases, while it might not happen on Daisy, the tendency signs are suggesting a sex-deprived individual, or a person who’s willing to provide sexual or social favours in exchange for materialistic rewards.

It is comparatively easy to interpret a person’s chart once you understood the fundamentals of the elements and the numbers. What I’ve just described early is based upon the tendency signs appearing on the person’s chart, and applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) and using its core essence – the Five Elements metaphor – as a reference to the profiling techniques.

It’s been nearly a decade since I published my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and conducted many workshops and classes. I’ve had many EON/FEN students who previously attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other numerology methods before attending my workshops. I’ve posted over 600 articles so far, and many external trainers have also profited from the clues and techniques I have described in the case-study articles. When some friends hinted to me that certain trainers (as a respect, no names mentioned here) are now adding my techniques, I felt happy and yet, disgusted. I was happy as these trainers are directly and unconsciously reinforcing the credibility of my EON method and techniques that I’d developed over the years of research and fact-finding by learning various metaphysics systems and behavioural models. I was disgusted because these trainers took the techniques, added to their course syllabus, and charged ridiculously high-premium course fees. Unfortunately, many people are gullible to attend courses conducted by these trainers, who are just knowledge providers. They lacked the experience of root-cause researchers involved in continuing human behavioural analysis. That is why you rarely see them publishing books, or posting articles openly for others to read, learned, and hopefully, to improve their lives. Because they couldn’t, and have to resort to using my Elements of Numbers (EON) method instead.

Katherine: FEN really helped me “kan kai” [pinyin word, meaning letting goes the past resentments, be open-minded] in many ways. I used to be so insistent in my way, and it does not always work to my advantage. However, with FEN knowledge, I began to understand that nothing is absolute and allowed things to flow its course… and I’m in a much better place mentally. I love how great numerology has kinda brought people together… And I think to work together, we must also look at each other’s character compatibility and the other party’s integrity right? Nowadays, [external course name mentioned, but removed here] is overrated and everyone who has attended the basic class is all out to “give divine directions” to anyone who is willing to pay online.

I’m glad Katherine has recognised the intent of my FEN courses, and have reached to the point to understand that a person’s behaviours and natural processes are a choice that the person made, at that point in time. And that, we should not conclude – like some trainers like to impose their one-sided, limiting beliefthat the numbers present in a person’s chart would indicate their lifelong personality.

As a human behavioural researcher and a self-learned metaphysics software developer since 2004, I’ve inculcated the root-cause analysis and pattern-matching habit, and have pursued many behavioural models over the years. Recently, I presented my new discoveries to a close associate, that I’ve successfully incorporated the DiSC profiling method with my Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques. And if you have visited my main domain site at www.RonWZSun.com, there’s a slide image showing “EONNEAGRAM” – a technique that I’ve devised some years back. EONNEAGRAM is about discovering and understanding how to identify the dynamic energies and behavior strengths presented in the nine Enneagram charts, and then applies the EFV flow techniques with the EON knowledge to resonate with the energies present in a person’s birth or periodic charts.

Oh, one more thing… Daisy needs to take care of her health and to control her emotions and tempers. From EON health perspective, the tendency sign suggesting she might be in the “high-risk” group of people with cancerous symptoms. Although Daisy is still young, she must make it a practice to go for regular health check-ups, and when medical requirement allows, to go for regular mammogram screenings.

I’m glad to act and practice what I’ve been sharing with others about taking actions during cyclic or periodic energy influences. No, it’s not about learning the personality of character in the chart. Rather, it’s beyond that, like one pre-supposition commonly used in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practices: “The map is not the territory.” You need to recognise beyond your strengths and weaknesses, your life path, and your birth charts; and take proactive actions to change and transform mindsets to accept challenges and opportunities positively. I’ve attained more accreditations, live a contented and purposeful lifestyle, and ride with the flow using the “blue ocean strategy” to empower me to impart my knowledge and experience to my students in meaningful ways.

I’m looking ahead to share many techniques, including explaining the EFV Flow and cyclic energy influences, with those who’ve signed up for the coming FEN WORKSHOP on 21st and 22nd December 2019.

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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