Enlightening Experience at 5th EON Workshop

Many had registered but only a handful turned up for the 5th EON WORKSHOP session yesterday (16 June 2012, Saturday). Nevertheless, I’m grateful to those who took the efforts to attend the workshop, and I gave my best to everyone present. Daniel would agree since he’d attended all my five workshop sessions. According to him, each session is a great clarification and enlightening experience – clearing the doubts on some previously taught techniques, and the opportunity to learn new techniques and discoveries.

I started the 1st EON WORKSHOP in June 25th last year, and it’s been almost a year now. How time flies…

I’ve shared new techniques and extended information yesterday even though the number of participants was fewer. These include:

1)      Sharing the techniques to identify tendency signs related to conception, childbirth, and complications (like C-section and misc…) as briefly explained in this article.

2)      The positive and negative result of “Double Effect” vibrations.

3)     Explaining how the Rhythmic Cycle vibes could affect a person (using Whitney Houston as case study) as briefly explained in this article. I’ve also briefly explained the Rhythmic Cycle effects on the late Robin Gibb who died recently, and his brother Maurice Gibb who died 9 years ago. I’ve also explained the unconscious and conscious traits, tendency “fate” beliefs among certain age group, and how to use the Rhythmic Cycle to look at past events so they (participants) can act now to manifest positive energies for the future.

4)      The methods to plot the Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, and Universal Year, Universal Month, Universal Day and Universal Hour energies for life profiling analysis. I used the EON (Android) software to teach how they can use the software to profile a person quickly with the information displayed on the mobile device. Yes, the full version is currently FREE to workshop participants.

5)     The tendency sign why certain Health Symptom element could be more prone to trigger Cancer-related health conditions than others. I’ve shown slides of celebrities with cancer and explained my findings. I’ve also managed to add a new slide in the early morning before the workshop starts on Ms Yvette Wilson who died of cervical cancer and kidney disease on Thursday (14 June 2012). Click here for more details.

6)     I’ve also explained why certain remedy solution popularised by other trainers could have limited usefulness because of its “one size fits all” application principles.

7)     I’ve also explained why certain elements and patterns may create undesirable effects especially in unfortunate incidents like serious road accidents.


Some participants told me the findings and techniques I’ve shared with them yesterday was more than what they’d learned from their mentors, even though they’ve completed the Advanced or Mastery modules and paid for a much higher course fees. Some of these participants have attended courses on Power of Numbers (PON) conducted by Dr Oliver Tan, Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling conducted by Master Bernard, and similar PON course in Chinese by another trainer. I’m glad they have learned as much as I could share with them at the workshop at a fraction of the co$t! Continue to spread the good feelings you’d on my EON Workshop to others!

On the whole, yesterday’s workshop was exciting and interactive where everyone benefits. I’ve also learned useful patterns from the participants and will share them at future workshops once I’m able to find more decisive facts.

[Special note to those who’d attended yesterday’s workshop: THANKS for coming. Even though there are fewer participants, you still deserved the best from me. I’m glad to share the “extra” information with you especially on the items (5) to (7). As explained, I could only share such information at workshop session due to its sensitive nature, and to avoid misinterpretations by non-workshop participants. Enjoy practising!!! Remember to send me emails with information that I can use for future case-study articles!]


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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